Friday, October 5, 2012

The Hollies-Kleinhans, Buffalo-October 19, 1972

Kleinhan's Music Theatre
Buffalo, NY
October 19th 1972

Conversion = 2nd gen cassette>Pioneer Stand Alone Burner PDR-609>
                      EAC> Soundforge 9.0>CD Architect 5.2>Wav>Flac

Sound Quality  5 - 6  out of 10
azimuth aligned
samples to be provided
sorry no art work
A Bargain Basement Tape Production


01. Carrie Anne
02. You Know The Score
03. Pull Down The Blind
04. Look What We've Got
05. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
06. Words Don't Come Easy
07. Romany
08. Touch
09. Amazing Grace (acapella) tape flip no music lost
10. Bus Stop
11. On A Carousel
12. Long Dark Road
13. He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother
14. Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)

Here's something I unearthed from the archives. A seldom heard concert by the Hollies.
Fairly good sound. Probably recorded by the same taper as the Manassas and the Chicago Buffalo shows. Showcasing the new singer and a new LP. Mixed in a couple of old hits and it becomes a pretty good gig. Enjoy the show, theklopeks

Part 1

Part 2

Monday, October 1, 2012

Vanilla Fudge-1969-11-22-San Antonio,TX

Vanilla Fudge .... NOV. 22, 1969
Hemisphere, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Taper, & Taping Gear: ??Unknown??
Lineage: "AUD" 3rd Gen 2005 Download "AUD MASTERS> 3RD GEN CASS> AUDIO CD'S> SONY SCREENBLAST EXTRACTION> COOL EDIT> CD WAVE> FLAC" files> Burned to audio disc (Nero) Trade CDR> 2011 DAE (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Quality: vg
Artwork: none.
Samples: none.

pgl contributed Set List (Thank You!!!):

take me for a little while
you keep me hanging on
season of the witch
street walking woman (an incredible expanded jammed version, worth alone the downloading)

ORIGINAL davmar77 notes:
here's another rarity, 2 early vanilla fudge shows;hollywood bowl 9/68 and san antonio 11/69. both so so audience recordings but quite uncommon. no set lists on these. the 68 portion is one long song featuring solos by all members. they were on the bill that night with jimi hendrix and the soft machine. a disclaimer on the quality so be warned.
i know there is very little of these guys around from the 60's so i thought there would be some interest, quality aside. enjoy, dave

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Who Fillmore West 68-8-14

The Who
August 14th, 1968
Fillmore West
San Francisco

ARTWORK: included (with Singer Bowl 1968-08-02 as filler, not included here)


CD1 :
1. Substitute (2'15)
2. Heaven And Hell (4'49)       
3. Fortune Teller (2'19)
4. Tattoo (2'57)
5. Summertime Blues (4'02)
6. Young Man Blues (16'51)   
7. Boris The Spider (5'33)
8. Relax (13'30)
9. A Quick One (11'19)
10. Happy Jack (4'10)

CD2 :
1. Magic Bus (9'22)
2. Shakin' All Over (2'13)       
3. My Generation (5'22)

Total time : 84'42


NOTES: A great complete show were The Who seems to be the headline. Young Man Blues and Relax feature as usual long improvised jams.
Unfortunately, the sound is not as good and clear as the other Fillmore West recording (the 13th or 15th) if it's its correct date&place. The sound is rather dull and the drums suffer the most, but it's still listenable and enjoyable.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Monday, September 10, 2012

Frank Zappa (1973-11-04) Early Whitman Auditorium, Brooklyn College, New York, NY (FLAC)

CDR from Grape
Taped by Grape SONY TC126 with the SONY F-99S stereo unidirectional microphone
transfered to cdr by Jeff ?
Mastered by Raymond Morelli JR
Lineage : Master Tape > Nakamichi Dragon > Audiomedia III soundcard A/D converter > Protools MAC > CDR > EAC > Soundforge 10 Waves L316 / iZotope rx >Traders Little Helper Flac level 8 w/s.b.e.c.

1973 11 04  Whitman Auditorium, Brooklyn College, New York, NY
Early show
65 min, Aud, B+
soundcheck intro, Pygmy Twylyte, The Idiot Bastard Son, Cheepnis, Inca Roads, audience participation, Penguin In Bondage (incl. Kung Fu), T'Mershi Duween, Dog Meat, RDNZL, I'm The Slime, Big Swifty

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cream-Detroit, MI (October 15, 1967) (FLAC)

Blues Addict
Grande Ballroom
Detroit, MI
October 15, 1967
Tarantura TCD Cream-2-1,2

Disc 3:
301. Tales Of Brave Ulysses
302. N.S.U.
303. Sitting On Top Of The World
304. Sweet Wine
305. Rollin' And Tumblin'
306. Spoonful

Disc 4:
401. Steppin' Out
402. Traintime
403. Toad
404. I'm So Glad

The Band:
Eric Clapton   guitar, vocals
Jack Bruce   bass, vocals
Ginger Baker   drums

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Part 5-

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Henry Cow Orckestra 1977.03.13 London Roundhouse (FLAC)

Henry Cow/Mike Westbrook Occasional Orchestra And Big Band
Featuring Frankie Armstrong
London, England
"Moving Left Revue '77"
13 March 1977

Frankie Armstrong - voice
Dagmar Krause - voice
Phil Minton - trumpet, voice
Paul Rutherford - trombone, euphonium, voice
Dave Chambers - tenor & soprano saxes, flute
Tim Hodgkinson - clarinet, alto sax, organ, piano, voice
Lindsay Cooper - bassoon, oboes, flute, piano, voice
Kate Barnard - tenor horn, piccolo, voice
Fred Frith - guitar, viola, violin, xylophone
Mike Westbrook - euphonium, piano
Georgie Born - cello, bass guitar
Chris Cutler - drums

Disc 1
1) Wheel Of Fortune > Terrible As An Army With Banners (21:47)
2) Teenbeat > Would You Prefer Us To Lie? (15:45)
3) Lament For The Hull Trawlers (4:43)
4) Three Maidens A-Milking Did Go (2:54)

Disc 2:
1) Naima > Mourn Not The Dead > ? > ? (21:34)
2) The Kanonen Song (4:36)
3) Let The Slave (11:19)
4) Barthlemy Fair (4:41)
5) The Saucy Sailor (2:22)

Thanks to maclen for the setlist.

