Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Be In The No-Air - A Tribute To Robert Wyatt

Be In The No-Air - A Tribute To Robert Wyatt: Various Artists.
The Knitting Factory-Hollywood,California
August 9,1998

Disc 1:
1-Muddy Mouth
2-The Song
3-A Little Something
4-God Song
5-Sea Song
6-Gloria Gloom-A Last Straw

Disc 2:
1-Was A Friend
2-Daevid Allen ?
3-Free Will And Testament
4-Hope For Happiness
6-We Did It Again

Recorded live at The Knitting Factory, Hollywood (California) on August 9,1998

Fred Frith; John Greaves; Peter Blegvad; Karen Mantler; Pip Pyle; Hugh Hopper;Daevid Allen; Mark Kramer

Part 1-
Part 2-


Anonymous said...

thank you for this album :)

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Anonymous said...

This was recorded at The Knitting Factory in NYC, not L.A.

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