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The Stooges-1973 (3 Pack) (FLAC)

The Stooges-1973 (3 Pack)

Iggy & The Stooges
Raw Power tracks : Early mix

FM > Cassette > Nakamichi Deck > CD > wav > flac

A little hissy and with a little wow and flutter, but otherwise a very nice exciting stereo sound here.

There are audio flaws / some distortion, as the DJ are at pains to admit, but it's a great archive listen!

01. I Need Somebody
02. Hard To Beat
03. Death Trip
04. Raw Power
05. Search and Destroy
06. Shake Appeal


Iggy and the Stooges
St Louis Missouri USA
August 18, 1973
American Theater, St. Louis (first set)

Source: late 1970's cassette trade with Ann, Penny lane records Chester uk
track list

1) Raw Power
2) Head On
3) Gimme Danger
4) Cock In My Pocket
5) Search And Destroy
6) band introductions/I Need Somebody
7) Open Up And Bleed

Duration: 50 mins


The Stooges
New York City
Max's Kansas City
August 6, 1973 (2nd show)

Source: tape trade with Ann, "Penny Lane" Records Chester UK 1979

Running time: 42 mins complete show.


01 raw power
02 head on
03 gimme danger
04 cock in my pocket
05 search and destroy
06 i need somebody
07 heavy liquid
08 open up and bleed

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Friday, December 24, 2010

Van der Graaf Generator (May 23, 1971) Festhalle, Bern, Switzerland (FLAC)

Bern, Switzerland

Recorded by; "Judge Free"

Recorded on; AGFA Fe Master Cassettes>Phillips Deck(Mono)>second generation EL3302

Recording provided by; "William Tell"

Uploaded by; "Lucifer Burns"

See IMPORTANT lineage notes below*


2. SUNSHINE(False Start)#
4. ?? #
9. KILLER(Cuts Off)


PETER HAMMILL - Guitar/Piano/Keyboard & Vocals (1967-1978, 2005-PRESENT)
HUGH BANTON - Organ/Bass Pedals & Bass Guitar (1968-1976, 2005-PRESENT)
GUY EVANS - Drums (1968-1978, 2005-PRESENT)
DAVID JACKSON - Saxophone & Flute (1970-1977, 1978, 2005)

#These songs feature Peter Hammill alone on acoustic guitar playing songs from his upcomming solo release while the soundman tries to "get it together".

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Frank Zappa-Paleis voor Schone Kunsten-Brussels, Belgium (December 16, 1970) (FLAC

Frank Zappa
Paleis voor Schone Kunsten
Brussels, Belgium
1970 12 16

~~ From 1st gen FM (possibly pre-FM) tape ~~

This short segment of the show was recorded by Belgian radio (BRTN), but as I understand it, nothing was broadcast until Dec. 21 1999. My source for this tape was a friend of the producer of the show, and it's possible that this is a pre-FM recording.

FZShows entry:

1970 12 16 - Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, Brussels, Belgium
20 min, FM, B+
Penis Dimension, Inca Roads theme from Holiday In Berlin, Cruising For Burgers

This version: 19:09 min, FM, B+

Lineage: 1st gen FM (or pre-FM) tape (Maxell XLII) > Denon DRM-800A > M-Audio Audiophile 2496 > SoundForge 9.0 (level adjustments, tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC level 7, ffp)

Taped by: DL
Transferred by: Yojimbo
Edited by: Yojimbo

01 Penis Dimension (incl Bwana Dik)
02 Inca Roads theme
03 Cruising For Burgers

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gentle Giant - Frankfurt (October 29,1973) (FLAC)

Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany
1973-10-29 (October 29th 1973)


Lineage - unknown analog source>CD-R>dBpowerAMP>FLAC level 4>you

(Checked with EAC to ensure that this is not MP3 sourced).

01. The Runaway
02. Way Of Life
03. Funny Ways
04. Knots
05. The Advent Of Panurge
06. Nothing At All (including drum solo/percussion bash)
07. Plain Truth (including violin solo)
08. In A Glass House (including guitar solo) - incomplete

Derek Shulman - vocals, saxes, bass guitar
Ray Shulman - vocals, bass guitar, violin
Kerry Minnear - vocals, keyboards, cello, vibes
Gary Green - vocals, lead guitar
John Weathers - drums, percussion

This is a fairly good audience recording, considering when it was made, a bit "muddy"
at times, but generally very listenable. I've certainly heard worse... probably a "B",
although as I've said before, these things are very much down to personal taste.