Quality: B-

incomplete/last songs and encores missing!

C-90 tape (unknowwn generation) from trades
--> wav (Terratec Phono PreAmp Studio)
--> track separation (Nero)
--> flac (level 8)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Renaissance-Fillmore West, San Francisco, California 1969 (FLAC)

Renaissance .... 1969
Fillmore West, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Keith Relf - guitar, vocal
Jane Relf - vocal
John Hawken - keyboards
Jim McCarty - drums
Louis Cennamo - bass

Taper, & Taping Gear: ??Unknown??
Source: AUD - Liberated Bootleg "Off Shoots"; TNT label #910109
Lineage: "AUD" boot Silver> EAC> click removal> SHN 2004 Download burned to audio disc (Nero) Trade CDR> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Quality: vg
Length: 5 tracks = 51:43 minutes
Artwork: included.
Samples: none.

Set List:

>> Fillmore West 1969 <<
01 - Kings And Queens
02 - Innocense
03 - Wanderer
04 - No Name Raga
05 - Island

The following are officially released & are not included in this download/offer.
>> singles <<
06 - Without A Song From You (Jane Relf)
07 - Make My Time Pass By (Jane Relf)
08 - The Sea (Renaissance)
09 - Line Of Least Resistance (Reign)
10 - Natural Lovin'Man (Reign)
11 - Henrys Coming Home (Together)
12 - Love Mum And Dad (Together)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Monday, August 20, 2012

May Blitz 1971-04-17 Munich,Germany Zirkus Krone-Bau AUD (FLAC)

May Blitz
1970-04-17  Munich, Germany  Zirkus Krone-Bau  (M?-AUD)
"Just don't try to curse us, just dig it!"

01. 8 Mad Grim Nits
02. Snakes & Ladders
03. High Beech (introduced as "Limeys"?)
04. ?
05. For Mad Men Only

Total Time ::: 38:57

::: Quality... Nowhere near hi-fi but a relatively clear distant low gen recording in what sounds like a large hall with no audience interference (maybe due to monstrous volume!). By the 3rd song the vocals sound like they were overloading in the PA somewhat. Check samples to see if you can handle the vibe or to get psyched for its ear-bleeding potential.
::: Warts: Scarcely any once I repaired all dropouts & fixed some volume fluctuations. Quality is what it is but it's a fairly smooth sailing ship once it leaves port.
::: NOT the same as the common Essen 1970 show from the boot with Savoy Brown & Fotheringay.
::: In April 1971, May Blitz & Patto supported the Faces on a brief German tour thru Dusseldorf (14th), Hamburg (15th), Frankfurt (16th) & Munich (17th). Here's their entire Munich set.

Recording Information ::: unknown mono recording equipment -> master tape -> unknown generations (very few) -> unknown generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette, Dolby off.

Playback 2012-xx-xx ::: unknown generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette on Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck, Dolby off, azimuth & pitch adjusted, heads cleaned & demagnatized -> Tascam CD-RW900SL pro CD recorder -> CD-RW -> computer, EAC secure -> wavs -> Audacity (fades &/or glitches, dropouts, volume adjustments, no EQ) -> CD Wave (track splits) -> Trader's Little Helper -> yer ears. First uploaded week of 2012-02-04.

Line-up ::: Jamie Black - guitar, vocals // Reid Hudson - bass // Tony Newman - drums (ex-Jeff Beck, Hollies, Sounds Incorporated & pre-Three Man Army)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pete Brown & Piblokto-1970 Demos (FLAC)

Pete Brown & Piblokto!
1970-xx-xx  United Kingdom  Unreleased Studio Demos  (M?-ST)

01. Welsh Are Blunt
02. Mermaid & Chips
03. Autumns In Spanish Galleons
04. C.F.D.T. (Colonel Fright's Dancing Terripins)

Total Time ::: 25:23

::: Most excellent studio quality. Check samples to alleviate anxiety or instigate sweaty aural anticipatory astonishment.
::: Warts: NONE
::: Track 4 is a very different version than on Brown & Bond's "Two Heads Are Better Than One".

Recording Information ::: master studio reel-to-reel stereo tape -> few generations (all reels?) -> low generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette, Dolby B on.

Playback 2012-01-22 ::: low generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette on Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck, Dolby B on, azimuth & pitch adjusted, heads cleaned & demagnatized -> Tascam CD-RW900SL pro CD recorder -> CD-RW -> computer, EAC secure -> wavs -> Audacity (fades &/or glitches, dropouts, volume adjustments, no EQ) -> CD Wave (track splits) -> Trader's Little Helper -> yer ears. First uploaded week of 2012-02-03.

Line-up ::: Pete Brown - vocals, trumpet, etc! // Taff Williams - guitar // Phil Ryan - keyboards // Steve Glover - bass // Rob Tait - drums.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vanilla Fudge-1968-09-09 (FLAC)

Vanilla Fudge .... September 9, 1968 (Monday)
Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Chris Stein - organ
Vince Martell - guitar
Tim Bogert - bass
Carmine Appice - drums

Taper, & Taping Gear: ??Unknown??
Lineage: "AUD" 2007 Download flac files> Burned to audio disc (Nero) Trade CDR> 2012 DAE (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Quality: vg
Length: 3 tracks = 40:00 minutes
Artwork: none.
Samples: none.

