Saturday, March 21, 2009

Van Der Graaf Generator-Corn Exchange-October 17, 1975

Van Der Graaf Generator
Corn Exchange
Cambridge, U.K.
October 17, 1975

audience recording-quality B

1: the undercover man 10:02
2: (in the) black room 13:11
3: arrow 11:46
4: forsaken gardens 7:52
5: la rossa 12:15
6: lemmings 17:41
7: scorched earth 11:09
8: darkness 7:06
9: gog 8:58
10: the sleepwalkers 11:44
11: man-erg 11:28

Peter Hammill- vocals, clavinet, guitar
David Jackson- sax and flute
Hugh Banton- organ, bass
Guy Evans- drums and percussion

Part 1-
Part 2-

Monday, March 16, 2009

King Crimson-Preston-October 9,1971

King Crimson
Public Hall, Preston, UK
October 9, 1971

Although the CD claims to be a recording of Wolverhampton show, 10 sept 1971, it is identified as that of Preston show, 9 oct 1971.

Very good audience recording

01-Pictures of a City [9:22]
02-Cirkus [9:46]
03-Formentera Lady [6:44]
04-Sailor's Tale [6:18]
05-The Letters [5:28]
06-Cadence & Cascade [4:37]
07-Ladies of the Road [6:53]
08-Groon [18:36]
09-21st Century Schiziod Man [9:23]
10-Devil's Triangle [10:57]

Robert Fripp, Boz, Mel Collins and Ian Wallace

Part 1-
Part 2-

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brian Auger and the Trinity-11-7-68

Julie Driscoll w/Brian Auger & the Trinity, featuring Don Ellis
Berliner Jazztage, Philharmonie
November 7 1968,FM

Maybe the November 28th was the date of the FM broadcast?

Hey friends, this wasn´t made from a creased Master audience tape, but from a Cassette copy of a Master FM recording, somebody taped late 1968!

In my opinion a true artefact of the Beat/Jazz/1968 scene here, especially in Berlin............!

A controversal show when it was even performed as you might recognize when listening to it... Half the audience was begging for more, the other half was booing after Julie´s songs!

Don´t expext too much "Beat" stuff here, since the first part of the show is very "jazzy"!
After Julie appeared, she did a version of "Season of the Witch" emerging like a dream out of all this jamming before and later closed the show with a groundbreaking "When I was a Young Girl", a real proof of her great voice and personality!

I added a nice version of "Wheels of Fire", as a possible encore from another show, probably recorded the same day/days... (Nothing definitely known!)

1. Radio announcer > Red Beans and Rice 7:44
2. Freedom Jazz Dance 8:00
3. Take Me to the Water (Low vocal mike for Julie) 5:17
4. Radio announcer > Season of the Witch 9:12
5. Shadows of You 5:41
6. When I was a Young Girl 9:38

Added possible Encore:
7. Wheels of Fire 3:39
(From unknown venue & date, probably British FBS FM Berlin Broadcast, definitely not from same show, maybe same day/days!

Total Time: 49:14

Lineup: Brian Auger: Keyboards, Julie Driscoll: vocals, Clive Thacker: drums, David Ambrose: bass, Don Ellis - e-tp (2)

This is a very nice show with no other flaws as noted above!
Enjoy this great piece of histoy!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gong-1993 GAS Tape

GONG APPRECIATION SOCIETY - "The 1993 GAS Tape" Another trawl through the vaults has revealed
these jewelled morsels of sonic disturbance as fragments (of) the ever changing story of the Gong

GAS Subscribers 1993 Tape
GAS 1993 Cassette
1993 release

Side 1

1) a L.A. Manifestival Intro - New York Gong
b Daevid On Drones (3:26) Radio Boston Interview, 1991
2) Donkey (1:56) Gong*
3) Keithy Cliches (0:45)*
4) I Never Glid Before (6:57) Gong Live in Germany, 1974
5) Telephone Tom (1:12) Radio Interview U.S. 1991
6) Om Mani Padme Hum (6:42) Invisible Opera Co Of Tibet U.K. Demo, 1993
7) Big City Energy (2:16) From L.A. Manifestival 1979
8) Un Elephant (1:15) Albert Parkin aka Graham Clark*
9) Lolly Song (5:13) Gong*

Side 2

10) Haunted Chateau Rehearsals (16:08) Gong crazy rehearsals of Camembert band, France 1969
11) The Place To Be (0:59) Tom The Poet radio interview U.S. 1991
12) Heartsong (3:56) GongMaison live at the Glastonbury Festival 1989
13) Ajna Drone (2:29) Daevid Allen long version from the 7 Drones series. 1985
14) Thinking Thoughts (2:52) With Invisible Opera Company Tibet U.K. Live
15) White Doves (6:07) Daevid Allen 4 track demo, 1991

*Shapeshifter sessions France 1992.
Thanks to the various sources from where these snippets come.

