Friday, July 1, 2011

Kevin Ayers 1973 (2 Pack)

Kevin Ayers 1973 (2 Pack)

Kevin Ayers
December 1973

1 Interview
2 Whatevershebringswesing
3 Improvisation
4 Oh What A Dream
5 Caribbean Moon

cassette from trades/unknown generation
---> cd with Philips Audio cd Recorder
---> wav ---> flac
quality c-- (only for completists!!!)



Kevin Ayers - Old Grey Whistle Test 1973-06-12 (DVD)

I was going through all these posts of Kevin Ayers nadir_53 has been so kindly putting up, and I noticed I have footage of a part of the unreleased TV shows,
the Old Grey Whistle Test from June 12th, 1973. I got it in the same trade with the French TV shows I uploaded recently. The version I have does not
seem to come from the broadcast, as it has a time code (a bit annoying, as it shows a lot of the time on Kevin's forehead - please check the caps), and
the picture and sound quality's quite good. I hope you enjoy it.

- Shouting In A Bucket Blues
- Oh Wot a Dream

Lenght : 7 min, 16 secs.

Video and audio specifications:
Video codec: MPEG2 - Bit rate: 4393 kb/s - Frame rate: 25.000/s - Format: PAL - Video resolution: 704 x 576 - Aspect ratio: 4:3
Audio codec: LPCM - 48000Hz stereo - 1536Kbps

Part 1-!download|323tl2|1776834234|KA73.part1.rar|155000|R~9591158B82316DB118D7755C356D7876

Part 2-!download|14l34|2672796790|KA73.part2.rar|155000|R~75752657383E7E97DE80872A984E5FE8

Part 3-!download|722tl2|2567216815|KA73.part3.rar|155000|R~05657AC15D4AAD13EA119648B098A3ED

Part 4-!download|846l36|2655224976|KA73.part4.rar|35671|R~8031B87EDC933845F17D3B9BA24366FC


polglish said...

Just come across the blog, great stuff!

Anonymous said...

How can i thank you for this one !!!
It s Amazing.

polglish said...

Just come across the blog, great stuff!

Antonio Jesús Reyes said...

The links are dead & buried.
I'd like to share ir on my blog:
If you can upload it again, it'd be GREAT.
Please, don't doubt to contact me.

John said...

More Kevin I can't live without! Forgive me for dumping all these comments, but you've got a goldmine of dead links here.

Please re-up here or on Dime if you would be so kind.