Saturday, September 1, 2012

Henry Cow Orckestra 1977.03.13 London Roundhouse (FLAC)

Henry Cow/Mike Westbrook Occasional Orchestra And Big Band
Featuring Frankie Armstrong
London, England
"Moving Left Revue '77"
13 March 1977

Frankie Armstrong - voice
Dagmar Krause - voice
Phil Minton - trumpet, voice
Paul Rutherford - trombone, euphonium, voice
Dave Chambers - tenor & soprano saxes, flute
Tim Hodgkinson - clarinet, alto sax, organ, piano, voice
Lindsay Cooper - bassoon, oboes, flute, piano, voice
Kate Barnard - tenor horn, piccolo, voice
Fred Frith - guitar, viola, violin, xylophone
Mike Westbrook - euphonium, piano
Georgie Born - cello, bass guitar
Chris Cutler - drums

Disc 1
1) Wheel Of Fortune > Terrible As An Army With Banners (21:47)
2) Teenbeat > Would You Prefer Us To Lie? (15:45)
3) Lament For The Hull Trawlers (4:43)
4) Three Maidens A-Milking Did Go (2:54)

Disc 2:
1) Naima > Mourn Not The Dead > ? > ? (21:34)
2) The Kanonen Song (4:36)
3) Let The Slave (11:19)
4) Barthlemy Fair (4:41)
5) The Saucy Sailor (2:22)

Thanks to maclen for the setlist.

Quality: B-

incomplete/last songs and encores missing!

C-90 tape (unknowwn generation) from trades
--> wav (Terratec Phono PreAmp Studio)
--> track separation (Nero)
--> flac (level 8)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-


davedoor said...

only crocko seems to work ?

davedoor said...

only crocko works?

Anonymous said...

The set list appears on Wiki :'The Orckestra' (and appears to be incomplete). The album sleeve design (front and back) appear on Google images : 'Henry Cow Roundhouse images'. The encores were 'I Believe' (a person had called out for it) and 'Alabama Song' which they played for the second time that evening. The notable omission being 'Erk Gah' (later to be called 'Hold to the Zero Burn, Imagine').

Anonymous said...

None of the links seem to be working :...<

Anonymous said...

No, crocko is also blocked.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

So the Cow has pulled the plug on this download. That's fat! Nearly every piece played at this concert was 'ripped-off' from other composers.

pedda said...

pls re-upload

Anonymous said...

max born's a fag

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DrEyescope said...

Also requesting a reupload.

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