Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jimi Hendrix Experience-Singer Bowl (8-23-1968) (FLAC)

RIP Jimi Hendrix (My main man) who left us 40 years ago today!

Jimi Hendrix Experience -
23 August 1968 :
Singer Bowl,
Flushing meadow park,
Queens, NY.

Source: Audience recording

Lineage: Master > DAT > CDR >Soundstudio > WAV > FLAC

File Size: 330 MB


01. Are You Experienced
02. Fire
03. Red House
04. I Don't Live Today
05. Like A Rolling Stone
06. Foxy Lady
07. Purple Haze - Star Spangled Banner
08. Hey Joe
09. Wild Thing

Hopefully something special for number ten. Well I like it :) The Singer Bowl show IMHO goes hand in hand with the recording of the Hollywood Bowl show from September. It's a loud, raucous recording that manages to capture the feeling of the show. Starting with a stunning version of AYE (check out the film footage to see Jimi swap guitars during the intro) the pace of the show never flags with only Like A Rolling Stone to give the audience time to catch breath. There may be better sounding recordings but in terms of excitement and atmosphere this one has it all.

I've included a twelve page booklet that I made up that includes all the contemporary reviews I could find along with many photos from the show. Yes it's also a real treat for all you budding origami enthusiasts :)

Rough recording,but pretty listenable for a 68 show and just a Hendrix show in general.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-


Andy Rampage said...

Is there any way to 'know' or 'find-out' the line-up for this show??

Hal Jalikeakick said...

Jimi Hendrix (Guitar,Vocals)
Noel Redding (Bass)
Mitch Mitchell (Drums)

Andy Rampage said...


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the booklet. Very Professional. Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!

Dhiraj said...

In the first album of ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience’- a band built around the emerging phenomenon called, well, Jimi Hendrix, Jimi shouts ‘manic depression is a frustrating mess’ in the microphone, then picks up his guitar and shows us the howling twisted abyss of the torment. Not for nothing, often he is rated as the greatest guitarist of all times.

Anonymous said...

The show was the Soft Machine, followed by the Chambers Brothers, who had just come out with 'Time', then Big Brother and the Holding Company, and finally Jimi Hendrix.

An incredible, mind-blowing show for myself as a budding 15-yr old guitarist, glad I was there.

play_k said...

Hey thanks Robert. I was at that show. Couldn't recall The Soft Machine. I was a big Chambers Brothers fan already. First time I'd ever heard Janis and Big Brother. Went to see Jimi , of course! I remember him talking to all the people waling in the aisleways after his first tune. Something like "Hey I'll see all of you people, thanks so much for coming, sorry to see you go so soon"