My notes:

2) I Gotta Donkey - instrumental
4) Bill Bruford on drums
6) Second part is Magick Mother Invocation-Master Bilder & Om Mani Padme Hum from No More Sages
7) Aka as Jungle Windo as on the New York Gong version which had Gary Windo on sax.
8) Mr Albert Parkin / Parkin Triumphant
9) Loli
10) Gong moved to Ch√Ęteau du Thiel in Dec 1969, taped before J Fields replaced Gewissler Jan 1970

Part 1-
Part 2-

Monday, March 2, 2009

Captain Beefheart-Amougies-10-28-69 (FLAC)

Captain Beefheart
Amougies (Belgium), Festival Actuel-October 28,1969

source: audience recording (mono) So here it is at last - Captain Beefheart's set from the last day of the Amougies festival. When I seeded the compilation of Frank Zappa's Amougies jams, I wrongly assumed the tracks featuring Zappa had all be officially released. In fact that wasn't the case. The only tracks available commercially are tracks 2 and 3, but track 6, which also features Zappa, was left off my compilation. So here it is, available for the first time ever I believe.

I've added below a few quotes from band members borrowed from the internet, to get a clearer idea of what the atmosphere was like at the festival, and for this concert in particular... I'm sure fans will enjoy the opportunity of hearing the "Captain Bullshit" incident for real.
Lastly, the usual reminder about the sound quality - the tape recorder used was way below modern standards and the sound is nowhere near "professional" quality. This reservation aside, however, this is simply an unbelievable document of a legendary festival, and so our hearfelt thanks to the taper, JJB, for recording this at the time, and for allowing me to seed it here. Bill Harkleroad: All I can remember is playing in front of thousands of people huddled together in sleeping bags at three in the morning in this huge circus tent. It's 27 degrees out, and there's frost on my strings! It was Don, Victor, Mark, me and Jeff Burchell on drums. Frank was sitting in with us, because he was supposed to be the festival MC - a difficult job when he spoke no French and most of the audience spoke no English. Having Frank play with us made me a little more nervous than normal. I think we played 5 tunes - the five tunes Jeff knew and that was it. Pretty weird flying us all the way over there and playing one gig!
Don Van Vliet: We had a good time. I don't know, what they were doing; they were throwing what looked like birds nests at us, and then one fellow out of the audience - between one of the compositions - said my name was Captain Bullshit, and I said: "well, that's all right baby, you're sitting in it." You know what I mean? I don't know if he was an American; I'm not sure, because he was using early Gary Cooper movie talk. Like "yep", things like that. I think they did well in five days and moving it from France to Belgium. But it was awfully cold... the people in the audience, I don't know how they did it. I think it was probably pretty nice for them to leave their bodies... but the amplifiers were blown out by the time we got to them, and we need clarity for that, and there wasn't any. I don't know. I hope they enjoyed it. I enjoyed it.
FZ: It was really miserable - a few tents and the people began to turn up from nowhere and they turned on the PA and that worked and they turned on the lights and they worked, and the groups actually began to play and by God they had a pop festival. And then they looked at it and realised that they had to keep on for five days. I was asked to join the festiva1. They first of all asked for the Mothers to play but there weren't any Mothers of that time, so Pierre Latt's who I had known for some time, asked me to co-host the festival, but when I arrived there I found that most of the people spoke French and they wouldn't know what the fuck I was talking about so it was useless for me to introduce the groups. So Pierre suggested that I might play with some of the groups. But I was at a great disadvantage because I didn't have my own guitar...

1. introduction (4:45)
2. She's Too Much For My Mirror - My Human Gets Me Blues (Video Source)
3. Wild Life (3:54)
4. Hobo Chang Ba (2:23)
5. When Big Joan Sets Up (w. Zappa) (20:16)

Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) vocals, tenor & soprano sax, bass clarinet
Victor Hayden (The Mascara Snake) - bass clarinet
Bill Harkleroad (Zoot Horn Rollo) - guitars
Mark Boston (Rockette Morton) - bass
Jeff Burchell (The Imposter Drumbo) - drums & percussion
with Frank Zappa - guitar (1/3/)