It came to me on CD-R, and I've left things pretty much as they were - I've just made three
minor amendments to the recording, removing approximately one second of drop-out during the
audience reaction after The Advent Of Panurge, and removing about 40 seconds of auditorium
noise that followed the applause for Plain Truth and preceded the re-appearance of the band
for the encore (In A Glass House). Sadly, the encore was incomplete, suffering a rather
hurried fade-out on my version, so I tidied this up without removing any actual music - I
simply made the fade-out a little less jarring. I believe the recording sounds a little
smoother as a result, and no changes to the music itself have been made.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Kinks-Fillmore West (11-13-1970) (FLAC)

The Kinks
Fillmore West
Soundboard Recording (vg/vg+ sound quallity)

Lineage: soundboard/cd-r/eac/pc/wav/cool edit 2000//flac

Comments: Klassic Kinks, Klassic set, Klassic Venue. God Save The Kinks! Enjoy. Dearg Doom.

Set List:
1. Opening (Mr. Wonderful)
2.Till The End Of The Day
3. Last of The Steam Powered Trains
4. Big Sky
5. Brainwashed
6. Strangers
7. A Long Way From Home
8. Harry Rag
9. Act Nice And Gentle
10. Sunny Afternoon (fade in)
11. Waterloo Sunset
12. Lola
13 Top Of The Pops (fade out)

The Band:
Ray Davies: gtr, vocals
Dave Davies: gtr, vocals
Mick Avery: drums
Pete Quaif: bass

This is a doomed recording.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pink Floyd-Plumpton Race Track, East Sussex, England (August 8, 1969) (FLAC)

"9th National Jazz Pop Ballad & Blues Festival"
Plumpton Race Track
East Sussex, England

Very Good To Excellent Sounding Complete Audience Recording

From the collection of; Per-Erik "my swedish connection"

Uploaded by; "Lucifer Burns"


a. The Begining(GREEN IS THE COLOUR)
b. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep(CAREFUL WITH THAT AXE EUGENE)
c. The Narrow Way(THE NARROW WAY PT.III)
d. "Azimuth Co-ordinator"(Foot steps & Doors Closing)
e. The Pink Jungle(POW R.TOCH)
f. The Labyrinths Of Auximenes
g. Behold The Temple Of Light
h. The End Of The Begining(A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS)



DAVE GILMOUR- Guitar/Vocals
RICHARD WRIGHT- Keyboards/Vocals
NICK MASON- Drums & Percussion

I will let the artist & their music speak for themsleves.
Comments from YOU, the listener will be much more interesting....

PLEASE send thanks to our truly beloved friend in Sweden, "Per-Erik"

It is his collection outside of my own Masters that you will see me "raiding" the most,
because he is one of the very few people that i have traded with that aren't already now here with us all uploading their own stuff.
Give him time...and then really WATCH OUT!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gong-Chateau Neuf,Norway (December 15, 1974) (FLAC)

Gong - Live, Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Norway 12/15/1974

1) Invocation (6:13)
2) Master Builder (7:00)
3) Perfect Mystery (2:58)
4) Tropical Fish (7:12)
5) Never Glid Before, Can't Kill Me (7:55)
6) White Christmas (0:27)
-- I love its holy mystery (6:09)
-- Holy Mystery cont. (3:41)
7) Flute Salad (9:34)
8) Oily Way Pt 1 (3:10)
9) Oily Way cont (3:51)
10) Inner Temple, Outer Temple (5:16)
11) A Sprinkling of Clouds (cuts) (2:30)

Daevid Allen: guitar, voice
Didier Malherbe: sax, flute
Mike Howlett: bass
Bill Bruford: drums
Steve Hillage: guitar
Miquette Giraudy: voice

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kevin Ayers & Daevid Allen-Montreal (November 22, 1993) (FLAC)

KEVIN AYERS & DAEVID ALLEN - November 22nd, 1993

Montreal, CAN - Club Soda - aud (70m)

Kevin Ayers solo + Daevid Allen glissando on tracks 4 & 5
Daevid Allen solo (with tape on track 13)

1) Blaming It All On Love (3:29) *
2) I Don't Depend On You (4:07)
3) When Your Parents Go To Sleep (3:33)
4) The Lady Rachel (7:29) **
5) Interview (4:36) ***
6) May I? (3:58) $
7) Didn't Feel Lonely Till I Thought Of You (3:47)
8) The Owly Song (5:45)
9) I Am My Own Lover (3:41) &
10) Est-ce Que je Suis? (3:31)
11) French Garden (1:25) #
12) GongSong > O Mother (2:11) ?
13) Gaia (4:40) /
14) Dope On The Dole (7:22) °
15) Came To Find You (5:39)
16) The Rapist (5:52) §

