Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jethro Tull-BBC Studios 1968-69 (FLAC)

Jethro Tull
BBC Studios
BBC Sessions w/radio announcer

01. So much trouble
02. (announcer)
03. A song for jeffrey
04. (announcer)
05. My sunday feeling
06. Dharma for one
07. (announcer)
08. Beggar's farm
09. (announcer)
10. love story
11. stormy monday
12. (announcer)
13. living in the past
14. (announcer)
15. A new day yesterday
16. (announcer)
17. Fat man
18. Bouree
19. (announcer)
20. Nothing is easy

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Henry Cow 1978-07-23 Cervia Ravenna (FLAC)

Henry Cow
Cervia (Italy), Festa di Unita Proletaria, Ravenna

AUD tape recorded by Giorgio Di Paolo (of band Asuma Rimna) who kindly gave permission

to share his recording and who said...
"my memories are vague, a very low-tech cassette recorder was used; I probably

connected the line out of a tape deck to some PC sound card".

Extracted to .wav by Maclen who sent me the .wav files, thanks to both of you !!
TLH says "tracks look like CDDA with probability 100%"

wav > edit (Nero 8) > TLH (flac + SBE / Decode check)

Used better sounding left channel from this mono recording
Reduced volume by -4dB
Bass EQ +5dB
Inserted track05 from hte SBD source
Gap fixed in track06 (20.37-21.45 using SBD source)
Corrected ~ 200 volume variations
Fixed many nasty glitches in the Soundcheck
Edited and re-tracked for smooth track transitions
Added flac tags using fastone artwork, any change to the files will delete these.

Quality: Worth a historic A+

I was kindly sent this AUD source from the Cervia show, which is apparently new

compared to the high-gen SBD that has appeared many times here
on Dime, including a remaster of mine) and was surpised and delighted to hear a very

different and more dynamic mix. This is similar to the
Trondheim 1976 show, where the SBD mix sounds very dry compared to the FM version

(later found to be mp3 that was here a long time ago) on which
on-stage tapes being played by the band were very prominent and were completely missing

from the SBD.

So IMHO. this is a much better involving listen, whilst it also contains 2 more tracks

(03 & 12) and extra material on other tracks (00 and 06),
plus the continuous audience and announcements in between. To check the quality (and

tagging) I just listened on my Linn digital streamer and it
sound wonderful, so I hope you'll agree that it is really worth grabbing.

TomP post on Dime, Aug 2011

Fred Frith: guitar, bass, Viola, Vibes
Tim Hodgkinson: keyboards, treated guitar, alto and baritone sax, clarinet
Lindsay Cooper: bassoon, oboe, soprano, recorder
Anne-Marie Roelofs : trombone, violin, toys
Chris Cutler : drums, percussion, noises

00 - Soundcheck + Stage Intro (7.18)
01 - Viva Pa Ubu (2.18) - OFFICIAL FILE REMOVED (HC Box vol.9 track 11 - edited to be

still continuous without this)
02 - Viva Pa Ubu (cont'd) + The Big Tune (9.57)
03 - The March (4.08)
04 - Half The Sky Intro + Falling Away 1 (07:28)
05 - Woodwind intro + Falling Away 2 (05:50)
06 - Improvisation (30.13)
07 - Slice (1,24)
08 - Look Back (2.09)
09 - Industry (10.46)
10 - Waking Against Sleep (2.33)
11 - Ruins Variations-Free-Virgin Of Illinois (15.42)
12 - Scotland the Brave + Half The Sky (8.58)

Thanks to urich21 for set list information and further updates

Nice artworks by fastone are included, thanks !!

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shortwave 1994-10-08 (FLAC)


(Gong's 25th Birthday Party)

The Forum
Kentish Town, London
8th October 1994

1-Shuffle Demons
2-2 P.M.
3-The Balladin
4-The Fox
6-Nan True's Hole

Didier Malherbe - tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, flute (formerly of Gong)
Phil Miller - guitar, guitar synthesizer (also of In Cahoots)
Hugh Hopper - bass (formerly of Soft Machine)
Pip Pyle - drums (also of Gong and In Cahoots)

Audio Technica Mic > Aiwa Cass
Tape (1st Gen) > TEAC V-1050 > Edirol R-1 > wavelab > Cd Wave

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Amon Duul II - Anthology 1975 (FLAC)

Amon Duul II - Anthology 1975

Contains two concerts:

18. January 1975 - TV performance, Jugendzentrum Dillingen, Germany

01.Archy the robot
02.Lonely woman
03.Phonzeit jam
04. Surrounded by the stars
05. Traveller
06. La Krautoma

Audio was taken from the VHS proshot that was here seeded recently. Unknown lineage.

