Saturday, March 21, 2009

Van Der Graaf Generator-Corn Exchange-October 17, 1975

Van Der Graaf Generator
Corn Exchange
Cambridge, U.K.
October 17, 1975

audience recording-quality B

1: the undercover man 10:02
2: (in the) black room 13:11
3: arrow 11:46
4: forsaken gardens 7:52
5: la rossa 12:15
6: lemmings 17:41
7: scorched earth 11:09
8: darkness 7:06
9: gog 8:58
10: the sleepwalkers 11:44
11: man-erg 11:28

Peter Hammill- vocals, clavinet, guitar
David Jackson- sax and flute
Hugh Banton- organ, bass
Guy Evans- drums and percussion

Part 1-
Part 2-


zico said...

They are one of the best ever rock bands of Britain and surely Peter Hammill is simply a legendary figoure in modern music. A great poet and composer. One moer special post by the also great Hal and we thank him very much once more

Unknown said...

Van der graaf Generator is amazing and I can't wait for them to hit the states in the summer 2009!!!

Peej2000 said...

Many thanks for this upload. I didn't have this one. Peej