Wednesday, July 20, 2011

King Crimson-Zurich (4-08-1973) (FLAC)

King Crimson - Zurich, April 8th 1973 Dance Of Death

1st copy from master tape>CDR(Philips CDR 570)>wave(EAC)>flacf(8) Dime Download > adobe audition for clean up and retracking > flac level 8

The Band :

Robert Fripp - guitar,mellotron
David Cross - violin,mellotron
Bill Bruford - drums
John Wetton - Bass , vocals


disc 1

01.Doctor Diamond
02.Larks Tongues In Aspic p1
03.Easy Money
04.Improv - The Youth
05.Book Of Saturday - recombined - incomplete - the middle section is missing

disc 2

01.Improv - The Maiden
02.Improv - The Baby
03.The Talking Drum
04.Larks Tongues In Aspic p2
05.21st Century Schizoid Man

cleanup and insert package by juxtiphi

Part 1-!download|745tl|3614065124|King_Crimson-Zurich__4-08-1973_.part1.rar|156000|R~00594AB2D784E349B70C7CBA6ED00E83

Part 2-!download|785l33|1209769766|King_Crimson-Zurich__4-08-1973_.part2.rar|156000|R~AEB69C473E5C8F4198520CC8A8AB14AF

Part 3-!download|499tl|233965049|King_Crimson-Zurich__4-08-1973_.part3.rar|156000|R~BC9EA8F7EEB9022B540C44491820E47B

Part 4-!download|63tl3|1372900440|King_Crimson-Zurich__4-08-1973_.part4.rar|21995|R~B514753F07CA0404AB248B799D8F78B3


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