Set List:

1 - People Get Ready (8:24)
2 - You Keep Me Hangin' On (6:27)
3 - Jam (25:10)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Friday, July 20, 2012

Spooky Tooth-1969-10-09 (FLAC)

Spooky Tooth
Grugahalle, Essen, Germany

FM Broadcast soundboard.

1st generation cassette > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 equalizer > tascam cdrw750 > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Set list:

01 Something To Say
02 I Am The Walrus
03 The Wrong Time
04 I Wanna Be Free
05 Son Of Your Father
06 Better By You, Better Than Me
07 Alone
08 Soulful Lady

Mike Harrison - keyboards, vocals
Luther Grosvenor - guitar
Gary Wright - keyboards
Andy Leigh - bass
Mike Kellie - drums

I think Ridely had already left the band, but
Wright was still in. If someone can shed more light
on this, it would be appreciated.

Edit Notes:
-DC Offsets zeroed
-azimuth aligned
-repaired/patched many numerous dropouts, flat/dead spots
-reduced pops clicks

Thnx go to 38f for the original seed.
There is the original seed and an edited version
in seperate folders. Pls keep all files intact.
Download one or both.
The sound is superb & dare I say PreFM........
-original info included, click to view
-samples in comments

bluebomber 2012

Part 1-

Part 2-

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Van Der Graff Generator-1975-10-10 (FLAC)

Van der Graaf Generator\
Birmingham University
10 October 1975
"Funky Gog"

Source: Audience recording\
Lineage: CDr > EAC > Goldwave (Editing) > TLH (Flac Level 8, fixed SBEs)\
Editing: re-tracked, tagged files
CD 1
The Undercover Man
Scorched Earth
Darkness (11/11)
La Rossa

CD 2
A Louse Is Not A Home
The Sleepwalkers (cut)

phundercoverDecember 2011

 Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Frank Zappa-1971 10 23 (L) Kansas City MO (FLAC)

Frank Zappa & The Mothers
Cowtown Ballroom
Kansas City, MO

1971 10 23 - Late Show

~~ From RobSam's 1st gen AUD tape ~~
Taped by: unknown
Collected  & contributed by: robsam
Transferred by: doctorzap
Edited by: flambay

Fill (2 secs after Pound For A Brown tf cut)
taken from previous FZ Shows seed:
(CU-H-walk unknown gen: 89.02 min, AUD, B+/B)
Lineage source 1: AUD > ? > traded CDR > EAC (secure mode) > wav Audition 1.5 (retracked, gaps, clicks & crackles and repeated parts removed, EQ'ed a bit) > shntool > flac frontend (lvl 7) & CDR
Lineage source 2: AUD > ? > cass/? > A/D nakamichi/UA-5 USB > wav Audition 1.5 (tracked only, EQ'ed a bit, speed correction b0.20) > shntool > flac frontend (lvl 7) & CDR
Taped by: N/A
Transfered by: N/A
source 2 Transfered by: walk
Edited by: walk

The Mothers Of Invention, August - December 1971:

FZ, Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan, Jim Pons, Ian Underwood, Don Preston, Aynsley Dunbar.


00 banter fragment [0:05]
01 Peaches En Regalia [3:18] °°° cuts in, start missing
02 Tears Began To Fall [2:41]
03 Shove It Right In [6:32]
04 A Pound For A Brown [7:03] °°° cuts in, start missing °°° tf cut at 5:03, CU-H-walk patch {5:03-5:05}
05 Sleeping In A Jar [2:38]
06 Wonderful Wino [5:42]
07 Sharleena [5:48]
08 Cruising For Burgers [3:09] °°° cut in applause, at 3:00
09 The Story Of Billy The Mountain (preamble) [3:25]
10 Billy The Mountain Pt.1 [23:56] °°° cut at 7:34
11 Billy The Mountain Pt.2 (Studebaker Hoch) [19:43] °°° cuts at 6:22 & 13:56
12 Who Are The Brain Police? [5:48] °°° cuts in

Total time 89.54 min

Many thanks to the unknown taper.
Many thanks to robsam for contributing this 1st gen tape sourced version.
Many thanks to CU, H and walk for the additional material (via previous seed).

Enjoy !!

Brought to you by robsam, doctorzap and flambay

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alice Cooper-1972-11-26 (Switzerland) (FLAC)

Zofingen, Switzerland

w/Special Guests;FLO & EDDIE

This is the last night of 20 dates on their European Tour promoting the "School's Out" release.

Recorded by; "Judge Free"

Recorded on; AGFA Fe Master Cassettes>Phillips Deck(Mono)>second generation EL3302

Recording provided by; "William Tell"

All editing by "tonsofsobs"

Uploaded by; "Lucifer Burns"

See IMPORTANT lineage notes below*


1. Swiss Introduction
2. English Introduction

#BEATLES cover
@w/Special Guests;FLO & EDDIE


GLEN BUXTON- Lead Guitar
MICHAEL BRUCE- Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards

Special Guest Musicians;

MARK VOLMAN(Flo)- Vocals/Guitar(Ex-TURTLES/MOTHERS OF INVENTION/T.REX, etc, etc, etc) 

 Part 1-

Part 2-

Sunday, July 1, 2012

East of Eden-1972 SBD (FLAC)

East Of Eden - 1972 (live show - SBD - from Liberated LP (vinyl) Bootleg "Psalms"; Eastern Music label - 71 Minutes Long) Doc's Vinyl Box Volume 6

This recording comes from a February 2006 download (thanks to DocTinker, THX!!!), but these are not those original files.

East Of Eden .... 1972 (live show)
Doc's Vinyl Box Vol. 6; "Palms" Liberated LP Bootleg

Dave Arbus: violin,flute, sax, trumpet, vocals
Marty Fisher: bass, accordeon, vocals
Garth Watt Roy: guitar, vocals
Jeff Allen: drums

Taper, & Taping Gear: ??Unknown??
Source: "SBD" from Liberated LP (vinyl) Bootleg "Psalms"; Eastern Music label #4-160
Transfered, mastered & uploaded to Dime Feb. 4th 2006 by Doc Tinker!
Lineage: "SBD" 2006 Download; "Palms" 2 LP Boot LP's> Thorens TD 126 MK2 w/Dynavector arm DV> 505> Goldring System 01042> Restek Vector amp> PDR 05> EAC-Cooledit (cutout of scratchy LP ends & beginnings only)> flac files> Burned to audio disc (Nero) Trade CDR> 2010 DAE (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Quality: ex-
Length: 8 tracks = 70:29 minutes
Artwork: included.
Samples: none.

