Thursday, December 15, 2011

Henry Cow 1978-07-23 Cervia Ravenna (FLAC)

Henry Cow
Cervia (Italy), Festa di Unita Proletaria, Ravenna

AUD tape recorded by Giorgio Di Paolo (of band Asuma Rimna) who kindly gave permission

to share his recording and who said...
"my memories are vague, a very low-tech cassette recorder was used; I probably

connected the line out of a tape deck to some PC sound card".

Extracted to .wav by Maclen who sent me the .wav files, thanks to both of you !!
TLH says "tracks look like CDDA with probability 100%"

wav > edit (Nero 8) > TLH (flac + SBE / Decode check)

Used better sounding left channel from this mono recording
Reduced volume by -4dB
Bass EQ +5dB
Inserted track05 from hte SBD source
Gap fixed in track06 (20.37-21.45 using SBD source)
Corrected ~ 200 volume variations
Fixed many nasty glitches in the Soundcheck
Edited and re-tracked for smooth track transitions
Added flac tags using fastone artwork, any change to the files will delete these.

Quality: Worth a historic A+

I was kindly sent this AUD source from the Cervia show, which is apparently new

compared to the high-gen SBD that has appeared many times here
on Dime, including a remaster of mine) and was surpised and delighted to hear a very

different and more dynamic mix. This is similar to the
Trondheim 1976 show, where the SBD mix sounds very dry compared to the FM version

(later found to be mp3 that was here a long time ago) on which
on-stage tapes being played by the band were very prominent and were completely missing

from the SBD.

So IMHO. this is a much better involving listen, whilst it also contains 2 more tracks

(03 & 12) and extra material on other tracks (00 and 06),
plus the continuous audience and announcements in between. To check the quality (and

tagging) I just listened on my Linn digital streamer and it
sound wonderful, so I hope you'll agree that it is really worth grabbing.

TomP post on Dime, Aug 2011

Fred Frith: guitar, bass, Viola, Vibes
Tim Hodgkinson: keyboards, treated guitar, alto and baritone sax, clarinet
Lindsay Cooper: bassoon, oboe, soprano, recorder
Anne-Marie Roelofs : trombone, violin, toys
Chris Cutler : drums, percussion, noises

00 - Soundcheck + Stage Intro (7.18)
01 - Viva Pa Ubu (2.18) - OFFICIAL FILE REMOVED (HC Box vol.9 track 11 - edited to be

still continuous without this)
02 - Viva Pa Ubu (cont'd) + The Big Tune (9.57)
03 - The March (4.08)
04 - Half The Sky Intro + Falling Away 1 (07:28)
05 - Woodwind intro + Falling Away 2 (05:50)
06 - Improvisation (30.13)
07 - Slice (1,24)
08 - Look Back (2.09)
09 - Industry (10.46)
10 - Waking Against Sleep (2.33)
11 - Ruins Variations-Free-Virgin Of Illinois (15.42)
12 - Scotland the Brave + Half The Sky (8.58)

Thanks to urich21 for set list information and further updates

Nice artworks by fastone are included, thanks !!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-


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Far superior sonically, and a great performance by this amazing group.

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Thank you very much!

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thanks for another great Henry cow live!!!!

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Thanks a whole ton! Great performance of the late Cow. Hope for even more of same.

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Hello. Please repost the files. thank you!