* Kevin Ayers tells a funny story about Ollie Halsall.
** "Daevid Allen on guitar".
*** "Thank you, end of 1st set. Thank you, Mr. Daevid Allen".
$ First verse and chorus sung in french as "Puis Je?".
& Verses only, no "I Am My Own Lover" chorus.
# First verse only.
? "GongSong" starts from bridge then one verse and chorus.
/ Sung live on pre-recorded keyboard backing. [cut at 0:01 on applause. Start slightly cut].
° Fades in on 2nd verse. Daevid drinks a "tisane Quebecoise". Sung as "Dope Uncle Sam". [Cut].
§ Daevid's song from "Dreamin' A Dream", not Gilli Smyth's omonimous poem.

Source: Traded CDR (EAC log included) > wav > retracked and normalized > flac.

Date and venue confirmed by flyer (funnily signed by Daevid, used for cover) and Calyx website.

I got this show from a guy who used to help Daevid and Kramer for their east cost 90's shows.
All of the songs fade in and out on applause, except for Daevid's Garçon-Garden-Gongsong-Mother sequence which was one long piece I retracked.
This is all I have from this show; I suspect the running order may be messed up but, not having many shows by Daevid from this tour to compare it with, I decided to leave the track order as it is. Daevid introduces his song in french with some funny expressions.


Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Frank Zappa-Delaware, OH (May 22, 1971) (FLAC)

1971 05 22 Delaware TDK D 90 1ST Gen. 24 96 (Bob M-Doctorzap)

Digital transfers and rough editing : Raymond Morelli Jr. 2010 10 4

Lineage : Master Tape >Tape TDK D90 > Sony TC-WE475 > Monster Cable >
Audigy 2 24 Bit 96 Khz > Soundforge 10 PRO>Traders Little Helper Flac
level 8 w/s.b.e.c.

1971 05 22 - Selby Field, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH
70 min, Aud

2-Twenty Small Cigars
3-Status Back Baby
4-Concentration Moon (incl. The Sanzini Brothers)
5-Mom & Dad
6-Into To Billy The Mountain
7-Billy The Mountain (incl. Intro To Music For Low Budget Orchestra)
8-King Kong (incl. Igor's Boogie)

Sound is not very good. But it is VERY listenable. Plus it's one of the few recorded shows that has "Billy The Mountain"! Also it's a VERY rare show. Enjoy!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hawkwind- Kinetic Playground (December 3, 1971) (FLAC)

Hawkwind Birmingham Kinetic Playground 12.12.71 Flac

01. Technicians Of Spaceship Earth 3.41
02. You Shouldn't Do That 10.22
03. Awakening 2.16
04. Only Dreaming 4.43
05. Spirit Of The Age 1.38
06. Master Of The Universe 6.27
07. Paranoia 4.41
08. Earth Calling 1.55
09. Silver Machine 5.00
10. Welcome 2.55
11. Born To Go 32.20

12. (Bootleggers sound effects ending) 0.35

Total running time 76 mins 33 secs


Dave Brock: Guitar/Vocals
Twink: Drums
Nik Turner: Flute/Sax
Dik Mik: Audio Generator/Electronics
Lemmy: Bass Guitar
Del Dettmar: Synthesisers
Robert Calvert: Vocals/Poet/Swazzle

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Arthur Brown-Time Captives (FLAC)

Time Captives

Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England
April 24, 1973

CD 1:
1. Time Captives
2. Conception
3. We Want Your Brain
4. Come Alive
5. City Melody
6. Captian (Telephone)
7. Gypsy

CD 2:
1. City Melody - reprise
2. Superficial Roadblocks
3. Untitled
4. Spirit Of Joy
5. Irish Potatoes
6. Untitled

Not a great performance or sound quality. But it does have it's very interesting spots here and their. Plus Arthur Brown boots from this period is rare if not impossible to come by! Enjoy!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Friday, November 5, 2010

Black Sabbath-Paris 12-19-70 & BBC 1970 (FLAC)

Black Sabbath-"Paris 12-19-70 & BBC 1970" (FLAC)

Black Sabbath
War Pigs Great Dane Records (GDR CD 9119)
December 19,1970
Source: TV Soundtrack
Quality: VG+
Lineage: Silver CD>EAC>TLH>FLAC


Ozzy Osbourne: Vocals
Tony Iommi: Guitar
Geezer Butler: Bass
Bill Ward: Drums


2.Hand Of Doom
3.Iron Man
5.Behind The Wall Of Sleep
6.War Pigs
7.Fairies Wear Boots
8.Black Sabbath

This is a direct copy of Great Dane Records' "War Pigs" bootleg CD. It's from the same source as the previously posted version but without any of the glitches, pops and other flaws that plagued the currently seeded version and a significantly better sound quality.



