Monday, August 30, 2010

Henry Cow & Orckestra (November 19, 1977) (FLAC)


1977 november 19th, Paris, France, Hippodrome de Pantin, (Fête du Nouveau Populaire de Paris)

cassette > Magnetic Tape 7 inches > PC SoundblasterLive > Wav > flac8 stereo

1- Wheel of fortune
2- Nirvana for mice variations / improv / terrible as an army with banners
3- Naima / Mourn not the dead / Anthem / Jackeing
4- On suicide / Lady Howerd's coach
5- ? (Frankie Armstrong solo)
6- ? (Frankie Armstrong solo)
7- Santiago
8- Kanonensong
9- Let the slave
10- Alabama song
11- Bartlemy fair

Frith, Hodgkinson, Cooper, Cutler, Krause
Mike Westbrook Band & Frankie Armstrong

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Frank Zappa-200 Motels-The Suites (Done by Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest and Cappella Amsterdam)

Frank Zappa
200 Motels, The Suites

Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest and Cappella Amsterdam

Holland Festival
Koninklijk Theater Carré
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
June 24, 2000 - 20:30 h.

Second Night

~~ Source #2: Unknown gen (perhaps 1st) copy from Audience recording (unknown-faroba) ~~

Encore fragment included from source #3 (Martin A.-unicrayon, MC MiniDisc Recording > CD-R).

This copy: 101.05 min, AUD, A-/B+ stereo

The Cast:

Composer: Frank Zappa
Adaptation: Ali N. Askin
Company: Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest and Cappella Amsterdam (NPOA)
Conductor: Jurjen Hempel
Soloists: Morgan Agren, Mats Öberg, Claron McFadden
Stage-Manager: Johan Simons

The Program (Tracklist):

00 Crowd, applause [0:31] °°° from source #1
01 Overture [2:07] °°° source #2 starts here
02 Went On The Road [1:44]
03 Centerville [2:11]
04 Tuna Sandwich Suite [10:59]
05 The Restaurant Scene [3:58]
06 Touring Can Make You Crazy [2:49]
07 What's The Name Of Your Group? [10:37]
08 Can I Help You With This Dummy? [2:46]
09 The Pleated Gazelle [20:06] °°° tf/source #1 patch {14:03-14:11}
10 I'm Stealing The Room [12:23]
11 Shove It Right In [8:38] °°° master tape flip (or MD change)/source #1 patch {2:04-2:35}
12 Penis Dimension [9:05]
13 Strictly Genteel [8:44]
14 applause, chatter [4:27] °°° source #2 ends here

Total time (patched version) 101.05 min

Thanks to the unknown taper of this source #2 version.
Thanks to drdork and globual for contributing a new transfer of this copy
Thanks to Uli M.,drdork and globual for contributing the source #1 version.
Thanks to Martin A. and unicrayon for contributing the source #3 version.

Enjoy !!

Brought to you by faroba & flambay

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alice Cooper-Pittsburgh Civic Arena-December 27, 1971 (FLAC)


Pittsburgh Civic Arena
December 27, 1971

Audio: Soundboard 7/10

Lineage: sdbd>unknown generation cassette>cdr>EAC rip to hd>Adobe
Audition>Soundforge>wav to flac conversion level 8>you

Set list

1. Be My Lover - 4:48
2. You Drive Me Nervous - 2:28
3. Yeah Yeah Yeah - 4:38
4. I'm Eighteen - 5:34
5. Halo of Flies - 9:47
6. Is It My Body/My Very Own - 7:05
7. Dead Babies - 5:35
8. Killer - 4:45
9. Long Way to Go - 2:55

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Gentle Giant-Ultrasonic 75 (October 7, 1975)

Gentle Giant
Ultrasonic Stadios, October 7th 1975

QUALITY: Very Good

01 Cogs in Cogs
02 Proclamation
03 Funny Way
04 The Runaway / Experience
05 Octpus Medley (The Boys In The Band, Dog's Life, Knots, The Advent Of Panurge)
06 So Sincere
07 Free Hand
08 Just The Same

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Soft Machine-July 7, 1971 NYC Cafe Au-Go-Go (The Gaslight) (FLAC)

Soft Machine 1971-07-07 Cafe Au-Go-Go (The Gaslight) NYC

This another live recording of the Soft Machine, one of the very last gig with Robert Wyatt. I've downloaded it some years ago.
I retracked the wole recording which was completely wrong... Other than that and converting to flac, I did nothing.
It's an audience recording, you know what it means in terms of sound quality.

