Friday, April 20, 2012

Arthur Brown - City Varieties Leeds 30th October 2011 (FLAC)

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (opening for Focus) - Live at The City Varieties Leeds 30th October 2011

Lucie Rejchrtova - Keys, and Backing Vocals.
Nina Gromniak - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Rick Patten - Bass Guitar
Samuel Walker - Drums and backing vocals
Angel Fallon - Dancer

A nice recording of Arthur and his Crazy World, afine prelude to Focus. He has some fine musicians in the group.

Recording details:
Sound Professionals SP-CMC-9 Micro Sized Premium Audio Technica Stereo Microphones ; SPL mic battery power supply (SP-SPSB-8 bass roll-off) set to 95Hz ; Edirol R-09HR > PC split and FLACed with Magix Audio Lab.

Part 1-

Part 2-


wcpaeb said...

Thanks for this show it was real good sounding audience recording and especially spirited version of Fire.


1. The Bridge 4:07
2. All the Bells 5:58
3. Kites 6:16
4. I Put A Spell On You 5:29
5. The Voice Of Love 7:00
6. Spontaneous Apple Creation 7:23
7. Fire 4:47
8. Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood + band intro 5:09

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