Black Sabbath
1st January 1970
"Peel in Concert", unknown venue.

Broadcast by BBC 6Music on 1st Novemberber 2009 for Stuart Maconie's Live Freaks.

**[BBC 6Music is an FM and digital broadcaster. Bit rate on DAB radio is
128kbps, DVB-T and Digital Satellite 160kbps. This is the DVB-T recording]**

DVB-T (160kbps / 48Khz) > Nebula DigiTV > Hard Disk MP2 > mp3DirectCut


01 Introduction
02 Fairies Wear Boots
03 Behind The Wall Of Sleep

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Monday, November 1, 2010

Henry Cow-Bourges, France (November 24, 1977) (FLAC)

Henry Cow
Bourges, France
November 24, 1977

CD 1
1. Introduction (tuning and announcements) 6:20 cut
2. Intro & Nirvana for Mice 8:46
3. Woodwind Piece 6:17
4. Jackieing 1:28
5. New Piece (Erk Gah?) 7:44
6. Improvisation 16:21

CD 2
1. Ruins 17:47
2. Bittern Storm Over Ulm 2:38
3. Viva Pere Ubu Medley 21:54

Fred Frith
Tim Hodgkinson
Chris Cutler
Lindsay Cooper
Georgie Born

The concert was performed as one continuous piece. There were two tape flips: the first during #5 and the other at the end of #6. There is also a cut between the Introduction and the beginning of the first piece, and at the end of the Improvisation and Ruins (possible tape flip).

Lineage: ?? > cassette > M-Audio Audiophile > Mac

Edited with Audacity (volume, edits), CD SpinDoctor (tracking), and GarageBand (track doubling and balance, end fade)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Part 5-

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Just want to wish everyone of a very 'Happy Halloween'! My favorite day of the year!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Syd Barrett & The Pink Floyd - I Want To Tell You a Story - Upgrades and Rarities (FLAC)

Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett

"I Want To Tell You a Story - Audio Upgrades & Rarities"

Video Mixes

DVD VOBS - TMPEGEnc 4.0 Xpress - Wav - Flac - You

1. IMprovisation (Scene from "Dope" Movie, UFO Club, Feb-March 1967)
2. Interstellar Overdrive (?, UFO Club 24-02-67, taken from "Jungen Nachtwandler")
3. Arnold Layne (March 1967, Mix from Promo video)
4. Remember a Day (Instrumental, from "RAD" DVD, October 1967)
5. Jugband Blues (Original Mix from this video, unbootleged, Dec.1967)

All Video mixes taken from upgraded and best sources from this videos, like "AL" or "JN" from
DVD Sources.

Malcolm Jones Tape (1967-69)

6. Love You
7. Love You
8. Long Gone
9. Lanky (pt.2 aka "Rhamadan")
10.Clowns and Jugglers
12.Clowns and Jugglers
14.Silas Lang
15.Swan Lee
16.Untitled Instrumental (aka "Sunshine")

Versions of this songs from this tapes circulates many years on various bootlegs.
But this is full tape without any cuts (with Syd's voice between songs,announcements etc),
as is (unbootleged). Sound is very clear, maybe from 1st generation tape
p.s. i don't remember - circulate track 10 or not? I don't remember this version on any bootlegs

Excerpts from Bernard White's Reels (1968-74)

17.Swan Lee
18.74 Sessions

This tracks also circulated before, but this is from 1st generation tapes from Bernard's Archive


BBC 16-02-1971 "Sound of the 70's" Upgrade

19.Baby Lemonade
21.Love Song

This songs presents here in much better quality, than on "Radio One Sessions" CD
with announcements

I Hope it will be nice addition to recently Syd's CD Compilation

One of the best Syd boots around! Don't miss this!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Monday, October 25, 2010

Brian Eno-The Winkies (FLAC)

Brian Eno-The Winkies

01_Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
03_Baby's On Fire
04_The Fat Lady Of Limbourg
06_I'll Come Running Demo
07_Golden Hours
08_Unfinished Demo
09_Unfinished_Demo 2
10_Castro Haze
11_Manila Envelope


