Sunday, June 10, 2012

Captain Beefheart-Work Tape & Various Unreleased

Captain Beefheart ( Don Van Vliet )

 Work Tape Excerpt & Various ( 196? - 197? )

01. Work Tape Excerpt ( 9:48 )
02. Hoboism  ( 7:17)
03. Lick My Decals Off, Baby ( Plunderphonics Mix ) ( 2:45 )
04. WHFS Station ID ( 00:18 )
05. Work Tape Excerpt ( 9:56 )

 total time approx 30 min.

Maxell XLII-S Tapes > Onkyo Tape Deck > TDK DA-3826 > CD-R > PC > Wav > Traders Little Helper Flac level 8 > dimeadozen

trk 5, same way except with a Sony Deck.

transfer - mcchocchoc aka JBK, from the cassette Archives here.

 Some info . . . .

Track 1 & 5 "Work Tape Excerpt". Amazing excerpt from one of Don's "work tapes".
There has been a version of this floating around the interwebs for some time. That version was ripped from a cassette that came from my collection. So this version is one gen closer to the original source. I did NOT index the track(s). It is one long track.

  It is short and I think it should be listened to all the way through. That said, here is a track list made up by a friend of mine. This was taken from the text file of a version that was up over at the awesome zappateers site . . . .

Captain Beefheart
End of 1968/Early 1969
Ensenada Drive, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles

01-Untitled Piano Song (1:33)
02-Untitled Piano Instrumental #1 (1:53)
03-A Lot Of Money For You, A Lot Of Money For Me-Untitled Piano Instrumental #2 (1:19)
04-Short Whistling (0:10)
05-Untitled Piano Instrumental #3 (2:04)
06-Why Can't We Be Free? (0:50)
07-Untitled Piano Instrumental #4 (0:58)
08-Untitled Piano Instrumental #5 (0:31)

 I also included the date and location ( listed above ) as written in the same text. I have no idea when this recording(s) was actually made, so I did not date it. That said, my friend who posted it also knows his stuff ! This is a very cool peek into the way Don created and captured moments of inspiration.

 The only difference between the two tracks ( 1 & 5 ) is that I did the transfers 10 years apart. I figured I would include them both since this is a very short track list. OK, I think that all makes sense . . . . . moving forward . . .

Track 2 - HOBOISM. The Captain and the incredible Denny Walley. Recorded during 1975 or 76.
Recorded at home ? In a studio just goofing around ? I have no idea, but it is a great track. It has NEVER been "officially" released. It has been released on a "silver" boot, but I do not buy "boots" and I have not heard that version. This, like all of my shares, is from my own tape collection. The quality is pretty good and it's an exciting listen. My wife said it sounded good, so here it is. ( If anybody has a better quality recording, share it ! ). I love this track.

Track 3 - Lick My Decals Off, Baby ( Plunderphonics Remix by John Oswald ).
 " The legendary "Plunderphonics" exponent takes the 'Decals' album and mixes it
down to ONE TRACK " ! ! ! !  This is just awesome. And never officially released.
The vocal into is just wild ! Very interesting mix. A fun and crazy listening
experience. A must hear recording.

Track 4 - WHFS Station ID by Captain Beefheart. Harmonica and Voice. 197?.
 ( I am thinking 71 or 72 ). Very short, but very good quality and pretty cool !
( too bad I can not share the "radio ads" for the " Decals " albums I found on the same tape I pulled this track from. Two different Radio Spots for the album, featuring little
snippets of music from the "official" release.


Part 1-

Part 2-


zico said...

He was, is and always be ONE AND ONLY.
Thanks Hal, for the GREAT CAPTAIN.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

northfieldhat said...

can i request a reup of part 1?

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