Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Arthur Brown-5-27-73

with David Jackson, Guy Evans and Hugh Banton

Stadio Flaminio
27 May 1973

1 Prelude Jam (22:00) (with David Jackson on sax)
2 Prelude Nightmare (15:00)
3 Improvisation (13:00)

It's difficult to say who is playing on these individual jams.......


Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Kinks-Flushing NY,1971

The Kinks
March 27,1971
Colden Center Auditorium, Queens College of City University of New York, Flushing NY

This show is notable because a student, Ben Rosenblatt, who introduced himself to Ray before the show, was invited to accompany the band on piano on two tracks - Mister Pleasant and Autumn Almanac - both rarely performed live.

Track list
1. Introduction (lighting problem)
2. Give My Love to Rose
3. Till the End of the Day
4. Brainwashed
5. Apeman
6. Get Back in Line
7. Mr Pleasant
8. Autumn Almanac
9. Dedicated Follower of Fashion
10. Mr Big Sky
11. Sunny Afternoon
12. Lola
13. Medley: Milk Cow Blues - Powerman - You Are My Sunshine
14. You really Got Me
15. All Day and All of the Night
16. Waterloo Sunset
17. Victoria

This show was the 2nd date of The Kinks 5th US tour in just 18 months. According to Doug Hinman's Kinks Bible ('All Day and All of the Night: Day-by-day concerts, recordings and broadcasts 1961-1996') 'this short string of dates seems to be littered with more tales of outrageous shows and bizarre onstage antics than almost any other tour by The Kinks.' The early shows are more restrained though. according to Hinman, the reviewers of this show liked Ray's showmanship and his ability to get the audience to sing along, though he is almost too spontaneous and the band verges on sloppy in trying to follow him.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Stooges & MC5-7-18-70

The Stooges & MC5
July 18, 1970
Soldier Field: Chicago, IL

A rough but decent audience recording.

The Stooges set
02-Down On The Street
04-The Shadow Of Your Smile
05-Fun House
06-L.A. Blues

MC5 set
07-Ramblin' Rose
09-Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa (Rocket Reducer no. 62)
10-Looking At You
11-I Want You Right Now
12-Black To Comm

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

University Of Errors-May 2008

Daevid Allen's University Of Errors
May, 2 & 3, 2008
Amsterdam, NL

Lineage: Audience

Due to my daily ERROR the first song of May, 2nd is missing.
Due to unavoidable late arrival at the venue May, 3thd about the first half of the first set is missing.

May 2,2008
01-Save Yourself
03-I Should Have Known (incl. You Did It Again)
04-When I Don't Want You
05-The Pot-Head Pixies
06-Hope For Happiness --> Fohat Digs Holes in Space
07-Jet Propelled Photograph
08-Stoned Innocent Frankenstein

May 3,2008
09-You Don't Remember (cut at the beginning)
10-When I Don't Want You
11-Jet Propelled Photograph
12-Clarence In Wonderland
13-Hope For Happiness --> She's Gone
14-Oh Caroline
15-Reelin' Feelin' Squeelin'
16-Stoned Innocent Frankenstein --> Fohat Digs Holes In Space

Glysn-May 2,2008

Daevid Allen - guitar, vocals
Josh Pollock - guitar, megaphone
Warren Huegel - drums
Michael Clare - bass
Hilary Jeffery - trombone and tromboscillator
Maria ? - tapdance

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Frank Zappa-11-20-70

Frank Zappa
Veterans Memorial Auditorium
Columbus, OH
November 20,1970

Outstanding Audience Recording

01 Intro
02 Paladin
03 Call Any Vegetable
04 It Can't Happen Here
05 Pound For A Brown
06 Sleeping In A Jar
07 Porko The Magnificent (switch to second source 0:37)
08 Sharleena (tf splice 0:05 w/slight fade but no music missing, return to main source at 2:43)
09 The Sanzini Brothers
10 Penis Dimension (tf splice 6:04, no music missing)
11 Preamble To Set Two (includes Johnny's Theme)
12 Wonderful Wino
13 Concentration Moon (patched w/second source 0:17-0:51)
14 Mom And Dad
15 The Air
16 Dog Breath
17 Mother People
18 You Didn't Try To Call Me
19 King Kong (patched w/second source 11:42-12:20)
20 Preamble To Encore - The Sanzini Brothers
21 Who Are The Brain Police

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tippett-Moholo-Minafric (Septober Energy)

Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Louis Moholo-Moholo & Minafric Orchestra
Sant'Anna Arresi (Cagliari-Italy), Piazza del Nuraghe
September 2,2008

radio intro by Pino Saulo 6'08"
Mra [Dudu Pukwana] 5'21"
introduction by Ottaviano 1'57"
Thoughts to Geoff [Keith Tippet] 9'30"
Dedicated to Mingus [Keith Tippet] 4'47"
Mongezi Feza [Keith Tippet] 4'38"
Four Whispers for Archie's Chair [Keith Tippet] 4'24"
Traumatic Experience [Harry Miller] 7'14"
Cider Dance [Keith Tippet] 3'34"
A Song [Keith Tippet] 3'53"
Dancing Damon [Harry Miller] 3'57"
Septober Energy [Keith Tippet] 11'15"
band's intro by Ottaviano 1'24"
You Ain't Gonna Know Me 'Cause You Think You Know Me [Mongezi Feza] 5'52"
'ncosy sikeleli africa [Enoch Sentonga - South African National Anthem] 4'09"
bands intro & greetings 0'51"
radio outro 014"

Keith Tippett, pianoforte, conduction;
Pino Minafra, trompet, conduction;
Luca Calabrese, trumpet;
Vito Mitoli, trumpet;
Roberto Ottaviano, soprano and alto saxophone;
Sandro Satta, alto saxophone;
Carlo Actis Dato, tenor saxophone;
Rossano Emili, baritone saxophone;
Lauro Rossi, trombone;
Gianpiero Malfatto, trombone;
Beppe Caruso, trombone;
Livio Minafra, keyboards;
Giovanni Maier, bass;
Louis Moholo-Moholo, drums;
Vincenzo Mazzone, drums;
Valentina Casula, voce;
Sylvie Ah Moye, voce;
Sandrine Seubille, voce
Julie Tippetts, voce;

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