Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Soft Machine-The Early Years (Canterbury Anthology Vol. 2)

Here's Part 2 of the great "Canterbury Anthology" series. Very early Soft Machine for your enjoyment!!

01-Contusions-(Summer 1966 Session)
02-Another Lover Has Gone-(Summer 1966 Session)
03-Fred The Fish-(from 1967 45'')
04-Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin-(from 1967 45'')
05-I Should've Known (Recorded in UK 1967)
06-I'm So Low (Recorded in UK 1967)
07-We Know What You Mean-September 22,1967-Hoepla TV,Holland
08-I Should've Known -September 22,1967-Hoepla TV,Holland
09-Clarence In Wonderland-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
10-We Know What You Mean-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
11-Certain Kind-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
12-Hope For Happiness-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
13-Lullaby Letter-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
14-She's Gone-(from 1967 45'')
15-I Should've Known-(from 1967 45'')
16-Lullabye Letter-(oops version of the 1968 released tracks)
17-Hope For Happiness-(oops version of the 1968 released tracks)
18-Save Yourself-(oops version of the 1968 released tracks)
19-Joy Of A Toy-(From Mono Single Released Early 1969)
20-Why Are We Sleeping-(From Mono Single Released Early 1969)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gong-Anthology 1969-1977 (Canterbury Anthology Vol. 1)

Well here is the first post of my blog,and the first in the series titled "Canterbury Anthology"!!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!!

Gong-Anthology 1969-1977 (Canterbury Anthology Vol. 1)

01-Riot 71-January 31 Paris, Palais des Sports
02-Pot Head Pixies-November 8,1972 Angers (France)
03-You Can't Kill Me-Live in UK 1974
04-Magik Brother-1969 Demo
05-Why Are We Sleeping?-November 8,1972 Angers (France)
06-Radio Gnome-November 8,1972 Angers (France)
07-Dreaming It-November 8,1972 Angers (France)
08-Bambolay/Ya Sunne-Glastonbury Fayre '71
09-Es Que Je Suis-First Single-Recorded in Paris 1970
10-Hypnotize You-First Single-Recorded in Paris 1970
11-Oily Way-Outer Temple-The Hippodrome De Pantin, Paris,May 28, 1977
12-You Never Blow Your Trip ForeverThe Hippodrome De Pantin, Paris,May 28, 1977
13-You Can't Kill Me-The Salle Bataclan,Paris,May,1973
14-I Am Your Pussy-The Salle Bataclan,Paris,May,1973
15-Fohat Digs Holes In Space-The Salle Bataclan,Paris,May,1973
16-Pot Head Pixies-Malakoff,France 72
17-Perfect Mystery-Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Norway 12/15/1974

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Welcome To My Prog Rock Blog!!

Here you will find posts by my favorite bands. Most notably "Canterbury" and "UK Prog Rock".

I hope you enjoy,and please support these artists!! If their's any musicians that deserve money in today's world of miserable Bubble Gum Pop/Hip Hop,it's these musicians!!