ORIGINAL Tracklist:(Any help welcome)
01  Short Instr. (1.48)
02  Remedy      (16.46)
03  ?            (6.01)
04  ?(Do what you like variation)(15.45)
05  ?        (8.00)
06  ?        (10.05)
07  fades in Jig a Jig long version (8.44)
08  Jig a Jig reprise (3.17)

Friends, as a request, here's another very rare ex sbd recording of East of Eden, from an extremely hard to find German 2 LP Bootleg vinyl set!
The only copy I ever saw, is transfered here!
Scans of cover & label included in the torrent!
I have absolutely no info about venue or date, but since this German Bootleg bootleg company located in Hamburg, made only a few other releases, mostly from 1970 to 1972  shows, I choosed 1972, since I saw them several times in this year here in Germany!
I'm sure the experts will bring more light to this matter, at least after listening!
My copy of this LP set is very clean, but as you know, even fresh pressings of this bootleg LP's had some crackling noises here & there..... The overall sound quality is fantastic for a boot Lp of this period!!!
Enjoy this great piece of East of Eden history!!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hatfield & The North1973-09-25-Paris,FR (FLAC)

Hatfield and the North .... September 25, 1973
Theatre Present de La Villette, Paris, France

Dave Stewart - Keyboard
Phil Miller - Guitar
Pip Pyle - Drums
Richard Sinclair - Bass, Vocals

Taper, & Taping Gear: ??Unknown??
Lineage: "AUD" 2007 Download: Trade CD-R> mkw Audio Compression Tool, SHN files> Burned to audio disc (Nero) Trade CDR> 2012 DAE (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Quality: vg+
Length: 20 tracks = 64:46 minutes
Artwork: none.
Samples: none.


God Song
Big Jobs (extract)
Part Of The Dance
Going Up To People And Tinkling
There's No Place Like Homerton
Shaving Is Boring
Big Jobs
Lything And Gracing
Nan True's Hole
Tone Generator Improv
Blane Over Paris * (removed)
Fol De Rol
Bossa Nochance
Big Jobs
Lobster In Cleavage Probe
The Laughing Policeman

* "Blane Over Paris" was commercially released on "Hatwise Choice"

Part 1-

Part 2-

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Captain Beefheart-Work Tape & Various Unreleased

Captain Beefheart ( Don Van Vliet )

 Work Tape Excerpt & Various ( 196? - 197? )

01. Work Tape Excerpt ( 9:48 )
02. Hoboism  ( 7:17)
03. Lick My Decals Off, Baby ( Plunderphonics Mix ) ( 2:45 )
04. WHFS Station ID ( 00:18 )
05. Work Tape Excerpt ( 9:56 )

 total time approx 30 min.

Maxell XLII-S Tapes > Onkyo Tape Deck > TDK DA-3826 > CD-R > PC > Wav > Traders Little Helper Flac level 8 > dimeadozen

trk 5, same way except with a Sony Deck.

transfer - mcchocchoc aka JBK, from the cassette Archives here.

 Some info . . . .

Track 1 & 5 "Work Tape Excerpt". Amazing excerpt from one of Don's "work tapes".
There has been a version of this floating around the interwebs for some time. That version was ripped from a cassette that came from my collection. So this version is one gen closer to the original source. I did NOT index the track(s). It is one long track.

  It is short and I think it should be listened to all the way through. That said, here is a track list made up by a friend of mine. This was taken from the text file of a version that was up over at the awesome zappateers site . . . .

Captain Beefheart
End of 1968/Early 1969
Ensenada Drive, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles

01-Untitled Piano Song (1:33)
02-Untitled Piano Instrumental #1 (1:53)
03-A Lot Of Money For You, A Lot Of Money For Me-Untitled Piano Instrumental #2 (1:19)
04-Short Whistling (0:10)
05-Untitled Piano Instrumental #3 (2:04)
06-Why Can't We Be Free? (0:50)
07-Untitled Piano Instrumental #4 (0:58)
08-Untitled Piano Instrumental #5 (0:31)

 I also included the date and location ( listed above ) as written in the same text. I have no idea when this recording(s) was actually made, so I did not date it. That said, my friend who posted it also knows his stuff ! This is a very cool peek into the way Don created and captured moments of inspiration.

 The only difference between the two tracks ( 1 & 5 ) is that I did the transfers 10 years apart. I figured I would include them both since this is a very short track list. OK, I think that all makes sense . . . . . moving forward . . .

Track 2 - HOBOISM. The Captain and the incredible Denny Walley. Recorded during 1975 or 76.
Recorded at home ? In a studio just goofing around ? I have no idea, but it is a great track. It has NEVER been "officially" released. It has been released on a "silver" boot, but I do not buy "boots" and I have not heard that version. This, like all of my shares, is from my own tape collection. The quality is pretty good and it's an exciting listen. My wife said it sounded good, so here it is. ( If anybody has a better quality recording, share it ! ). I love this track.

Track 3 - Lick My Decals Off, Baby ( Plunderphonics Remix by John Oswald ).
 " The legendary "Plunderphonics" exponent takes the 'Decals' album and mixes it
down to ONE TRACK " ! ! ! !  This is just awesome. And never officially released.
The vocal into is just wild ! Very interesting mix. A fun and crazy listening
experience. A must hear recording.