Eno and The Winkies - BBC Session February 26, 1974 (Rebroadcast by BBC 6Music on 8th September 2008 for Gideon Coe)


26/02/1974 - Eno & The Winkies

* TX - 05/03/1974
* Producer - Tony Wilson
* Engineer - Bob Conduct
* Engineer - Mike Robinson
* Studio - Langham 1


* The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
* Baby's On Fire/Totalled


* Eno (Vocals, Synthesiser)
* Mike Desmarais (Drums)
* Guy Humphreys (Guitar)
* Philip Rambow (Guitar)
* Brian Turrington (Bass)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Friday, October 15, 2010

Frank Zappa-Fullerton, CA (November 11, 1968) (FLAC)

NOVEMBER 11, 1968

soundboard > ?? > WM Fisher's cassette > Akaii GX-570 D2 w/ Dolby
Nakamichi CR3A w/ Dolby > Audigy 4 Pro > Audacity > CD Wav > Flac (Level 8)

1. It’s The Law!
2. Bacon Fat
3. Intro to A String Quartet
4. A Pound for a Brown on the Bus
5. Sleeping in a Jar (incomplete)
6. The Wild Man Fischer Story
7. I'm the Meany
8. Valarie
9. King Kong (incomplete)

A copy of Wild-Man Fisher’s cassette


Frank Zappa
Jimmy Carl Black
Bunk Gardner
Don Preston
Jim Sherwood
Roy Estrada
Arthur Dyer Tripp III
and special guests Larry "Wild Man" Fischer
and Don Cherry (possible)

I found this information on the internet while searching this tape:
In the late 80s, one of the old Mothers tried to sell the tape of this show to collectors
and/or bootleggers for a "fantasy price" so high that nobody was interested.
Soon afterwards, that tape was rendered worthless when an identical tape leaked out from somewhere else and someone made this bootleg from it.

I got a copy of this concert in the early 1980's from Larry Wild Man Fisher.
I met Larry Fisher while working at Slipped Disc Records (an independent record store) in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles).
Let's say that he was a bit wide eyed when he came up to me and told me to "put this tape on".
It was a cassette with the word LARRY written on it.
This is a copy of that tape.
Maybe it is different from what's out there already.
Mike Martin 3/2010
Flying M Productions

Part 1-

Part 2-

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eric Burdon-Live at Audimax, Hamburg-July 13,1973 (FLAC)

Live at Audimax, Hamburg, on the 13th. of July 1973

Unknown lineage....

Cover images aren't made by me, and there's a faulty track name on track 2, it's The Real Me, not The Man. This is the only preserved gig from the 1973 Eric Burdon Band tour. Unfortunately, one track is missing here. Highway Mover was supposed to come between The Real Me and New York. I downloaded this show a while back, and the track was originally missing here too. I don't have the original tape, otherwise I'd fix this problem.

01 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
02 - The Real Me
03 - New York
04 - When I Was Young/Nina's School
05 - Medley: I) Driftin' II) Once Upon A Time III) When The World Changes

Eric Burdon: vocals
Randy Rice: bass
Alvin Taylor: drums
Aalon Butler: guitars

Part 1-

Part 2-

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Henry Cow-Torino, Italy (July 13, 1978) (FLAC)

Henry Cow
Torino, Italy
July 13, 1978
audience recording

1. > Falling Back 1.06
2. Improvisation 21.03
3. Industry 8.46
4. Look Back 1.11
5. Slice 0.36
6. Ruins > Improv > Tuba Gallicalis 12.54

Total Time: 45.36

Possible personnel

Fred Frith: guitar, xylophone, violin, bass
im Hodgkinson: organ, saxophone
Chris Cutler: drums
Lindsay Cooper: reeds, recorder
Ann-Marie Roelofs: trombone & violin

?? > cassette > pre-amp > M-Audio Audiophile USB > Mac

Part 1-

Part 2-

Friday, October 1, 2010

Led Zeppelin-Newport (July 6-7, 1969) (FLAC)

Led Zeppelin

Live at the Newport Jazz Festival 1969-07-06/7 from 2nd gen AUD reel-to-reel tape with known lineage(rec1)- *BLOWS AWAY ANY PREVIOUS VERSION* "Freakin' At Newport, Part 1"

Thanks to Bill B. for the tape. Long may you wave!

