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Gentle Giant (3 Pack) (FLAC)

Gentle Giant (3 Pack)

18 minutes, 47 seconds
Sound quality: EX
Session date: 8/8/72 ; Tuesday
Studio used: BBC Maida Vale, Studio 4
Producer: Pete Ritzema
Engineer: Bob Conduct
Tracks broadcast:
1. Funny Ways
2. Plain Truth
3. The Advent Of Panurge
Band personnel:
Derek Shulman
Phil Shulman
Ray Shulman
Kerry Minnear
Gary Green
John Weathers
Broadcast date: 9/5/72, Tuesday, 22.00-24.00, VHF & MW
Show on which broadcast: Sounds of the 70's: John Peel with Top Gear

JAN. 24, 1975

Here's a little tidbit for any hard core Giant collectors out there.
It's a short, four and a half minute snatch from the band's soundcheck
before their Toronto show, where they were supporting their POWER AND
THE GLORY album.

There's already a pretty decent recording of the actual concert from
that night floating around out there, but that doesn't include any of
the soundcheck. This is from a different source completely. I knew
a guy who managed to get into a couple soundchecks around that time
and he managed to grab this little gem on one of those occasions. So
I got this direct from that taper.

There are no vocals on here and the band does plenty of the typical
noodling around you'd expect at a soundcheck. But you can recognize a
little of the song So Sincere. The highlight, however, is a small
portion of No God's a Man, a tune they never played in concert. Maybe
they were considering it?

JANUARY 5, 1973

01 - Announcer Introduction
02 - Prologue
03 - Alucard
04 - Funny Ways
05 - The Advent of Panurge
06 - Nothing At All
07 - Plain Truth

One sad bit - the encore of Mister Class and Quality is missing. The master tape got damaged
at some point and, try as he might, the taper could not salvage that song. :-(

Total Time - 60 minutes 22 seconds
Sound quality - not too bad - a solid B

DEREK SHULMAN lead vocals, bass, saxophone
PHIL SHULMAN - lead vocals, saxophone, trumpet
RAY SHULMAN - bass, violin, percussion, trumpet
KERRY MINNEAR - keyboards, cello, vibes, percussion
GARY GREEN - guitars

Part 1-!download|553l36|833686379|GG3P.part1.rar|155000|R~02368D34E416265F5337203647944622

Part 2-!download|117l32|1491415975|GG3P.part2.rar|155000|R~7CB15E759671645580AB9904B520B47C

Part 3-!download|148l32|1611072614|GG3P.part3.rar|155000|R~A18F03BE0D0442042C4EB6FA28292C98

Part 4-!download|808l33|3492659832|GG3P.part4.rar|18777|R~7409E74AC393B93EF490B270F5CB31EF

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the G.G.! I'm enjoying the early BBC session with Phil very much!! (the audience recordings are typically *muddy* sounding per Giant aud. tapes, but still interesting...)