Track 4 - WHFS Station ID by Captain Beefheart. Harmonica and Voice. 197?.
 ( I am thinking 71 or 72 ). Very short, but very good quality and pretty cool !
( too bad I can not share the "radio ads" for the " Decals " albums I found on the same tape I pulled this track from. Two different Radio Spots for the album, featuring little
snippets of music from the "official" release.


Part 1-

Part 2-

Friday, June 1, 2012

May Blitz - Capitol Theater, New Jersey, 12-70

May Blitz
Capitol Theater, New Jersey
December 1970

Lineage: traded CDR > Steinberg > flac > you

1. Introduction > 8 Mad Grim Nits (7:42)
2. Smoking The Day Away (10:22)
3. Squeet (9:42)
4. Fire queen (5:06)

James Black: lead guitar, 12 string, lead vocal
Reid Hudson: bass guitar, vocal
Tony Newman: drums, vibes, percussion

soundquality: B/B-
Time: 32:54
Medium: CDR
Covers: on board (PNG lossless)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Gun

The Gun
1970-10-xx  Essen, Germany  Grugahalle  (M2-AUD)
3rd International Essen Pop & Blues Festival 
or... the original German name, "3. Internationales Essener Pop & Blues Festival"

01. Race With The Devil -> Hendrix Dedication Medley -> Race With The Devil

Total Time ::: 10:20 ..... Don't skip this because it's short! The performance & quality are outasight.

::: Stunning stereo audience recording. Any doubts, check the samples.
::: Warts: None except waaay too damn short!
::: The recording was obviously out of phase from the original microphone setup. One channel was flipped to correct it.
::: The festival was October 22-25. I have been unable to find the correct & full schedule of bands. Can anyone help?

Recording Information ::: unknown (excellent) stereo reel-to-reel recorder & microphones -> master reel-to-reel -> 1st generation tape -> 2nd generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette, Dolby B on.

Playback 2012-01-23 ::: 2nd generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette on Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck, Dolby B on, azimuth & pitch adjusted, heads cleaned & demagnatized -> Tascam CD-RW900SL pro CD recorder -> CD-RW -> computer, EAC secure -> wavs -> Audacity (fades, glitches, dropouts, volume adjustments, phase correction, timing/channel alignment, no EQ) -> CD Wave (track splits) -> Trader's Little Helper -> yer ears. First uploaded week of 2012-01-26.

Line-up ::: Adrian Gurvitz - guitar // Paul Gurvitz - bass // Louie Farrell - drums.

Nothing here ever commercially released to my knowledge. If I'm wrong, please advise & I'll take the offending trax offline.

CoolSonics 098 ::: Thanks to the original taper & traders! My copy came courtesy of the one & only Commander Brinkhoffs, many years ago, incorrectly labeled under another band name. ::: Corrections welcome ::: This one is for John Martin Thomas, one of the best friends I have ever had & the guy who turned me onto Gun & he's still listening'. And if you wonder why that Sonic Youth lick moves you & you like Gun, be glad to find out Mr Moore spent some hours spinnin' their wax as well. Once again, I spent far too much time preparing a recording... Must have been a fun festival - Guru Guru, Xhol, Embryo, Fotheringhay, East of Eden, Gun, Q 65, Quiver, Taste & many more. This is far more interesting than The Gun sessions from Top Gear & Top Of The Pops, as it is genuine live concert material, but you just wish for more. Imagine versions like this one from either of their albums. One cool thing here is how well they can pull off their vocals harmonies in the opening. I could rave about this much longer than the actual recording, but enough already. One of several recordings that have surfaced to my play piles recently from the first month after Hendrix's death. People were definitely shocked. Nice for Gunguitar riff  to cover Hendrix as Jimi had just played some nods to The Gun the couple of months before his death. has lots of info about the band. Rock on.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Black Sabbath 1972-07-15 Dayton (FLAC)

Black Sabbath
Hara Arena
Dayton, OH
Audience recording
Luciferburns 1st gen tape



This version comes from a 1st gen tape, while the versions already up here originate from a 2nd gen tape


Running time:
59:48 min

Master Reel -> cassette -> CDR.


01 Tomorrow's Dream
02 Sweet Leaf
03 Snowblind
04 War Pigs
05 Under the Sun
06 Iron Man
07 Wicked World & Orchid & Guitar Solo & Wicked World (reprise)
08 Wheels of Confusion
09 Embryo & Children of the Grave
10 Paranoid

Many thanks to Luciferburns for sending me this and allowing me to share it! This recording is well-known for including Under The Sun and Wheels Of Confusion. The taper paused the recorder between songs. I renamed the tracks and added ReplayGain tags, nothing else was changed by me. ENJOY!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gentle Giant (1975 3 Pack)

Gentle Giant (1975 3 Pack)

1-Gentle Giant
Paris, France
November 29, 1975

1) Proclamation/Funny Ways
2) Talk
3) The Runaway/Experience
4) On Reflection

AM > reel-to-reel (1st gen mono) > wav > flac

Magmasystems Notes:

This is the first time that these recordings have been released. The original reels came from "A French Gentleman" who stumbled upon the various Magma blogs and who, as it turned out, had seen Magma several times in the 1970's. The gentleman not only had some assorted photographs, but had recorded various concerts. These tapes made their way to a well known DIME contributor who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. This person spent quite a bit of time digitizing the music and trying to clean up the sound. Some of these efforts were successful, some were not so ... as will be apparent in some later releases. I have dubbed these recordings "The French Gentlemen Tapes", and after about two years, I have been given permission to share these through time. Much thanks go to the Gentleman, as well as Trahnsferheur.


2-Gentle Giant
Playing the Foole: A Stake In The Heart

Recorded at the Utland Communicable Concourse
January 1975

Source: unknown recording>LP>FLAC Audio
Audio ripped from LP using Nero Soundtrax/ADSTech Analog-to-Digital software.
Size: 233MB

Track List:

01- Proclamation
02- Funny Ways
03- Experience
04- So Sincere
05- The Advent of Panurge
06- Mister Class and Quality
07- The Power and the Glory

Note- The track "The Power and the Glory" was recorded in the studio,
and is not a part of the performance. This track was recorded 26 August 1974.