Setlist for Led Zeppelin (runtime 55 minutes):

Train Kept A' Rollin'
I Can't Quit You Baby
Dazed And Confused
You Shook Me
How Many More Times
Communication Breakdown (end cut)

Lineage: MR->R->??R??->Sound Forge ->16 cent slowdown (enough to be really noticeable)-> Resampling and Bit Depth Conversion ->FLAC via Flac Frontend level 6, sectors aligned and verified

Commercial break (Werbungzeit):
Since there were comments along these lines the last time around, your humble seeder would like to set the record straight in advance:

The phrase "blows away any previous version" refers to any previous version of rec1. There are three known recorders of the Led Zeppelin set, and this is the best rendition of the best recording of this show. It isn't the longest recording, but it is the best, and yes, it does blow the previous version back to 1969.

Back to your regularly scheduled program!


A DoinkerTape

Edit-I'm not that much a fan of Zeppelin anymore,but figured some might enjoy this!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Saturday, September 25, 2010

King Crimson-Berkeley,CA (June 16, 1973) (FLAC)

Community Theater
Berkeley, CA USA

1CD 55min "Astral Navigation"

Fripp Wetton Cross Bruford

Doctor Diamond
Larks' Tongues In Aspic I
Easy Money
The Talking Drum
Larks' Tongues In Aspic II
21st Century Schizoid Man

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Pink Floyd-High Time (FLAC)

Pink Floyd Mega-rare restored vinyl "High Time" Rome Italy 1968-05-06 and London 1969-05-12 - Features "The Narrow Way" with vocals, superb sound!

Continuing my never-to-be-quenched thirst for vinyl, here's a great offering from the European anti-CD label Sodium Haze Records. Pressed in perhaps batches of 50-100 pieces (correct me if I'm wrong there), your chances of snagging one are very limited... you'd better not blink or it will go away.

Side one features three tunes from the "Rome Goes Pop! program(me): Astronomie Domine, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, and Interstellar Overdrive. The first two tracks are sourced from a VPRO-FM radio rebroadcast on 1988-04-29. The third track is an audio rip from the television broadcast on ARD TV (West Germany) from 1968-05-18. The quality is simply stunning.

Side two is pre-FM sourced from the program(me) John Peel's Night Ride: Granchester Meadows (Daybreak), Cymbaline (Nightmare), Green Is The Colour (The Beginning/Beset By Creatures Of The Deep), and The Narrow Way. The last track is of mention as it contains vocals. For those of you unfamiliar with the extra titles, these tracks were performed on the road during 1969 as part of a concept piece "The Man and The Journey". The versions presented here are notable for their differences from the normal concert routine.

The sequence of songs on this album are simply superb. Hope you like it.

Lineage: LP->Echo Layal 3G->Sound Forge 6.0 ->light brushing with click and crackle removal tool -> Flac via TLH, level 6, sectors aligned and verified, track integrity checked and verified.


A DoinkerTape

Part 1-
Part 2-

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Who-Fillmore West (June 19, 1969) (FLAC)

The Who
Fillmore West San Francisco, CA
June 19, 1969

Disc 1 - 46.07
1 Introduction .28
2 Heaven And Hell 4.02
3 I Can't Explain 3.41
4 Fortune Teller > 2.34
5 Tattoo 3.16
6 Young Man Blues 7.14
7 It's A Boy > .39
8 1921 > 2.25
9 Amazing Journey > 4.45
10 Sparks 2.58
11 Eyesight To The Blind > 2.00
12 Christmas > 3.17
13 The Acid Queen 3.50
14 Pinball Wizard 2.49
15 Do You Think It's Alright > .22
16 Fiddle About 1.39

Disc 2 - 42.46
1 Go To The Mirror! > 3.29
2 Smash The Mirror > 1.08
3 I'm Free > 2.27
4 Tommy's Holiday Camp > 1.00
5 We're Not Gonna Take It 8.47
6 Boris The Spider 2.35
7 Summertime Blues > 3.20
8 Shakin' All Over 4.02
9 Magic Bus 14.12
10 Applause .58
11 Pete explains.. .43

Notes that came with this recording:

Stage Banter Transcription by Tom Pratt!

Artwork, FLAC Fingerprints, MD5 Verifcation Files and
Rip Logs are all included.

This is an excellent Audience Recording. There is a
2 second dropout during Magic Bus (at 7m32s) and also
a slight tape drag present during the intro (at 6s).

This was the last of three nights at Fillmore West and
the day before their court appearance in New York the
following morning for a scuffle on stage at the
Fillmore East on 16th May. Charges against Roger were
dropped but Pete was fined $75 for kicking a Police Officer.

