Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bonzo Dog Band-Paradiso, Amsterdam (8-29-1969)

The Bonzo Dog Band
August 29, 1969
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The source material is from a Dutch FM rebroadcast ripped from a liberated bootleg CD which was apparently last seeded here in 2005. For this version a few clicks, transitions and level changes were repaired manually and it was all normalized and retracked. No other changes were made.

01 [0:31] Dutch radio announcer intro
02 [2:53] Can Blue Men Sing The Whites?
03 [0:15] Dutch radio announcer talk
04 [1:41] Look At Me I’m Wonderful
05 [1:57] Readymades >
06 [1:35] Laughing Blues
07 [0:09] Dutch radio announcer talk
08 [3:12] Hello Mabel
09 [0:43] Dutch radio announcer talk
10 [1:27] Viv Stanshall interview segment
11 [0:48] Dutch radio announcer talk
12 [2:24] I’m The Urban Spaceman
13 [2:59] Tent
14 [0:49] Dutch radio announcer talk
15 [1:58] Viv Stanshall interview segment
16 [5:03] Rockaliser Baby >
17 [0:43] Goodnights [instrumental finale]
Total: 29:07

Flac files from download > xACT > Pro Tools [minor "nip and tuck" edits, normalization and tracking, no EQ or DNR] > AIFF > xACT [Flac level 8 files with sector boundaries verified].!download|522l35|238468056|Bonzo_Dog_Band-Paradiso__Amsterdam__8-29-1969_.rar|15394

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gentle Giant (3 Pack) (FLAC)

Gentle Giant (3 Pack)

18 minutes, 47 seconds
Sound quality: EX
Session date: 8/8/72 ; Tuesday
Studio used: BBC Maida Vale, Studio 4
Producer: Pete Ritzema
Engineer: Bob Conduct
Tracks broadcast:
1. Funny Ways
2. Plain Truth
3. The Advent Of Panurge
Band personnel:
Derek Shulman
Phil Shulman
Ray Shulman
Kerry Minnear
Gary Green
John Weathers
Broadcast date: 9/5/72, Tuesday, 22.00-24.00, VHF & MW
Show on which broadcast: Sounds of the 70's: John Peel with Top Gear

JAN. 24, 1975

Here's a little tidbit for any hard core Giant collectors out there.
It's a short, four and a half minute snatch from the band's soundcheck
before their Toronto show, where they were supporting their POWER AND
THE GLORY album.

There's already a pretty decent recording of the actual concert from
that night floating around out there, but that doesn't include any of
the soundcheck. This is from a different source completely. I knew
a guy who managed to get into a couple soundchecks around that time
and he managed to grab this little gem on one of those occasions. So
I got this direct from that taper.

There are no vocals on here and the band does plenty of the typical
noodling around you'd expect at a soundcheck. But you can recognize a
little of the song So Sincere. The highlight, however, is a small
portion of No God's a Man, a tune they never played in concert. Maybe
they were considering it?

JANUARY 5, 1973

01 - Announcer Introduction
02 - Prologue
03 - Alucard
04 - Funny Ways
05 - The Advent of Panurge
06 - Nothing At All
07 - Plain Truth

One sad bit - the encore of Mister Class and Quality is missing. The master tape got damaged
at some point and, try as he might, the taper could not salvage that song. :-(

Total Time - 60 minutes 22 seconds
Sound quality - not too bad - a solid B

DEREK SHULMAN lead vocals, bass, saxophone
PHIL SHULMAN - lead vocals, saxophone, trumpet
RAY SHULMAN - bass, violin, percussion, trumpet
KERRY MINNEAR - keyboards, cello, vibes, percussion
GARY GREEN - guitars

Part 1-!download|553l36|833686379|GG3P.part1.rar|155000|R~02368D34E416265F5337203647944622

Part 2-!download|117l32|1491415975|GG3P.part2.rar|155000|R~7CB15E759671645580AB9904B520B47C