3-Gentle Giant mega-rare restored vinyl "Playing The Foole" Capitol Studios West Hollywood, Ca 1975-02-13 Killer sound and performance! mp3 sample

This fabulous set was recorded live in the studio with no audience. It was for broadcast in March on Los Angeles radio station KMET. Why this show has never been released is totally beyond me. The performance beats the commercially-available "Playing The Fool" by a mile. Although I haven't indicated it that way, I believe this to be a pre-fm recording. When you listen to the sample, you will understand why - the recording is amazing! This has to be the best recording and performance of "Funny Ways" that you will ever hear.

The following quotation is from Jack Skelly's great GG website, located at

Feb. 13          In West Hollywood, California's Capitol Studios, Gentle Giant made a live studio recording, with no audience, meant for broadcast in March over KMET Radio in Los Angeles.  It included much of the material they were performing on stage during their early 1975 tour.  The group even recorded a brief musical jingle based on the radio station’s call letters, which, during the March broadcast, served as KMET’s station identification.  Interestingly, this jingle has been officially released on SCRAPING THE BARREL under the title With Gentle Giant on KMET.  The date of this live session is often listed as Jan. 1, but this date of Feb. 13 seems definitive.  At the time, they were in the area for the nearby Santa Monica gig listed below, held that same evening.  In fact, the Capitol Studios recording is often mistakenly listed as having been recorded in Santa Monica, as well.


Funny Ways
So Sincere
The Advent Of Panurge
Mister Class and Quality?

The end of this release included the single version of "The Power And The Glory". It had to be removed.

Lineage: TAKRL version ->Pop and click removal via Sound Forge ->FLAC encoding via Flac Frontend V1.1.3 (new version!) sectors aligned and verified. No noise reduction.

I have heard the Wizardo version of this LP. This sounds MUCH better.

Does anyone have any more of this event from a certified pre-fm tape? Please post it!


A DoinkerTape

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Thursday, May 10, 2012

David Bowie - Detroit 1 March 1973 (FLAC)

David Bowie
Detroit Masonic Auditorium
1st March 1973 STEREO.


Nakamichi Tapedeck>CD Wave>TLH

01 Intro
02 Hang onto Yourself
03 Ziggy Stardust
04 Changes
05 Moonage Daydream
06 Panic in Detroit
07 Five Years
08 Watch That Man
09 Aladdin Sane
10 Width of a Circle
11 Space Oddity
12 Time (cut off)
13 Suffragette City 
14 The Jean Genie
15 Rock n Roll Suicide

This is another low gen tape of this show I have been sent : the earlier version sounded very good to me but on comparing to this one the right channel had a little distortion. The guitar sounds slightly clearer on the earlier torrent but that is after some minor processing. I am upping this as a raw transfer at this point : I may offer a 'processed' one at some point but the quality of the recording means I would rather wait until a professional mixer I know might have a go at it (depending on his workload) or whether anyone who downloads this who really knows their stuff works on it. I can do minor tweaks (some will disagree of course), but I often prefer the 'widening' process I do on mono-ish recordings (which of course some like, some don't).

This is a true stereo tape and is very good as it, just a little hissy really.


David Bowie - Detroit 1 March 1973 (FLAC)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jethro Tull (November 2, 1972) (FLAC)

Jethro Tull

Ian Anderson- flute and vocals
Martin Barre- guitar
John Evan- keyboards
Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond- bass
Barriemore Barlow- drums

Boston Garden
Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
November (2, I think) 1972
performance quality: A (it's tull in Boston)
recording quality: B (pretty good for this era,
except some speed warbles in source recording.)
source: audience tape (maybe 2nd gen.)
runtime:  85:08

     disc 1  68:46
  1: thick as a brick part I  45:46
  2: news and weather (cuts, tape flip)  :27
  3: thick as a brick part II (with drum solo)  14:43
  4: weirdness instrumental > the cat that crapped in a crypt  1:02
  5: thick as a brick conclusion  6:46
     disc 2  16:22
  6: cross eyed Mary > 4:14
  7: audition > 4:02
  8: aqualung  8:04
  this recording is all except the encore(s) and a little bit of news and weather.
  there is some uncertainty with these 2 recordings (Nov. 1 and 2, 1972 in Boston.
This much I know: Jethro Tull did play both those nights at Boston Garden. I got
both of these in the early 1980's in trade, told they were recorded by a Boston area
taper at the Boston Garden. Both sound like they were recorded close up, not alot of
crowd noise. I did not label them as the 1st and 2nd, and thus do not know which is which.
There is some distinction between the shows. the phone call in what I think is the
Nov. 1st show is for Mike Nelson, in the 2nd it's for Lloyd Bridges. These are clearly
not duplicate recordings, or different recordings of the same concert, although both
were apparently recorded on the same equipment by the same taper and both came from the
same source at the same time. these are both incomplete recordings, but both include
full length, almost complete TAAB's, the beginning of both shows, and are missing the rest
from Cross eyed Mary on. (probably close to half the show.)
  I have seen the Boston Nov. 71 show circulating on dime, but neither of these. The
TAAB versions in both of these are the full monty versions. (NOT the readers digest
version for rockers with ADD.) this was the last tour I did not see of Jethro Tull,
and clearly one of their very greatest. I wouldn't be much of a tullnut, without some
bricks to lay out. These are my two contributions to the brick pyramid on dime, and
I think both of them are worth your time. The Nov. 2nd (I think) one has less of the
speed variation problem but it is noticable in parts of both (not all of either).
the brick was adventurously played in these shows, not much like the album version,
with some improvisations. track 4 is somewhere between hare and babies wearing nylons
(a mix of both). the Boston tullnut society was already solid for these shows, the
enthusiasm is obvious but not overbearing in the recording. if not for the speed problems
these would both be among the best sounding brick shows I've heard. everything comes
through quite well, including Ian's always interesting banter.
  I believe the Nov. 1st recording has just 1 tape flip cut in the brick, only missing
a few seconds. The Nov. 2nd one is missing some news and weather, but none of the brick.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
Not even Buckingham Palace
is built with bricks THIS thick!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Renaissance-1970-02-25 (FLAC)

Renaissance .... February 25, 1970
Ludlow Garage, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.