01 - Neo Caliban Grides
02 - Out Bloody Rageous
03 - (improvisation loosly based on Hope For Happiness)
04 - Eamonn Andrews - All White
05 - Teeth
06 - 10.15 Return to the bedroom

Mics and Recorder unknown>
Cassette 1st generation >
Playback Deck: Tascam 130 >
Nikko 32 Band EQ >
Akai DR16 Digital Hard Disk Recorder >
HHB CDR-800 Compact Disc Recorder >
CDR > WAV >CD Wave Editor > SHN

Trying to see if this will be the new way I upload files now. Enjoy!

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Van Der Graaf Generator-The Marquee, London (June 4, 1978)

Marquee Club, London
4 June 1978
"Arc Vital"

Source: Audience recording

VG sound quality

01. Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever (Running)
02. The Sphinx In The Face
03. Lizard Play
04. Pioneers Over C
05. Ship Of Fools
06. Sci-Finance
07. A Plague Of Sleepwalkers
08. Door
09. Last Frame
10. Urban
11. Still Life
12. Nadir's Big Chance

Peter Hammill - vox, guitar, piano
Guy Evans - drums
Nic Potter - bass
Graham Smith - violin
Charles Dickie - cello

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Kinks-Orpheum Theatre-Boston, Ma (11-12-1972) (FLAC)

The Kinks
Orpheum Theatre Boston Ma
November 12th 1972
Wolfgangs Vault Original Flac Files

01-Here Comes Yet Another Day
02-Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
04-Skin & Bone
05-You Really Got Me (Tease)
06-Good Golly Miss Molly
07-You Really Got Me - All Day and All Of The Night

Mick Avory - drums
John Beecham - trombone
Michael Cotton - trumpet
John Dalton - bass
Dave Davies - lead guitar, harmonica, vocals
Ray Davies - guitar, lead vocals
John Gosling - piano, keyboards
Alan Holmes - flute, saxophone
Davy Jones - saxophone

Songwriter, bandleader, social critic, poet, and humorist all apply to The Kinks front man Ray Davies. Unlike other British Invasion-era bandleaders, he didn't seem comfortable as a front man. He wasn't cute like the guys in The Beatles or cocky like Jagger from the Stones. The band's sound was also different. Much less rooted in American music, The Kinks had a more overtly English sound. Davies often sang in a shy, insecure voice over some of the wildest and rawest music anybody had ever heard. Davies' songwriting rapidly developed and soon enough his anthems of unrequited love transformed into beautiful pop songs teaming with vivid imagery. Unfortunately, during those key years of 1965 through 1969, The Kinks were not permitted to enter the United States. Do to a union dispute that caused this sad state of affairs, The Kinks never got the American exposure so critical to commercial success at that time. This prevented the group from the attention they so richly deserved.

Regardless, The Kinks were crafting some of the most beautiful rock songs ever recorded during these years, many featuring melodies that were as impressive as anything being recorded at the time. Just as the American banishment was lifted, the band hit big with the sexually ambiguous "Lola" and an album that attacked the music industry and record companies at a time when the Punk generation was still in diapers. The Kinks entered the 1970s with the loose, drunken approach adopted by many groups of the era, but unlike contemporaries like the Faces, Davies lyrics often revealed a more mature confusion and sadness amidst his hedonistic fun. In 1972, The Kink's released the double album Everybody's in Show-Biz, consisting of half studio tracks and half live recordings. The studio recordings were thematically focused on an Englishmen's adventures on the American road, while the live portion featured The Kinks, augmented by a horn section, enjoying themselves onstage, a real-time representation of the life described in the studio recordings.

The band, with the horn section in tow, returned to America in the latter part of 1972 to promote the album. This concert, recorded at the Orpheum in Boston captures The Kinks in loose, but fine form, with Davies joking with the audience in a stage persona that is both satirical and highly entertaining. In addition to several classic hits, this performance features a wealth of material from Everybody's In Show-biz, that clearly showcase Ray Davies' weariness, cynicism and humor about life as a rock 'n' roll star.

The recording begins with the road rocker, "Here Comes Yet Another Day," followed by "Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues," a thoroughly engaging romp down the path to self-destruction, featuring New Orleans style horn arrangements. The barrelhouse rocker, "Alcohol," also complete with horn arrangements, features a particularly humorous prelude from Ray, before the group launches into a celebration of drunkenness. They conclude the new material with another powerful rocker, "Skin And Bone," increasing the tempo, volume and power of the original. After taunting the audience with a tease of "You Really Got Me," the set concludes with one of the first songs the group ever played, a rocking cover of "Good Golly Miss Molly," featuring Dave on lead vocals, leaving the Boston audience clamoring for more.