Part 3-!download|148l32|1611072614|GG3P.part3.rar|155000|R~A18F03BE0D0442042C4EB6FA28292C98

Part 4-!download|808l33|3492659832|GG3P.part4.rar|18777|R~7409E74AC393B93EF490B270F5CB31EF

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

King Crimson-Zurich (4-08-1973) (FLAC)

King Crimson - Zurich, April 8th 1973 Dance Of Death

1st copy from master tape>CDR(Philips CDR 570)>wave(EAC)>flacf(8) Dime Download > adobe audition for clean up and retracking > flac level 8

The Band :

Robert Fripp - guitar,mellotron
David Cross - violin,mellotron
Bill Bruford - drums
John Wetton - Bass , vocals


disc 1

01.Doctor Diamond
02.Larks Tongues In Aspic p1
03.Easy Money
04.Improv - The Youth
05.Book Of Saturday - recombined - incomplete - the middle section is missing

disc 2

01.Improv - The Maiden
02.Improv - The Baby
03.The Talking Drum
04.Larks Tongues In Aspic p2
05.21st Century Schizoid Man

cleanup and insert package by juxtiphi

Part 1-!download|745tl|3614065124|King_Crimson-Zurich__4-08-1973_.part1.rar|156000|R~00594AB2D784E349B70C7CBA6ED00E83

Part 2-!download|785l33|1209769766|King_Crimson-Zurich__4-08-1973_.part2.rar|156000|R~AEB69C473E5C8F4198520CC8A8AB14AF

Part 3-!download|499tl|233965049|King_Crimson-Zurich__4-08-1973_.part3.rar|156000|R~BC9EA8F7EEB9022B540C44491820E47B

Part 4-!download|63tl3|1372900440|King_Crimson-Zurich__4-08-1973_.part4.rar|21995|R~B514753F07CA0404AB248B799D8F78B3

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Kinks
October 18, 1969 Early and Late shows
Fillmore East

This recording seems to be rather rare. The audience quality is not very good compared to modern standards but I find it listenable, especially since there's not much live 1969 Kinks that circulates. Please check the samples to get an idea of the sound quality for yourself.

disc 1 - early show - 48:38
01 [2:13] [cuts in] ‘Til The End of The Day >
02 [8:41] Last of The Steam Powered Trains
03 [1:30] Ray talk with band intros
04 [3:55] Waterloo Sunset [with false start]
05 [5:38] Mister Churchill Says
06 [4:45] Brainwashed
07 [3:26] Mindless Child of Motherhood
08 [2:57] Sunny Afternoon
09 [2:12] You Really Got Me [cuts in] >
10 [2:24] All Day And All of The Night
11 [4:16] Victoria
12 [1:00] Dedicated Follower of Fashion
13 [1:13] Well Respected Man >
14 [1:20] Death of A Clown >
15 [1:08] Dandy

disc 2 - late show - 37:00
01 [1:50] [cuts in] ‘Til The End of The Day >
02 [6:36] Last of The Steam Powered Trains
03 [3:26] Waterloo Sunset
04 [4:05] Mindless Child of Motherhood
05 [3:59] Some Mother's Son
06 [2:06] You Really Got Me >
07 [1:41] All Day And All of The Night
08 [4:29] Mr. Churchill Says
09 [3:34] Milk Cow Blues >
10 [1:31] See My Friends >
11 [3:43] Brainwashed

lineage: unknown generation Dolby B encoded Maxell UD C90 cassette.
transfer: Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B decoded) > Pro Tools ("nip and tuck" edits, normalization and tracking) > Aiff files > xACT (Flac level 8 files with sector boundaries verified).

Note: A ticket stub scan that I found online is included with the download. The Kinks were the middle act (with headliners Spirit and openers The Bonzo Dog Band) at The Fillmore East on October 17 & 18, 1969. Ray makes a comment when introducing the band that John Dalton on bass had just joined the band "yesterday morning".

