Friday, October 15, 2010

Frank Zappa-Fullerton, CA (November 11, 1968) (FLAC)

NOVEMBER 11, 1968

soundboard > ?? > WM Fisher's cassette > Akaii GX-570 D2 w/ Dolby
Nakamichi CR3A w/ Dolby > Audigy 4 Pro > Audacity > CD Wav > Flac (Level 8)

1. It’s The Law!
2. Bacon Fat
3. Intro to A String Quartet
4. A Pound for a Brown on the Bus
5. Sleeping in a Jar (incomplete)
6. The Wild Man Fischer Story
7. I'm the Meany
8. Valarie
9. King Kong (incomplete)

A copy of Wild-Man Fisher’s cassette


Frank Zappa
Jimmy Carl Black
Bunk Gardner
Don Preston
Jim Sherwood
Roy Estrada
Arthur Dyer Tripp III
and special guests Larry "Wild Man" Fischer
and Don Cherry (possible)

I found this information on the internet while searching this tape:
In the late 80s, one of the old Mothers tried to sell the tape of this show to collectors
and/or bootleggers for a "fantasy price" so high that nobody was interested.
Soon afterwards, that tape was rendered worthless when an identical tape leaked out from somewhere else and someone made this bootleg from it.

I got a copy of this concert in the early 1980's from Larry Wild Man Fisher.
I met Larry Fisher while working at Slipped Disc Records (an independent record store) in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles).
Let's say that he was a bit wide eyed when he came up to me and told me to "put this tape on".
It was a cassette with the word LARRY written on it.
This is a copy of that tape.
Maybe it is different from what's out there already.
Mike Martin 3/2010
Flying M Productions

Part 1-

Part 2-


Greg said...

Gadzooks! What an amazing story behind this recording, especially if it's true. Very much looking forward to hearing it. As always, thank you for all of your hard work, and also for making this available.

Anonymous said...

I know Mike Martin so I have no doubt that his story is true.

This show was originally released in the 80's on a European double boot LP 'Our Man In Nirvana' with a 30 min King Kong.

Rhino copied the boot LP and then legitimately issued it 1992 as part of their Frank Zappa - Beat the Boots set vol. 2 (which has been out of print for about 10 years).

Greg said...

Thanks for the additional info anon - very interesting stuff.

Timmy said...

Hey, THANK YOU for this. Seen FZ 5 times & Wildman once. I can't wait to hear them together.........

-Clownshoes said...

So, if this is taken from "Our Man in Nirvana", then the date should be listed as November 8th, 1968, not the 11th?

Also, it seems Wildman was only part of this performance due to Ian Underwood's unknown absence....