Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Just want to wish everyone of a very 'Happy Halloween'! My favorite day of the year!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Syd Barrett & The Pink Floyd - I Want To Tell You a Story - Upgrades and Rarities (FLAC)

Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett

"I Want To Tell You a Story - Audio Upgrades & Rarities"

Video Mixes

DVD VOBS - TMPEGEnc 4.0 Xpress - Wav - Flac - You

1. IMprovisation (Scene from "Dope" Movie, UFO Club, Feb-March 1967)
2. Interstellar Overdrive (?, UFO Club 24-02-67, taken from "Jungen Nachtwandler")
3. Arnold Layne (March 1967, Mix from Promo video)
4. Remember a Day (Instrumental, from "RAD" DVD, October 1967)
5. Jugband Blues (Original Mix from this video, unbootleged, Dec.1967)

All Video mixes taken from upgraded and best sources from this videos, like "AL" or "JN" from
DVD Sources.

Malcolm Jones Tape (1967-69)

6. Love You
7. Love You
8. Long Gone
9. Lanky (pt.2 aka "Rhamadan")
10.Clowns and Jugglers
12.Clowns and Jugglers
14.Silas Lang
15.Swan Lee
16.Untitled Instrumental (aka "Sunshine")

Versions of this songs from this tapes circulates many years on various bootlegs.
But this is full tape without any cuts (with Syd's voice between songs,announcements etc),
as is (unbootleged). Sound is very clear, maybe from 1st generation tape
p.s. i don't remember - circulate track 10 or not? I don't remember this version on any bootlegs

Excerpts from Bernard White's Reels (1968-74)

17.Swan Lee
18.74 Sessions

This tracks also circulated before, but this is from 1st generation tapes from Bernard's Archive


BBC 16-02-1971 "Sound of the 70's" Upgrade

19.Baby Lemonade
21.Love Song

This songs presents here in much better quality, than on "Radio One Sessions" CD
with announcements

I Hope it will be nice addition to recently Syd's CD Compilation

One of the best Syd boots around! Don't miss this!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Monday, October 25, 2010

Brian Eno-The Winkies (FLAC)

Brian Eno-The Winkies

01_Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
03_Baby's On Fire
04_The Fat Lady Of Limbourg
06_I'll Come Running Demo
07_Golden Hours
08_Unfinished Demo
09_Unfinished_Demo 2
10_Castro Haze
11_Manila Envelope


Eno and The Winkies - BBC Session February 26, 1974 (Rebroadcast by BBC 6Music on 8th September 2008 for Gideon Coe)


26/02/1974 - Eno & The Winkies

* TX - 05/03/1974
* Producer - Tony Wilson
* Engineer - Bob Conduct
* Engineer - Mike Robinson
* Studio - Langham 1


* The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
* Baby's On Fire/Totalled


* Eno (Vocals, Synthesiser)
* Mike Desmarais (Drums)
* Guy Humphreys (Guitar)
* Philip Rambow (Guitar)
* Brian Turrington (Bass)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Friday, October 15, 2010

Frank Zappa-Fullerton, CA (November 11, 1968) (FLAC)

NOVEMBER 11, 1968

soundboard > ?? > WM Fisher's cassette > Akaii GX-570 D2 w/ Dolby
Nakamichi CR3A w/ Dolby > Audigy 4 Pro > Audacity > CD Wav > Flac (Level 8)

1. It’s The Law!
2. Bacon Fat
3. Intro to A String Quartet
4. A Pound for a Brown on the Bus
5. Sleeping in a Jar (incomplete)
6. The Wild Man Fischer Story
7. I'm the Meany
8. Valarie
9. King Kong (incomplete)

A copy of Wild-Man Fisher’s cassette


Frank Zappa
Jimmy Carl Black
Bunk Gardner
Don Preston
Jim Sherwood
Roy Estrada
Arthur Dyer Tripp III
and special guests Larry "Wild Man" Fischer
and Don Cherry (possible)

I found this information on the internet while searching this tape:
In the late 80s, one of the old Mothers tried to sell the tape of this show to collectors
and/or bootleggers for a "fantasy price" so high that nobody was interested.
Soon afterwards, that tape was rendered worthless when an identical tape leaked out from somewhere else and someone made this bootleg from it.

I got a copy of this concert in the early 1980's from Larry Wild Man Fisher.
I met Larry Fisher while working at Slipped Disc Records (an independent record store) in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles).
Let's say that he was a bit wide eyed when he came up to me and told me to "put this tape on".
It was a cassette with the word LARRY written on it.
This is a copy of that tape.
Maybe it is different from what's out there already.
Mike Martin 3/2010
Flying M Productions

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Part 2-

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eric Burdon-Live at Audimax, Hamburg-July 13,1973 (FLAC)

Live at Audimax, Hamburg, on the 13th. of July 1973

Unknown lineage....

Cover images aren't made by me, and there's a faulty track name on track 2, it's The Real Me, not The Man. This is the only preserved gig from the 1973 Eric Burdon Band tour. Unfortunately, one track is missing here. Highway Mover was supposed to come between The Real Me and New York. I downloaded this show a while back, and the track was originally missing here too. I don't have the original tape, otherwise I'd fix this problem.

01 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
02 - The Real Me
03 - New York
04 - When I Was Young/Nina's School
05 - Medley: I) Driftin' II) Once Upon A Time III) When The World Changes

Eric Burdon: vocals
Randy Rice: bass
Alvin Taylor: drums
Aalon Butler: guitars

Part 1-

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Henry Cow-Torino, Italy (July 13, 1978) (FLAC)

Henry Cow
Torino, Italy
July 13, 1978
audience recording

1. > Falling Back 1.06
2. Improvisation 21.03
3. Industry 8.46
4. Look Back 1.11
5. Slice 0.36
6. Ruins > Improv > Tuba Gallicalis 12.54

Total Time: 45.36

Possible personnel

Fred Frith: guitar, xylophone, violin, bass
im Hodgkinson: organ, saxophone
Chris Cutler: drums
Lindsay Cooper: reeds, recorder
Ann-Marie Roelofs: trombone & violin

?? > cassette > pre-amp > M-Audio Audiophile USB > Mac

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Part 2-

Friday, October 1, 2010

Led Zeppelin-Newport (July 6-7, 1969) (FLAC)

Led Zeppelin

Live at the Newport Jazz Festival 1969-07-06/7 from 2nd gen AUD reel-to-reel tape with known lineage(rec1)- *BLOWS AWAY ANY PREVIOUS VERSION* "Freakin' At Newport, Part 1"

Thanks to Bill B. for the tape. Long may you wave!

Setlist for Led Zeppelin (runtime 55 minutes):

Train Kept A' Rollin'
I Can't Quit You Baby
Dazed And Confused
You Shook Me
How Many More Times
Communication Breakdown (end cut)

Lineage: MR->R->??R??->Sound Forge ->16 cent slowdown (enough to be really noticeable)-> Resampling and Bit Depth Conversion ->FLAC via Flac Frontend level 6, sectors aligned and verified

Commercial break (Werbungzeit):
Since there were comments along these lines the last time around, your humble seeder would like to set the record straight in advance:

The phrase "blows away any previous version" refers to any previous version of rec1. There are three known recorders of the Led Zeppelin set, and this is the best rendition of the best recording of this show. It isn't the longest recording, but it is the best, and yes, it does blow the previous version back to 1969.

Back to your regularly scheduled program!


A DoinkerTape

Edit-I'm not that much a fan of Zeppelin anymore,but figured some might enjoy this!

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