Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MAN-Waldbuhne, Berlin (May 1972) FLAC

May 1972
Waldbuhne, Berlin

Micky Jones
Clive John
Phil Ryan
Terry Williams
Will Youatt

01 Bananas (12:08)
02 Welsh R Blunt (7:19)
03 Ain’t Their Fight (9:54)
04 Driving in my Limousine (10:02)
05 The Cymbal that Came to Dinner (10:23)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-


Anonymous said...

Hey Hal,thanks for this great post. Man always appreciated. Do you have any shows by the underrated Here & Now Band?


Anonymous said...

Think this should be MAY 1972 from a festival with Gentle Giant,Hawkwind and many others. Huge thanks to you.

Music for Songwriters said...

great stuff! thanks for sharing!...keep it up!...

badger said...

i'm not much of an expert at these
things, but i thought that 'flac'
meant that the recording quality
was even better than that of
ordinary files. my download, however, was of such poor (sound) quality that i had to delete it.
now i'm not sure wether this is just a very poor audience recording
or wether the problem lies with my
side (maybe the download didn't
work properly).
any ideas?

DeePeeGee said...

Any chance please of new links for this post? Thanks