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Pink Floyd - French TV 1968-1971 (FLAC)

PINK FLOYD - French TV 1968-1971
[ This Place Records TPR CD 007 ]

01. Astronomy Domine (20Feb68)
02. Flaming (20Feb68)
03. Let There Be More Light (20Feb68)
04. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (20Feb68)
05. Let There Be More Light (07Sep68)
06. Flaming (31Oct68)
07. Let There Be More Light (31Oct68)
08. Corrosion (04-05Dec70)
09. Cymbaline (15Jun71)
10. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (15Jun71)

All tracks sourced from French TV archives (pre-broadcast),
except track 5 sourced from Jan10 rebroadcast on Melody TV.

Tracks 1 to 4:
recorded in Paris, Buttes Chaumont, ORTF studios, 20Feb68
broadcast on "Bouton Rouge" TV show, 24Feb68

Track 5:
recorded in Paris, Le Bilboquet, 07Sep68
broadcast on "Surprise Partie" TV show, 31Dec68

Tracks 6 and 7:
recorded in Paris, Chapiteau du Kremlin-Bicetre, 31Oct68
broadcast on "Tous En Scene" TV show, 26Nov68

Track 8:
recorded in Paris, Buttes Chaumont, ORTF studios, 04-05Dec70
broadcast on "Speciale Roland Petit" TV show, 02Jan71

Tracks 9 and 10:
recorded in Royaumont, Abbaye de Royaumont, 15Jun71
broadcast on "Cinq Grand Sur La Deux" TV show, 12Jul71


This *AUDIO* release compiles all the Pink Floyd live performances that were
filmed by French TV between 1968 and 1971, with the exception of the Saint
Tropez Festival of 08Aug70, available separately on TPR CD 005.

Some performances were done in ORTF TV studios (Bouton Rouge, Corrosion), while
the others were in front of an audience. All the tracks on this release were
played live, meaning that the Pink Floyd appearances at "Samedi & Compagnie"
and "Forum Musiques" TV shows, where the band was miming on the regular studio
versions, are not included here.

All tracks were carefully remastered from French TV archives, in order to present
this collection of songs in the best possible quality.
This is an upgrade compared to the audio tracks of the existing VoIOs such as
"French TV 1968-1969", "Ballets de Marseille" and "Pro-Shot In Europe 1969-1972".

Cuesheets are included for those who like to burn CDRs with all the required
text info.



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