Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MAN-Free Trade Hall, Manchester (May 20, 1975) (FLAC)

Free Trade Hall, Manchester
20 May 1975

Lineage unknown

Micky Jones
Deke Leonard
Terry Williams
Martin Ace
John Cipollina

01 7171 551 (7:28)
02 Hard Way to Die (6:43)
03 Babe I'm Gonna Leave (6:05)
04 The Storm (10:25)
05 Hard way to Live (3:40)
06 Codine (7:37)
07 Razorblade and Rattlesnake (6:30)
08 Many are Called but Few Get Up (13:08)
09 Bananas (10:53)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-


pj said...

Hey Hal

Great Man concert. First time I have heard them live and they are very impressive. I had always heard they were at their best live, and this proves it. I know rockrarecollection has made a cover for this but here is my effort. As it is from the Maximum Darkness tour I have called it Manchester Darkness.

pj said...

davedoor said...

thanks for all the triffic stuff youve put up ! love the manband ! however....isnt that ken whaley on bass in your pic ? love to all

Anonymous said...

Many thanks - saw them a couple of times around 74-77 but sadly missed the tour with cip' - the quicksilver connection was always in the background. Unfortunate that the legit live album Maximimum Darkness had to have his guitar parts overdubbed...oh and thanks for the cover pj.


bobbynoir said...

I have an old reel-to-reel tape of MAn on BBC. I cannot play it. Quality is probably crap, but I remeber that Romaine has an extended instrumental part which I havent found any where else.Would you be able to use that ?

Anonymous said...

Saw this tour twice at The Roundhouse.
West Coast Weekend was the Gig header.
Gutted I couldn't make the 3rd night.