Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Nice-Essen 1969 (FLAC)

THE NICE: Essen, Songtage, Grugahalle 11/10/69 1st Gen Nice Aud!

Hey Friends, as a request, I´m posting the rare performance of The Nice from the "Songtage" Festival 1969!
Unfortunately only nice quality, but probably a " must have" for anybody interested in this field!
MP 3 sample below!

01 Instr.-voc
02 Rondo
03 Country Pie
04 How could you hang on to a dream /cut
05 Sibelius´Intermezzo(from Karelia suite)
06 Outro by Alexis Korner
Time ca, 40 mins

Keith Emerson:keyb., piano
Brian Davison: dr,flute
Lee Jackson: bass,cello,violin,voc

Lineage: 1st. Gen Cass-PDR05-EAC-Flac
Nice Audience Quality

Enjoy this piece of "The Nice" history!!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Arthur Brown-Glastonbury (6-24-11) (FLAC)

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Glastonbury Spirit of '71 Stage
24 June 2011

A great performance - one of my favourites of this years festival -
from the excellent new Spirit of '71 stage.

A few minor PA crackles and minor sound alterations while trying to
keep my recorder dry on a rather wet evening - nothing serious.

A slight gap at the start of 'Fire' while Arthur attempts to get his
headgear alight!

The Bridge
All the Bells
Devils Grip
I Put a Spell on You
Voice of Love
Time Captives
Spontaneous Apple Creation
Fire Poem
Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Line up - I believe is:

Arthur Brown - Vocals
Max Gest - Keyboards
Jim Mortimore - Bass
Sam Walker - Drums
Nina Gromniak - Guitar

A Disputandum production

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Monday, August 15, 2011

Iron Butterfly - Goteborg 1971 (FLAC)

Iron Butterfly
Goteborg, Sweden
Soundboard (SQ: 10/10)

Lineage: traded CDR > Steinberg (no corrections) > Carbon-Hi-Space CDR > flac > you

Here's an Iron Butterfly soundboard from Goteborg, Sweden in A+ quality. At only two
songs, it's not complete, but they're *really* long songs. :) "In A Gadda Da Vida"
is incredible.

01. Butterfly Bleu (23:12)
02. In A Gadda Da Vida (24:29)
time: 47:41

Doug Ingle - keys, lead vocals
Ron Bushy - drums
Lee Dorman - bass
Larry "El Rhino" Reinhart - guitar
Mike Pinera - guitar

In "Butterfly Bleu", guitarist Mike Pinera uses what he called the Magic Bag. Designed
in 1969 by Doug Forbes, who called it simply The Bag, it was worn on a strap over the
shoulder, like a wine bag, with a clear tube going to his mouth. Sound familiar? Two
years later Bob Heil would develop the Talk Box, used by Joe Walsh ("Rocky Mountain Way")
and Peter Frampton ("Do You Feel Like We Do") in 1973. They made it famous, but Iron
Butterfly and Mike Pinera did it first.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Frank Zappa- (10-20-1968) Concertgebouw-sbd Low Gen Rob C doctorzap (FLAC)

Frank Zappa
and The Mothers Of Invention
June 13, 1969
Fillmore East
New York City, NY
(Early Show)

44.12 min, Aud 2nd, B/B-

The Mothers Of Invention, May 1969 - August 1969:
FZ, Roy Estrada, Jimmy Carl Black, Art Tripp, Ian Underwood,
Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, Motorhead Sherwood, Buzz Gardner.


01 intro 0:22
02 Electric Bassoon Concerto (incl. parts of Music For Low Budget Orchestra) 11:27
03 Valarie preamble 1:56
04 Valarie 5:18 °°° cuts at end, no music missing
05 King Kong preamble 1:07 °°° cuts in
06 King Kong 12:44
07 Uncle Meat 3:20
08 Drum Duet 1:50
09 Some Ballet Music 4:52 °°° flaws around cut at 2:43
10 audience ("More !") 1:13

Total time 44.12 min

Part 1-!download|955tg|1182111884|FZ102068.part1.rar|165000|R~86F597CF

Part 2-!download|843l3|4085387595|FZ102068.part2.rar|165000|R~CB110616

Part 3-!download|319l33|2160504698|FZ102068.part3.rar|158615|R~2C9E25B

Friday, August 5, 2011

Daevid Allen & the Magic Brothers-Cleveland (03-13-1992) (FLAC)

1992-03-13 - Cleveland - The Gallery Cafe
Daevid Allen, Graham Clark, Mark Robson
sbd, full gig

1) Intro Rap (322)
2) Intro Circle (646)
3) Zero Theme (143)
4) Why Do We Treat Ourselves Like We Do (717)
5) I Am My Own Rodie (451)
6) Herbacious Border (603)
7) Have You Seen My Friend (442)
8) Wayland Smithy (1952)
9) Take Time To Dream (902)
10) Song Of Your Life (649)
11) Let Me Be One (426)
12) Trial By Headline (3.13)
13) Shadow Spirit (621)
14) Isle Of Glass (544)
15) Children Of The New World (3.47)
16) Wise Man In Your Heart (12.44)
17) Magick Brother (1009)

Part 1-!download|713l3|78357373|DATMB31392.part1.rar|156000|R~73874F5F8E96C9EC8B5E13DD1913E806

Part 2-!download|433l36|1932694551|DATMB31392.part2.rar|156000|R~5CBA764D36FAAB1ECD15E1C3F65FE971

Part 3-!download|943tl2|878467653|DATMB31392.part3.rar|109536|R~2AD667689EF98F6BFD750384135630B0

Monday, August 1, 2011

David Bowie-Tokyo,Japan (April 11 1973) (FLAC)

David Bowie
Shinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan
Tokyo Japan
April 11 1973

Liberated Bootleg:Ziggy Goes To East
Trystar Inc. TR003

Artwork included

01 Opening Intro
02 Hang Onto Yourself
03 Ziggy Stardust
04 Changes
05 Moonage Daydream
06 John I'm Only Dancing
07 Watch That Man
08 Width Of A Circle
09 Space Oddity
10 Let's Spend The Night Together
11 Time
12 Five Years
13 The Jean Genie
14 Suffragette City
15 Rock 'n' Roll Suicide

1st generation rip from Silver discs>EAC>Flac

From Bassman's David Bowie page:
Wow! This is a previously unreleased Japanese concert, the third one of the rather short Aladdin Sane tour (in Japan). The sound quality is very good for being an audience tape from 1973, and it is probably complete? Buy it when you find it!

Part 1-!download|523dt|1166103289|DB41173.part1.rar|160000|R~37E8E9712508A8905B4C36E3836CDB07

Part 2-!download|778tl2|1021671025|DB41173.part2.rar|160000|R~DC84A2C10D666776512B89FBABA3A6C3

Part 3-!download|260l35|1150523008|DB41173.part3.rar|99092|R~1313179E436CA478E31B801A3C770C1F