Sunday, July 13, 2008

Peter Blegvad-New York City 1980-1981

New York City 1980 / 1981

N.Y.C. Soundscape 14 Feb. 1980
(38:53 min)
01 Introduction
02 Excerpt From The Messiah
03 Charlie 'n' CHarlie
04 Alcohol
05 A Little Something
06 Halfway There
07 Tutankhamun
08 Casablanca Moon
09 I Got Evil
10 Me And Parvati
11 Riding Tigers

N.Y.C. Cooper's Union 21 Jan. 1980
(24:05 min)
01 Charlie 'n' Charlie
02 Alcohol
03 A Little Something
04 Tutankhamun
05 Casablanca Moon
06 Me And Parvati
07 I Goz Evil
08 Riding Tigers

N.Y.C. CBGB's 14 Apr. 1980
(32:45 min)
01 Actual Frenzy
02 Me And Parvati
03 Mr. Rainbow
04 Excerpt From The Messiah
05 Casablanca Moon
06 Halfway There
07 Alcohol
08 Charlie 'n' Charlie
09 A Little Something
10 Riding Tigers

audience cassette recordings

Part 1-
Part 2-


Anonymous said...

Hello, The files are incomplete. I missing pat 4, N.Y.C. unknown place 5 Feb. 1981
in the files.

Hal Jalikeakick said...

No there all their. I decided to delete 2-5-81,cause of horrendous sound quality. My mistake for listing it!!


Rob said...


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