Sunday, July 3, 2011

Amon Duul II - Live at Sundown, Brixton, UK, June 1972 (FLAC)

Amon Duul II - Live at Sundown, Brixton, UK, June 1972 (remixed & remastered)

A typical example of a 1972-concert for Amon Duul 2. The Band is playing good and straight through their repertoire, and
sound is not too bad. The Improvisation is a real masterpiece of Rogners little electronics and the wild guitar tunes.
The bonus track, is an performance of the opener Archangels thunderbird, unknown venue.


Danny Fichelscher: Drums
Peter Leopold: Drums
Chris Karrer: Voc, violin, sax, guitar
Renate Knaup-Krotenschwanz: Voc, tambourine
John Weinzierl: Guitars, voc
Lothar Meid: Bass, voc
Falk U. Rogner: Organ sounds


01. Tuning
02. Archangels thunderbird
03. Eye-shaking king
04. Syntelmans march of the roaring seventies
05. Surrounded by the stars
06. Soap shop rock - a) Burning sister
07. b) Halluzination guillotine
08. c) Improvisation
09. d) Flesh-coloured anti-aircraft alarm
10. Archangels thunderbird - (live 1972 - unknown venue)

Part 1-!download|955tl|2921461089|AD2672.part1.rar|155000|R~37456B29214D9BBE3D4019FD43968860

Part 2-!download|542l34|4211863295|AD2672.part2.rar|120718|R~77D10754A6154F4AFAAD200B2AE0D2B8


Anonymous said...

Looks great.
Thanks for the FLAC.

davedoor said...

think this mite be edmonton rather than brixton -about 3 miles away sad pedant but luving it !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I'm a big fan and there are very few live recordings from their classic period around. I have a couple of other shows from 1972, it's just a shame that the sound isn't a bit better. In fact I don't think I've heard a late 60s / early 70s ADII live recording that I'd rate better than B soundwise and the 1972 shows I have are below that. The performances more than make up for it though.

Bilek said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks for this one and the others !! Merci !!!

canamon said...

All the links for part 2 are dead, can someone please re-up?

bwana said...

Hello! any chance of restoring the links for part 2? Thanx in advance!

Anonymous said...

all links are dead!!!!!

JVK said...

I saw Hawkwind at the Edmonton Sundown - was there one in Brixton?

Unknown said...

Hi Hal! Thanks for the wonderful music blog.

Can you possibly send this rare lossless recording to me? Thank you so much!

Best wishes,