Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daevid Allen and Euterpe-New London Theatre-June 6,1976

Daevid Allen and Euterpe
New London Theatre
June 6,1976

Great Audience Recording!!

1) Magick Brother / Good Morning / Glad To Sad To Say (Oh My) / Children Of The New World / Selene* / unknown (Spanish music) / Cuidado (Be Careful)

2) Fred The Fish / Have You Seen My Friend? / Song Of Satisfaction / Wise Man In Your Heart / Rational Anthem (Change The World)

3) Hope You Feel OK (Encore)


Daevid Allen
Gilli Smyth
Tony Tree Fernandez (guitar)
Anna Camps (vocals)
Toni Pascual (keys/guitar)
Toni Ares (double bass)
Pepsi Milan (guitar)

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jethro Tull-11-28-69

Jethro Tull
Grand Riviera Theater
Detroit, Michigan

Great audience recording from early Tull. "Dharma For One" is missing it's drum solo. But great show and sound for it's age!!

01- Intro/Nothing Is Easy 10:21
02- Bouree/Living In The Past 12:03
03- A New Day Yesterday 6:00
04- Fat Man 5:04
05- My Sunday Feeling 5:10
06- Dharma For One 3:31
07- We Used To Know 24:09

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Pink Fairies At The BBC

The Pink Fairies At The BBC
In Session And In Concert 1970 and 1971

These performances were transferred from vinyl bootleg Uncle Harry on Italian label Get Back records issued in 1998. It also contained their performances of Do It and Uncle Harry from the Glastonbury Fayre however as they were officially released I had to drop them from this set. Besides these are all BBC recordings. The quality of the first two is slightly rough as if taken from an acetate but very listenable while the second two are a solid A- possibly from broadcast reels. The sound is extremely good and I have only applied the slightest tweaking to the volume levels and converted the recordings from analog to digital using DAT tape.

Tracks are:

01. Lucille
02. The Snake

These were first transmitted on Top Gear 1970-11-28


Paul Rudolph-guitar and vocals
Duncan Sanderson-bass
Russell Hunter-drums
Twink-the other drums

03. Johnny B Goode
04. Uncle Harry's Last Freakout

These were first transmitted on In Concert 1971-11-04


Paul Rudolph-guitar and vocals
Trevor Burton-guitar
Duncan Sanderson-bass
Russell Hunter-drums

These are exceptionally good performances from one of the truly great arse rocking live bands of the early 70's who didn't outstay their welcome. To quote Twink in the sleeve notes:
Enter the Pink Fairies. Our mission was to revitalise the scene with cosmic rock and roll while simultaneously sticking it to 'the man'. Four post-hippy rock'n'roll Robin Hoods with a record deal. That was the dream. The dream is just beginning...
Unfortunately for me it was a nightmare trying to figure out whether these recordings could be upped here at all as the same tracks have been released on a CD called Mandies and Mescaline Round At Uncle Harry's on Burning Airlines Records in 2001.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Soft Machine-March 1971-Het Turfschip, Breda, Netherlands

Soft Machine
March 1971
Het Turfschip, Breda,Netherlands

Soundboard Recording

disc 1

01. Facelift
02. Pigling Bland
03. As If

disc 2

01. Teeth / Out-Bloody-Rageous
02. Eamonn Andrews
03. All White
04. Virtually pt. 2 and 3
05. Ester's Nose Job
06. Slighty All The Time
07. (applause)
08. (Robert Wyatt explains to the audience why they don't do encores)

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Henry Cow with Mike Westbrook Brass Band Play as -The Orckestra (9-17-77)

Henry Cow with Mike Westbrook Brass Band Play as "The Orckestra"
Modena, Italy
September 17,1977
(Sometimes listed under September 9,1977)

1-Wheel Of Fortune
2-Teenbeat/Nirvana For Mice Intro.
3-Beautiful Reprise
5-Mourn Not Death/Improv
7-Lady Howard's Coach
8-The Kanonen Song
9-Let The Slave
10-Barthlemy Fair

A pretty decent soundboard recording from this very unusual line-up!! Some distortion and drop outs here and their that was on the master source. But a very enjoyable and weird Canterbury/Jazzy/Fusion/Prog show!!

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