Lineage: Silver CD > WAVE (Exact Rip with xACT) > FLAC (8, xACT)

Silver: Fire Power, FP016A/B, "Flying To New York To Go To Court"

Liberated by: scirius
Brought to you by: Long Live Rock

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jimi Hendrix Experience-Singer Bowl (8-23-1968) (FLAC)

RIP Jimi Hendrix (My main man) who left us 40 years ago today!

Jimi Hendrix Experience -
23 August 1968 :
Singer Bowl,
Flushing meadow park,
Queens, NY.

Source: Audience recording

Lineage: Master > DAT > CDR >Soundstudio > WAV > FLAC

File Size: 330 MB


01. Are You Experienced
02. Fire
03. Red House
04. I Don't Live Today
05. Like A Rolling Stone
06. Foxy Lady
07. Purple Haze - Star Spangled Banner
08. Hey Joe
09. Wild Thing

Hopefully something special for number ten. Well I like it :) The Singer Bowl show IMHO goes hand in hand with the recording of the Hollywood Bowl show from September. It's a loud, raucous recording that manages to capture the feeling of the show. Starting with a stunning version of AYE (check out the film footage to see Jimi swap guitars during the intro) the pace of the show never flags with only Like A Rolling Stone to give the audience time to catch breath. There may be better sounding recordings but in terms of excitement and atmosphere this one has it all.

I've included a twelve page booklet that I made up that includes all the contemporary reviews I could find along with many photos from the show. Yes it's also a real treat for all you budding origami enthusiasts :)

Rough recording,but pretty listenable for a 68 show and just a Hendrix show in general.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MAN-Free Trade Hall, Manchester (May 20, 1975) (FLAC)

Free Trade Hall, Manchester
20 May 1975

Lineage unknown

Micky Jones
Deke Leonard
Terry Williams
Martin Ace
John Cipollina

01 7171 551 (7:28)
02 Hard Way to Die (6:43)
03 Babe I'm Gonna Leave (6:05)
04 The Storm (10:25)
05 Hard way to Live (3:40)
06 Codine (7:37)
07 Razorblade and Rattlesnake (6:30)
08 Many are Called but Few Get Up (13:08)
09 Bananas (10:53)

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Jethro Tull-Port Chester (4-27-71)

APRIL 27,1971


-Recorded by Ken & Judy Lee

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pink Floyd-Utrecht (December 28, 1968) (FLAC)

DECEMBER 28, 1968


This set is known lineage.



Pretty rough recording for it's age. But pretty listenable with headphones. Has a great and very different rendition on "Careful With That Axe, Eugene". Probably my favorite version of the song.

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Hawkwind (With Arthur Brown) 5-26-03

Hawkwind (with Arthur Brown)
Carling Academy-Bristol, UK
May 26, 2003

Disc 1
01 Time Captives
02 Master Of The Universe
03 Gremlin-Time Confusion
04 Watcher
05 Out Of The Shadows
06 Chronoglide Skyway
07 Steppenwolf
08 Paranoia
09 Right Stuff
10 Spirit Of The Age
11 Take Me To Your Leader
12 Sun Ray
13 Hassan I Sahba
14 Space Is Their
15 Hassan I Sahba
16 Golden Void
17 Where Are They Now
18 Angela Android
19 Silver Machine

Line up:

Arthur Brown - vocals
Dave Brock - guitar, synth & vox
Alan Davey - bass & vox
Richard Chadwick - drums & electronic perc
Simon House - keyboards & violin

Recorded by Blob Calvert.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Syd Barrett-2 FLAC Pack EP's + Mojo Article

Syd Barrett
2 FLAC Pack EP's

1-1969-1971 - Vinyl Sessions E.P.

A1-Dark Globe
A2-Word song
B1-Birdy Hop
B2-Milky Way

2-The Last Session Completed
Syd Barrett
The Last Session Completed
Abbey Road Studios, London, Uk
August 12, 1974

Overdubbing by anonymous fan
May 2009

Lineage: Doniker's "You Got It Now!" > 4-track Cassette > Cdr > Wav > Flac

01. Syd's Boogie
02. If You Go

Here is my attempt at making the 1974 Syd Barrett session more complete with sequencing the tracks and
overdubbing. I ended up with two tracks that are both comprised of multiple tracks from the Syd reels;
"Syd's Boogie" made up from the boogie takes and "john Lee Hooker" and "IF You Go" made up from
one of the takes of that song and "Ballad". Working on this music proved quite challenging due to
Syd's timing issues and the fact that there was really not alot to work with. That said, I attempted
to create backing for the mostly guitar demos and occasionaly played some lead guitar in as style as
close to Syd's as I could muster. It was also mixed with Syd's parts as the center point 99 percent of the
time. The title "Syd's Boogie" is unoficial and is a refrence to "Nick's Boogie" and the pieces that
make this track up, almost all of which are called "Boogie". "If You Go" seems to be an official title.