The Kinks oblige and when they return to the stage for an encore, they deliver a raw double dose of the group's earliest hits "You Really Got Me" and "All Day And All Of The Night." This sends the audience into a frenzy of applause that doesn't let up until they return again, this time for an audience sing-a-long version of "Lola" followed by a pile-driving take on "Victoria" to end the night.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pink Floyd - French TV 1968-1971 (FLAC)

PINK FLOYD - French TV 1968-1971
[ This Place Records TPR CD 007 ]

01. Astronomy Domine (20Feb68)
02. Flaming (20Feb68)
03. Let There Be More Light (20Feb68)
04. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (20Feb68)
05. Let There Be More Light (07Sep68)
06. Flaming (31Oct68)
07. Let There Be More Light (31Oct68)
08. Corrosion (04-05Dec70)
09. Cymbaline (15Jun71)
10. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (15Jun71)

All tracks sourced from French TV archives (pre-broadcast),
except track 5 sourced from Jan10 rebroadcast on Melody TV.

Tracks 1 to 4:
recorded in Paris, Buttes Chaumont, ORTF studios, 20Feb68
broadcast on "Bouton Rouge" TV show, 24Feb68

Track 5:
recorded in Paris, Le Bilboquet, 07Sep68
broadcast on "Surprise Partie" TV show, 31Dec68

Tracks 6 and 7:
recorded in Paris, Chapiteau du Kremlin-Bicetre, 31Oct68
broadcast on "Tous En Scene" TV show, 26Nov68

Track 8:
recorded in Paris, Buttes Chaumont, ORTF studios, 04-05Dec70
broadcast on "Speciale Roland Petit" TV show, 02Jan71

Tracks 9 and 10:
recorded in Royaumont, Abbaye de Royaumont, 15Jun71
broadcast on "Cinq Grand Sur La Deux" TV show, 12Jul71


This *AUDIO* release compiles all the Pink Floyd live performances that were
filmed by French TV between 1968 and 1971, with the exception of the Saint
Tropez Festival of 08Aug70, available separately on TPR CD 005.

Some performances were done in ORTF TV studios (Bouton Rouge, Corrosion), while
the others were in front of an audience. All the tracks on this release were
played live, meaning that the Pink Floyd appearances at "Samedi & Compagnie"
and "Forum Musiques" TV shows, where the band was miming on the regular studio
versions, are not included here.

All tracks were carefully remastered from French TV archives, in order to present
this collection of songs in the best possible quality.
This is an upgrade compared to the audio tracks of the existing VoIOs such as
"French TV 1968-1969", "Ballets de Marseille" and "Pro-Shot In Europe 1969-1972".

Cuesheets are included for those who like to burn CDRs with all the required
text info.



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Thursday, August 5, 2010

King Crimson-Civic Hall,Wolverhampton (September 10,1971)

King Crimson
Civic Hall-Wolverhampton.UK
September 10,1971

From a tape trade in the late seventies,a fantastic performance
and really great quality for a 1971 tape.
This show is one of the best 1971 shows in my opinion,I like
every version they played this night very much,specially the
guitar solo from Mr.Fripp at the end of Groon,fantastic !!! Mel Collins
is really on fire that night,some great sax.& flute playing.
Boz Burrell & Ian Wallace,what can I say more,the perfect rhythm group.

Robert Fripp: Guitar and Mellotron
Mel Collins: Sax, Flute and Mellotron
Boz Burrell: Bass and Lead Vocals
Ian Wallace: Drums and Backing Voclas
Pete Sinfield: Illuminations

01.Good Evening/ mellotron tuning 01:45
02.Pictures of a City 09:12
03.Cirkus 09:51
04.Formentera Lady/Sailor's Tale 12:50
05.The Letters 05:39
06.O'Rafferty's Pig (aka Cadence and Cascade) 04:45
07.Ladies of the Road 07:05
08.Groon 19:04
09.21st Century Schizoid Man 08:45
10.Mars 10:44

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cooper-Cutler-Born (Zurich-March 9, 1985)

Lindsay Cooper
Taktlos festival '85
Rote Fabrik - ZURICH
March 9, 1985

thanks to the taper Claudio
thanks to the trader P.Z.

01 Seeing Red
02 Iceland > Banker's Song
03 The Empire Song
04 Intro to Plate Dance > Plate Dance
05 Stich Goes the Needle > impro > A Young Lady's Vision
06 Lots of Larks > General Strike
07 ?? the song of the end of the earth
08 The Chartist Anthem > Cholera
09 In the Dark Year > No Missiles
10 Anno Mirabilis

Lindsay Cooper : piano, keyboards, sopranino & alto sax, oboe, bassoon, voice
Georgie Born : bass, cello, guitar, voice
Vicky Aspinall : violin, bass, voice, piano
Sally Potter : voice, piano
Phil Minton : voice, trumpet
Chris Cutler : drums, percussions

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