Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Soft Machine-The Early Years (Canterbury Anthology Vol. 2)

Here's Part 2 of the great "Canterbury Anthology" series. Very early Soft Machine for your enjoyment!!

01-Contusions-(Summer 1966 Session)
02-Another Lover Has Gone-(Summer 1966 Session)
03-Fred The Fish-(from 1967 45'')
04-Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin-(from 1967 45'')
05-I Should've Known (Recorded in UK 1967)
06-I'm So Low (Recorded in UK 1967)
07-We Know What You Mean-September 22,1967-Hoepla TV,Holland
08-I Should've Known -September 22,1967-Hoepla TV,Holland
09-Clarence In Wonderland-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
10-We Know What You Mean-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
11-Certain Kind-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
12-Hope For Happiness-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
13-Lullaby Letter-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
14-She's Gone-(from 1967 45'')
15-I Should've Known-(from 1967 45'')
16-Lullabye Letter-(oops version of the 1968 released tracks)
17-Hope For Happiness-(oops version of the 1968 released tracks)
18-Save Yourself-(oops version of the 1968 released tracks)
19-Joy Of A Toy-(From Mono Single Released Early 1969)
20-Why Are We Sleeping-(From Mono Single Released Early 1969)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your blog. So far, so good. Thanks for the first two posts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gong And Kevin fine good stuff but can't unzip Soft Machine Faulty File

Los Peores Discos said...

so thankful, greetings from Argentina.

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pedro velasquez said...

Soft Machine were an English rock band from Canterbury, named after the book The Soft Machine by William S.dominical costa rica tours Burroughs. They were one of the central bands in the Canterbury scene, and helped pioneer the progressive rock genre.Soft Machine (billed as The Soft Machine up to 1969) were formed in mid-1966 by Robert Wyatt (drums, vocals), Kevin Ayers (bass, guitar, vocals), Daevid Allen (guitar) and Mike Ratledge (organ) plus, for the first few gigs only, American guitarist Larry Nowlin. Allen, Wyatt and future bassist Hugh Hopper had first played together in the Daevid Allen Trio in 1963, occasionally accompanied by Ratledge.

progmarce said...

Muchas Gracias por este post. Thank you very much.

amusicalguy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amusicalguy said...

The link for this one no longer works (7-23-11). Any chance you could reupload this one for early Soft Machine fans like myself? Thanks so much in advance! Your blog is great!!

PeterP said...

Would love to listen to this, links no longer work though.

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John said...

More Kevin I can't live without! Forgive me for dumping all these comments, but you've got a goldmine of dead links here.

Please re-up here or on Dime if you would be so kind.


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