The Kinks-FillmoreEast (October 18, 1969) (FLAC)

Part 1-!download|48tl|4046213936|TK101869.part1.rar|160000|R~98E5BB3F0B748B0B91C7A59EE97E486D

Part 2-!download|149l34|3930471951|TK101869.part2.rar|160000|R~5AD338D1BB7AD8A86A40385C1DFD1055

Part 3-!download|142cg|2594673092|TK101869.part3.rar|160000|R~A62004437E89AC879A41960EE3FEA347

Part 4-!download|492l33|3970845214|TK101869.part4.rar|4307|R~FCD7E00C309D7F43EFE8E26EF49C2ABD

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Amon Duul II - Live at Sundown, Brixton, UK, June 1972 (FLAC)

Amon Duul II - Live at Sundown, Brixton, UK, June 1972 (remixed & remastered)

A typical example of a 1972-concert for Amon Duul 2. The Band is playing good and straight through their repertoire, and
sound is not too bad. The Improvisation is a real masterpiece of Rogners little electronics and the wild guitar tunes.
The bonus track, is an performance of the opener Archangels thunderbird, unknown venue.


Danny Fichelscher: Drums
Peter Leopold: Drums
Chris Karrer: Voc, violin, sax, guitar
Renate Knaup-Krotenschwanz: Voc, tambourine
John Weinzierl: Guitars, voc
Lothar Meid: Bass, voc
Falk U. Rogner: Organ sounds


01. Tuning
02. Archangels thunderbird
03. Eye-shaking king
04. Syntelmans march of the roaring seventies
05. Surrounded by the stars
06. Soap shop rock - a) Burning sister
07. b) Halluzination guillotine
08. c) Improvisation
09. d) Flesh-coloured anti-aircraft alarm
10. Archangels thunderbird - (live 1972 - unknown venue)

Part 1-!download|955tl|2921461089|AD2672.part1.rar|155000|R~37456B29214D9BBE3D4019FD43968860

Part 2-!download|542l34|4211863295|AD2672.part2.rar|120718|R~77D10754A6154F4AFAAD200B2AE0D2B8

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kevin Ayers 1973 (2 Pack)

Kevin Ayers 1973 (2 Pack)

Kevin Ayers
December 1973

1 Interview
2 Whatevershebringswesing
3 Improvisation
4 Oh What A Dream
5 Caribbean Moon

cassette from trades/unknown generation
---> cd with Philips Audio cd Recorder
---> wav ---> flac
quality c-- (only for completists!!!)



Kevin Ayers - Old Grey Whistle Test 1973-06-12 (DVD)

I was going through all these posts of Kevin Ayers nadir_53 has been so kindly putting up, and I noticed I have footage of a part of the unreleased TV shows,
the Old Grey Whistle Test from June 12th, 1973. I got it in the same trade with the French TV shows I uploaded recently. The version I have does not
seem to come from the broadcast, as it has a time code (a bit annoying, as it shows a lot of the time on Kevin's forehead - please check the caps), and
the picture and sound quality's quite good. I hope you enjoy it.

- Shouting In A Bucket Blues
- Oh Wot a Dream

Lenght : 7 min, 16 secs.

Video and audio specifications:
Video codec: MPEG2 - Bit rate: 4393 kb/s - Frame rate: 25.000/s - Format: PAL - Video resolution: 704 x 576 - Aspect ratio: 4:3
Audio codec: LPCM - 48000Hz stereo - 1536Kbps

Part 1-!download|323tl2|1776834234|KA73.part1.rar|155000|R~9591158B82316DB118D7755C356D7876

Part 2-!download|14l34|2672796790|KA73.part2.rar|155000|R~75752657383E7E97DE80872A984E5FE8

Part 3-!download|722tl2|2567216815|KA73.part3.rar|155000|R~05657AC15D4AAD13EA119648B098A3ED

Part 4-!download|846l36|2655224976|KA73.part4.rar|35671|R~8031B87EDC933845F17D3B9BA24366FC