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Syd Barrett-2 FLAC Pack EP's + Mojo Article

Syd Barrett
2 FLAC Pack EP's

1-1969-1971 - Vinyl Sessions E.P.

A1-Dark Globe
A2-Word song
B1-Birdy Hop
B2-Milky Way

2-The Last Session Completed
Syd Barrett
The Last Session Completed
Abbey Road Studios, London, Uk
August 12, 1974

Overdubbing by anonymous fan
May 2009

Lineage: Doniker's "You Got It Now!" > 4-track Cassette > Cdr > Wav > Flac

01. Syd's Boogie
02. If You Go

Here is my attempt at making the 1974 Syd Barrett session more complete with sequencing the tracks and
overdubbing. I ended up with two tracks that are both comprised of multiple tracks from the Syd reels;
"Syd's Boogie" made up from the boogie takes and "john Lee Hooker" and "IF You Go" made up from
one of the takes of that song and "Ballad". Working on this music proved quite challenging due to
Syd's timing issues and the fact that there was really not alot to work with. That said, I attempted
to create backing for the mostly guitar demos and occasionaly played some lead guitar in as style as
close to Syd's as I could muster. It was also mixed with Syd's parts as the center point 99 percent of the
time. The title "Syd's Boogie" is unoficial and is a refrence to "Nick's Boogie" and the pieces that
make this track up, almost all of which are called "Boogie". "If You Go" seems to be an official title.

Instruments used:
Fender Precision bass (think Roger Waters)
Oak Grove custom electric guitar (Had this built for me, think Syd's Telecaster)
Blue Ridge Acoustic Guitar
Line 6 Delay Modeler
Various Native American Drums (think "swan lee", "Lanky")

Overdubbed on 4-Track Cassette recorder on high speed to make overdubs analog and conducive
to the original tracks.

I hope that the listener enjoys this recording and does not feel like this is one of those "fakes".
It is still Syd but he is now posthumously recording with a stranger.

Post Script:
I did not use every piece that Syd Barrett recorded at Abbey Road Studio August 12, 1974. There are pices
that were left out due to two factors: redundancy, and the excluded pieces had issues with rhythm that were
fatal to making it sound listenable and the excluded parts were also usually out of tune more than the
rest of the session.Also note that Syd seems to have recorded a few bass tracks most notably on
"If You Go". That bass track was high in the mix and pretty.. um... loose.

3-Also included is Mojo Magazine's "March 2010" article on Syd.


Part 1-
Part 2-

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Could you please repost part two on Deposit Files? Part one is good but two is apparently dead. Thanks!