11. July 1975 - Live concert in Munich

01. Wir wollen
02. Wilhelm Wilhelm
03. Dreams
04. Liebeslied
05. Top of the mud
06. Mirror
07. Mr. Kraut´s jinx
08. Loosey girls
09. La Krautoma
10. Ludwig

1975 was the turning-year of Krautrock. Neu! split afer the release of their fabulous punk-orientated "Neu! 75" album.
Can released "Landed" in 1975 and "Flow Motion" in 1976 and presented are more lighter mainstream sound. Their hit "I want more"
peaked No. 26 in the UK charts: A sensation for a german band! Groups like Can or especially Tangerine Dream, had proved that they
could adapt to the different circumstances in music industry during the late seventies.
For a unique band like Amon Duul II, the pressure for international success was always on the hand. Despite the fact that they had
a great fan community in England, France and in other european countries, record producers like J├╝rgen S. Korduletsch trying
to define the direction of the band, both musically and aesthetically. Sure there was often a fight between the musicians and their producers.
Unfortuneatly the band itself consists of strong individuals, so the line-up was always changing. Of course, in the end, there was no strenght
to fight the producers ideas. On the other hand, Amon Duul II wanted to have this international success all the years ´round.
They started in Munich 1968, as a hippie community, recorded the first real Krautrock album "Phallus Dei", which lay the basis for all
to come german rockbands. In England for example their name hab become legendary, grounding a myth that last until today. In their
homeland the band was overlooked and underrated. For the early seventies there was no real german music industry for rockbands,
so Amon Duul II suffered because the lack of money prevented any plan going forward.
It was a logical consequence that they needed a new producer. Thie first result was the brilliant 1974 album "Hijack".
For this record the classic line-up had come into the studio, consisting of Chris Karrer (voc, guitar, violin), John Weinzierl (guitars),
Peter Leopold (drums), Renate Knaup (vocals), Lothar meid (bass) and Falk. U. Rogner (synthesizers). The result was a fresh and strong record,
fascinating and rich, the press reaction was aso filled with enthusiasm. It´s rather strange that this record nowadays had become
a stepchild by the band itself and also by the general musicpress. Maybe sometimes it gonna change again
In the beginning of the year 1975, the band had the chance to play in a german TV show, called Phonzeit and was held in a youth center
of the german town Dillingen. It was the last moment the classical line-up was playing together. The original video broadcast wasn´t available for years. There was a bad audio tape in circulation which
is now replaced by the better (despite the mono) audio-version of the video. Amon Duul II appearance here is extraordinary!
Most of the tunes are from the Hijack-Album, played in a relaxed and straight manner. One highlight is the spooky "Lonely woman" with Chris Karrer
as the leadsinger, playing a fine sax solo. "Surrounded by the stars" shines because of the violin-bass-guitar-synths collaboration. The sound of this TV gig in
general is really unique. Maybe the band released the complete Audio Tape official. "Surrounded by the stars" was interrupted
by the discussion of the audience with the band backstage. In th background you can hear the music roll on. It´s a shame that there
is no complete tape of the music in existance. In the end Amon Duul II playing an old german tune called "La Paloma", which is
linked to the next studio album "Made in Germany".
After the Phonzeit gig, the Music Express wrote about the new Duul project: "AD II goes to Broadway. For the next time 15 – 16 persons will be on stage, actors and
dancers. There are plans for serveral gigs in America, playing one month in Los Angeles at the Roxy Theatre and after in New York at the Beacon Theatre (Broadway) to promote their rockshow.
This teutonic shock is all about the history of Germany, which will also be the topic of their next Lp under the title SM II". Before the recording sessions started, Lothar Meid
leaved the band. For him two other Munich musicians were added. Robby Heibl (bass) who also played on 1973 album "Vive la Trance" and Nando Tischer (voc, guitar).
Before the official release of the double album "Made in Germany", Amon Duul II was going on a little promotion tour in June/July 1975 through France and played also some concerts in Germany.
During this tour the line-up changed again after some disagreements of the band members: The planned US-Tour was cancelled because of the failed organisation,
also the original album-concept had fallen to pieces. Many compositions weren´t used for this album. Another reason for the break was that the original plan, releasing a double album in the United States also
failed because of the sloppy management. The US-release (a single LP) was also separately mixed by Korduletsch in absence of the band itself.
Compared to the double album, the single LP contains some alternative mixes and longer versions of some songs.
Back to line-up change: Renate Knaup and Falk U. Rogner left the band. The remaining quintett was catched on tape during their Munich concert on 11. July 1975.
This rare tape documents the idea how the "Made inGermany" songs should have sounded live. Nando Tischer appeared here as the lead-singer, trying to calm down the unfriendly audience.
At one moment the bulk is screaming for "Renate", and Tischer had to explain that Renate is on vacation int he soputh, after an love affair with a boy. seems to be the last showdown after many internal argues.
Despite the bad sound of the tape, one highlight of this show is the long and atmospheric "Loosey girls". Also "La Krautoma" is a great rocker.
The official release of "Made in Germany" was in the fall of 1975:

The album is one of the first rock-operas in Germany about german history. Songs about Ludwig II and the Kaiser Wilhelm II,
an interview with Mr. Hitler: The whole album is a real masterpiece. Great powerful music with strange, experimental ideas. The band proved their ability to have a great variety of musical styles.

At this point the band itself don´t existed anymore, however the group reunited in 1976 again to play more relaxed music under the old name. And of course sometimes the old genius shines through. But that´s another story.
what´s left are documents of a uniqueband, that had the courage and the power in creating undefining music, that is still influental and touching today.

For this project the available music was remixed and mastered carefully.

All the best, Quinn (2011)

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Arthur Brown & Kingdom Come-Weeley Festival (August 29, 1971)

AUGUST 29,1971

1-Spoken Word Poem
2-Time Captives