Monday, August 15, 2011

Iron Butterfly - Goteborg 1971 (FLAC)

Iron Butterfly
Goteborg, Sweden
Soundboard (SQ: 10/10)

Lineage: traded CDR > Steinberg (no corrections) > Carbon-Hi-Space CDR > flac > you

Here's an Iron Butterfly soundboard from Goteborg, Sweden in A+ quality. At only two
songs, it's not complete, but they're *really* long songs. :) "In A Gadda Da Vida"
is incredible.

01. Butterfly Bleu (23:12)
02. In A Gadda Da Vida (24:29)
time: 47:41

Doug Ingle - keys, lead vocals
Ron Bushy - drums
Lee Dorman - bass
Larry "El Rhino" Reinhart - guitar
Mike Pinera - guitar

In "Butterfly Bleu", guitarist Mike Pinera uses what he called the Magic Bag. Designed
in 1969 by Doug Forbes, who called it simply The Bag, it was worn on a strap over the
shoulder, like a wine bag, with a clear tube going to his mouth. Sound familiar? Two
years later Bob Heil would develop the Talk Box, used by Joe Walsh ("Rocky Mountain Way")
and Peter Frampton ("Do You Feel Like We Do") in 1973. They made it famous, but Iron
Butterfly and Mike Pinera did it first.

Part 1-

Part 2-


Anonymous said...

look out friend this is the same that turn arround the web for awhile,but is not losless...
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Conclusion: MPEG 89%
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FILE: 01 - Butterfly Bleu.flac
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Conclusion: MPEG 92%
Signature: 2F72A90DCB8802874929785B03CDE5F095F90E5D <

Hal Jalikeakick said...

Okay,so this is lossy.

Timmy said...

Oh, wow, geezuz, THANX! Iron Butt Live! I can hardly stand it all......