Keith Relf - guitar, vocal
Jane Relf - vocal
John Hawken - keyboards
Jim McCarty - drums
Louis Cennamo - bass

Taper, & Taping Gear: ??Unknown??
Lineage: "SBD" trade tape> wav (Turtle Beach sound card A/D)> Sound Forge (indexing only)> Flac (level 8) 2006 Download burned to audio disc (Nero) Trade CDR> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Quality: vg
Length: 5 tracks = 47:41 minutes
Artwork: included.
Samples: none.

Set List:

01 - Kings & Queens (14:16) (the band stops the song after a mis-start and begins again)
02 - Wanderer (04:56)
03 - No Name Rage (16:00)
04 - Islands (06:46)
05 - Bullets (cuts off) (05:41)

a - Very rare show and one of few circulating of the one USA tour done by the Keith Relf-Jim McCarty line-up.
b - A straight tape to digital transfer. No EQ or noise reduction applied.
c - Sound quality: VG, but tape hiss present (sounds like 5th or 6th generation), particularly noticeable between songs.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pete Brown & Piblokto 1970-04-21 London,UK BBC Top Gear (FLAC)

Pete Brown & Piblokto!
1970-04-21  London, United Kingdom  BBC Radio Studios  "Top Gear"  (M?-FM)

01. The Politician 
03. Here Comes The Old Man Dressed In Flowers 
02. Someone Like You

Total Time ::: 20:08

::: Sound quality isn't great & varies, distorted & hissy. But twas radio & surely listenable if it's yer bag. In fact, don't miss it for at least one go round as it's musically mind-ripping. Check samples for prognostication or to get yer first coupla rocks off.
::: Warts: Yes, see above, see below.
::: NOTE: Tape was labeled "1969". Garner dates it 1970-04-21 original recording & first broadcast 1970-05-02. This is the complete session!

Recording Information ::: BBC Radio original broadcast -> off-air master mono tape -> unknown generations of tape -> unknown generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette, Dolby B on.

Playback 2012-02-14 ::: unknown generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette on Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck, Dolby B on, azimuth & pitch adjusted, heads cleaned & demagnatized -> Tascam CD-RW900SL pro CD recorder -> CD-RW -> computer, EAC secure -> wavs -> Audacity (fades &/or glitches, dropouts, volume adjustments, no EQ) -> CD Wave (track splits) -> Trader's Little Helper -> yer ears. First uploaded week of 2012-02-17.

Line-up ::: Pete Brown - vocals, percussion // David Thompson - organ, piano, sax, percussion // Jim Mullen - lead guitar, percussion // Steve Glover - bass, percussion // Rob Tait - drums, percussion.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Arthur Brown - City Varieties Leeds 30th October 2011 (FLAC)

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (opening for Focus) - Live at The City Varieties Leeds 30th October 2011

Lucie Rejchrtova - Keys, and Backing Vocals.
Nina Gromniak - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Rick Patten - Bass Guitar
Samuel Walker - Drums and backing vocals
Angel Fallon - Dancer

A nice recording of Arthur and his Crazy World, afine prelude to Focus. He has some fine musicians in the group.

Recording details:
Sound Professionals SP-CMC-9 Micro Sized Premium Audio Technica Stereo Microphones ; SPL mic battery power supply (SP-SPSB-8 bass roll-off) set to 95Hz ; Edirol R-09HR > PC split and FLACed with Magix Audio Lab.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Sunday, April 15, 2012

East Of Eden 1970-04-06 London,UK BBC Top Gear (FLAC)

East Of Eden
1970-04-06(*) London, United Kingdom BBC "Top Gear" (M1-FM)

01. Nymphenberger
03. In The Stable Of The Sphinx -> Bathers -> In The Stable Of The Sphinx

Total Time ::: 20:37

::: Very fine off-air radio broadcast for the time period. Check samples for the real scoop or to increase your impatience with your slow download speed...
::: Warts: Bit of hum which I didn't screw with (no EQ!) & in one place 1 or 2 seconds of intermittant radio reception issues (mostly fixed).
::: Originally recorded 1970-04-06 & first broadcast 1970-04-06, but this came from a re-broadcast on 1970-07-11, though my recording doesn't have the added 3rd track from that date, "It's The Porridge They're After", listed in "In Session Tonight". What is very cool (not noted in Garner's book) is "Sphinx" segues into "Bathers", another classic from "Mercator Projected", so we get a very intense 12+ minute piece.
::: Source that's around combined with a Radio 1 In Concert 1970 came thru John Faulkner (from whom I have a number of recordings), but I believe this is a different source, unless he got it from me.

Recording Information ::: BBC original (1970) mono radio broadcast -> off-air master reel-to-reel -> 1st generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette, Dolby B on.

Playback 2012-01-29 ::: 1st generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette on Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck, Dolby B on, azimuth & pitch adjusted, heads cleaned & demagnatized -> Tascam CD-RW900SL pro CD recorder -> CD-RW -> computer, EAC secure -> wavs -> Audacity (fades &/or glitches, dropouts, volume adjustments, no EQ) -> CD Wave (track splits) -> Trader's Little Helper -> yer ears. First uploaded week of 2012-02-04.

