Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Frank Zappa-''The 200 Motels Suite''-5-15-70

Frank Zappa
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA - w/ The L.A Philharmonic
May 15,1970

A decent audience recording of this MOI reunion gig. Rough in the beginning,but get's better the more it goes on. This show is a must if you're a fan of "200 Motels" in any way!!

01 intro 2:24
02 My Boyfriend's Back - I'm Gonna Bust His Head 2:45
03 Tiny Sick Tears 6:16
04 Agon 0:48
05 Call Any Vegetables - Integrales 10:36
06 Blowing Discordant Sounds - tuning - [!] 2:10
07 intro to 200 Motels Suite 1:44
08 200 Motels Suite I - A Pound For A Brown (rock band version) 4:46
09 200 Motels Suite II - assorted themes for orchestra I 13:53 *
10 200 Motels Suite III - assorted themes for orchestra and rock band - [!] 7:33 **
11 200 Motels Suite IV - Who Needs The Peace Corps - Dukes Of Prunes (rock band version) 7:33
12 200 Motels Suite V - assorted themes for orchestra II 10:32 ***
13 200 Motels Suite VI - suite finale - [!] 4:55 ****
14 audience and intro to King Kong 4:06
15 King Kong 6:48
16 intro to encore 1:03
17 Plastic People 1:46
18 Oh No - Orange County Lumber Truck (incl. Linda Lu) 9:04

Part 1-http://sharebee.com/42a4462f
Part 2-http://sharebee.com/4d117ca6
Part 3-http://sharebee.com/6a5bf29a


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zico said...

This is a trully great blog and we can find in here some of the greatest musician of the past century. Frank Zappa and the Mothers are my fanourites and i want to thank you for all these special posts. Hopefully as sharenoall vanished there will be a repost of this one, cause i didn't have the chance to get it. Probably there are more like me out there.
A million thanks in advance anyway.

Cherokee Inn said...

Impressive list! Thanks for the post...keep it up. Motel in IA
Motel in Iowa