Instruments used:
Fender Precision bass (think Roger Waters)
Oak Grove custom electric guitar (Had this built for me, think Syd's Telecaster)
Blue Ridge Acoustic Guitar
Line 6 Delay Modeler
Various Native American Drums (think "swan lee", "Lanky")

Overdubbed on 4-Track Cassette recorder on high speed to make overdubs analog and conducive
to the original tracks.

I hope that the listener enjoys this recording and does not feel like this is one of those "fakes".
It is still Syd but he is now posthumously recording with a stranger.

Post Script:
I did not use every piece that Syd Barrett recorded at Abbey Road Studio August 12, 1974. There are pices
that were left out due to two factors: redundancy, and the excluded pieces had issues with rhythm that were
fatal to making it sound listenable and the excluded parts were also usually out of tune more than the
rest of the session.Also note that Syd seems to have recorded a few bass tracks most notably on
"If You Go". That bass track was high in the mix and pretty.. um... loose.

3-Also included is Mojo Magazine's "March 2010" article on Syd.


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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Frank Zappa-Grand Wazoo-September 16, 1972 (FLAC)

Frank Zappa/Grand Wazoo

The Oval Cricket Ground
London UK
16 September 1972

1. Soundcheck/tuning
2. Big Swifty
The Adventures of Gregory Peccary:
3. Intro
4. 1st movement: Gregory wakes up & drives to work
5. 2nd movement: Gregory invents the calendar
6. 3rd movement: Gregory is attacked by the Hunchmen
7. 4th movement: The New Brown Clouds
8. Think It Over
9. Dogmeat
10. Penis Dimension/Variant Processional March/Regyptian Strut

Jay Migliori; flute, saxophone, clarinet
Mike Altschul; piccolo, bass clarinet
Ray Reed; saxophone, clarinet
Charles Owens; saxophone, clarinet
Joanne Caldwell McNab; bassoon
Earle Dumler; oboe
Jerry Kessler; cello
Malcolm McNab; trumpet
Sal Marquez; trumpet
Tom Malone; tuba
Bruce Fowler; trombone
Glenn Ferris; trombone
Ken Shroyer; trombone
Ian Underwood; synthesizer, elec piano
Jim Gordon; drums
Dave Parlato, bass
Tony Duran; slide guitar
Tom Raney; percussion
Ruth Underwood; percussion
Frank Zappa; guitar, conductor

Audience recording: Master cassette>Sony TC-KE600s deck> Audiophile

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Bonzo Dog Band (Live 1968-1969)

Bonzo Dog Band (Live 1968-1969)

Bonzo Dog Band
Colour Me Pop
(December 21, 1968)

01-We Are Normal
02-My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe
03-Humanoid Boogie
04-Rhinocratic Oath
05-Vivian Schnorbarstein Speaks
06-11 Mustachioed Daughters
07-A Lost Cause
08-Hello Mabel
09-Legs Lift Off/Look At 'Em, E's Wonderful
10-Canyons Of Your Mind
11-Urban Spaceman
12-Yarn To A Human Carpet/Rhinocratic Oath
13-Mr. Apollo
14-The Outro


Bonzo Dog Band
Live At Paradiso Club
Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 25, 1969

01-Can Blue Men Sing The Whites?
02-Look At Me, I'm Wonderful/Ready Mades/Laughing Blues
03-Hello Mabel
04-Pub Ruckus
05-Urban Spaceman
07-Rockalise R Baby

Monday, August 30, 2010

Henry Cow & Orckestra (November 19, 1977) (FLAC)


1977 november 19th, Paris, France, Hippodrome de Pantin, (Fête du Nouveau Populaire de Paris)

cassette > Magnetic Tape 7 inches > PC SoundblasterLive > Wav > flac8 stereo

1- Wheel of fortune
2- Nirvana for mice variations / improv / terrible as an army with banners
3- Naima / Mourn not the dead / Anthem / Jackeing
4- On suicide / Lady Howerd's coach
5- ? (Frankie Armstrong solo)
6- ? (Frankie Armstrong solo)
7- Santiago
8- Kanonensong
9- Let the slave
10- Alabama song
11- Bartlemy fair

Frith, Hodgkinson, Cooper, Cutler, Krause
Mike Westbrook Band & Frankie Armstrong

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