Line-up ::: Dave Arbus - violin, flute // Geoff Nicholson - guitar // Ron Caines - saxophones, vocals // Andy Sneddon - bass // Geoff Britton - drums.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Captain Beefheart-Helsinki (1975-10-27) (FLAC)

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band

Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland

Lineage: Reel tape > Cassette -> PC -> Audacity -> TLH (SBEs, FLACs)
Taper: Mr. T
Transfer: Arcana May 2010
Quality: B+/A-, Audience
No Artwork

01. Introductions
02. Moonlight On Vermont (false start)
03. Moonlight On Vermont >
04. Abba Zaba
05. Orange Claw Hammer
06. Dali's Car >
07. When It Blows Its Stacks >
08. My Human Gets Me Blues
09. Alice in Blunderland
10. The Natchez Burning
11. Beatle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stones (tape flip)
12. Gimme Dat Harp Boy
13. Improvisation / Drumbo's Tap Dance
14. Golden Birdies >
15. Big Eyed Beans From Venus

Total: 53:59 min

Captain Beefheart: voc,harm,ss
Elliot Ingber: g
Denny Walley: g
Bruce Fowler: tb ("air bass")
John French: d,g


First concert of this European tour with Pegasus (feat. Jean-Luc Ponty).
Song titles unverified. Previously uncirculated. RIP Don Van Vliet.

Arcana, December 2010

Part 1-

Part 2-

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Soft Machine & Vanilla Fudge-Hollywood Bowl (1968-09-14) (FLAC)

ATM-0255 Hollywood Bowl

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California, USA
Saturday 14 September 1968

support acts: Eire Apparent, Soft Machine & Vanilla Fudge

first generation cassette from master
taper: unknown

The Jimi Hendrix Experience recording
In 2011 a 1st generation upgrade of the Hollywood Bowl recording surfaced. This was a TDK MA-X 90 metal tape received directly from the original taper circa 1988. The owner of the cassette could not recall the name of the taper so the master still remains to be found - if it still exists. Several transfers of the cassette were made and circulated during 2011, unfortunately these only used one channel of the 2 channel mono dub due to a defect in the cassette deck and ran 4% too fast. For this release a new 2 channel mono transfer was made, the recording pitch & phase corrected, tape flip overlap spliced together and drop-outs repaired when possible (by patching one channel with the other channel that had no problems). A large amount of clicks were removed (but only when it caused no loss of actual musical content), especially during the very noisy first 8 minutes of the recording. No eq or denoise was used. If you have a previous transfer of the 1st gen cassette and are completely happy with it there might be little reason to get this version. Everything possible was however done to assure this 2012 edition would be the best possible version of the Hollywood Bowl recording to replace the old ATM-0037 2nd gen tape so the perfectionists among you will enjoy this upgrade.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience tracklist
The cuts, tape wows and drop-outs were checked against a 2011 transfer, the old 2nd gen ATM disc and the 2lp bootleg set. All faults listed below were on all sources checked so presumably they are also on the master tape but that of course can't be verfied at the moment.

1 Radio promo
2 Intro (cut at 2.13, drop-outs at 3.16-21, cut at 3.22)
3 Call of the black panther / Are you experienced (audio drops out at 0.09-11 & 0.38-40, tape wow at 1.07, cut at 2.36, cut or drop-out at 3.20, tape wows at 3.27, 3.51 & 8.00)
4 Voodoo child (slight return) (tape wow at 5.58)
5 Red house (cut at 7.06, tape wow at 10.11)
6 Foxy lady
7 Fire
8 Hey Joe (tape wow at 4.58)
9 Sunshine of your love (drop-outs at 0.53-54, tape wows at 3.41, 4.05 & 4.55)
* master tape flip
10 I don't live today (start cut) (tape wows at 2.17 & 2.31)
11 Little wing (tape wow at 0.23)
12 Star spangled banner /
13 Purple haze

The KHJ radio promo
The promo spot that starts the disc is not an off-air recording but comes from a KHJ compilation reel of various promotional spots. Exact lineage is unknown but it probably is a 1st or 2nd generation copy of the original radio promo "master". The voice that you hear is that of KHJ dj Humble Harve who also does the opening introduction of the JHE set.

The Support Acts
There are also recordings of parts of the sets by Soft Machine and Vanilla Fudge. The 1st generation cassette however does not include these and the circulating versions are of much higher generation / lower audio quality than the Jimi Hendrix Experience set. Therefore these were not included as part of the Hollywood Bowl release proper but we have included them on a bonus disc that's available separately. The Soft Machine recording was taken from a compilation CDR titled "Soft Machine: American Tour - Summer 1968" and the Vanilla Fudge recording comes from a torrent where it was coupled with a 22 November 1969 recording from Hemisfair Arena in San Antonio. There is no lineage available for Soft Machine, Vanilla Fudge was listed as coming from a 3rd generation cassette. Both tapes very likely exist somewhere in better quality lower generation versions and the bonus disc in no way claims to be definitive or even best quality currently available. Some extranous clicks and digital errors were cleaned up from both tapes.

Interestingly neither support act tape has any of the cuts or speed problems that the JHE set has even though they are very likely to have been recorded by the same person since no other recordings of the JHE set circulate.

There are no recordings known to exist from any of the concerts that Eire Apparent played in 1968. There are some clues available as to what they might have played at the Hollywood Bowl, the book Eyewitness 1968 includes an 26 August 1968 concert review that reports the band played It's All Over Now, Baby Blue and Gloria. On the two available recordings from the January 1969 tour Eire Apparent is still playing Gloria but the Dylan number has changed to Highway 61 Revisited.

The Soft Machine recording from the Hollywood Bowl runs for 15 minutes and this could be most of their set, a 1 September 1968 review noted that the band performed for 20 minutes.

Vanilla Fudge seems to have been playing basically the same set each night. Based on September 1968 reviews reprinted in Eyewitness and the 9 September 1968 Portland recording, at Hollywood Bowl Vanilla Fudge probably played People Get Ready & You Keep Me Hangin' On and finished with the 20+ min Break Song. The Hollywood Bowl recording includes only the last number with a few minutes missing from the start.

Part 1-

Part 2-