Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gong-1993 GAS Tape

GONG APPRECIATION SOCIETY - "The 1993 GAS Tape" Another trawl through the vaults has revealed
these jewelled morsels of sonic disturbance as fragments (of) the ever changing story of the Gong

GAS Subscribers 1993 Tape
GAS 1993 Cassette
1993 release

Side 1

1) a L.A. Manifestival Intro - New York Gong
b Daevid On Drones (3:26) Radio Boston Interview, 1991
2) Donkey (1:56) Gong*
3) Keithy Cliches (0:45)*
4) I Never Glid Before (6:57) Gong Live in Germany, 1974
5) Telephone Tom (1:12) Radio Interview U.S. 1991
6) Om Mani Padme Hum (6:42) Invisible Opera Co Of Tibet U.K. Demo, 1993
7) Big City Energy (2:16) From L.A. Manifestival 1979
8) Un Elephant (1:15) Albert Parkin aka Graham Clark*
9) Lolly Song (5:13) Gong*

Side 2

10) Haunted Chateau Rehearsals (16:08) Gong crazy rehearsals of Camembert band, France 1969
11) The Place To Be (0:59) Tom The Poet radio interview U.S. 1991
12) Heartsong (3:56) GongMaison live at the Glastonbury Festival 1989
13) Ajna Drone (2:29) Daevid Allen long version from the 7 Drones series. 1985
14) Thinking Thoughts (2:52) With Invisible Opera Company Tibet U.K. Live
15) White Doves (6:07) Daevid Allen 4 track demo, 1991

*Shapeshifter sessions France 1992.
Thanks to the various sources from where these snippets come.

My notes:

2) I Gotta Donkey - instrumental
4) Bill Bruford on drums
6) Second part is Magick Mother Invocation-Master Bilder & Om Mani Padme Hum from No More Sages
7) Aka as Jungle Windo as on the New York Gong version which had Gary Windo on sax.
8) Mr Albert Parkin / Parkin Triumphant
9) Loli
10) Gong moved to Ch√Ęteau du Thiel in Dec 1969, taped before J Fields replaced Gewissler Jan 1970

Part 1-
Part 2-


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