Monday, August 4, 2008

Henry Cow with Mike Westbrook Brass Band Play as -The Orckestra (9-17-77)

Henry Cow with Mike Westbrook Brass Band Play as "The Orckestra"
Modena, Italy
September 17,1977
(Sometimes listed under September 9,1977)

1-Wheel Of Fortune
2-Teenbeat/Nirvana For Mice Intro.
3-Beautiful Reprise
5-Mourn Not Death/Improv
7-Lady Howard's Coach
8-The Kanonen Song
9-Let The Slave
10-Barthlemy Fair

A pretty decent soundboard recording from this very unusual line-up!! Some distortion and drop outs here and their that was on the master source. But a very enjoyable and weird Canterbury/Jazzy/Fusion/Prog show!!

Part 1-
Part 2-


Luke Hagfors said...

Great stuff over here!

Make sure to check us out at


aceofspace said...

great meeting, but where is Dagmar ???
thanks so lot..

Blorxgrelb said...

Stunning! Thanks for posting this.

mellatron said...

I am trying to source the original recording by a member of Henry Cow who would like to prepare this recording for release. Can you help me track the original session down ?

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3243 said...

From what I understand aceofspace, Krause was out of action due to serious health problems. In fact, she would never sing with Henry Cow again.

Natale Nitti said...
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Natale Nitti said...
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Euroman51 said...

Hi there!...
I am that guy who made the recordings that day in Modena, 1977. I'd like to get in contact with you, Hal. Please write. Thanks...

Euroman51 said...

Sorry Hal, my email address: euroman(at),

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