Monday, December 20, 2010

Gentle Giant - Frankfurt (October 29,1973) (FLAC)

Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany
1973-10-29 (October 29th 1973)


Lineage - unknown analog source>CD-R>dBpowerAMP>FLAC level 4>you

(Checked with EAC to ensure that this is not MP3 sourced).

01. The Runaway
02. Way Of Life
03. Funny Ways
04. Knots
05. The Advent Of Panurge
06. Nothing At All (including drum solo/percussion bash)
07. Plain Truth (including violin solo)
08. In A Glass House (including guitar solo) - incomplete

Derek Shulman - vocals, saxes, bass guitar
Ray Shulman - vocals, bass guitar, violin
Kerry Minnear - vocals, keyboards, cello, vibes
Gary Green - vocals, lead guitar
John Weathers - drums, percussion

This is a fairly good audience recording, considering when it was made, a bit "muddy"
at times, but generally very listenable. I've certainly heard worse... probably a "B",
although as I've said before, these things are very much down to personal taste.

It came to me on CD-R, and I've left things pretty much as they were - I've just made three
minor amendments to the recording, removing approximately one second of drop-out during the
audience reaction after The Advent Of Panurge, and removing about 40 seconds of auditorium
noise that followed the applause for Plain Truth and preceded the re-appearance of the band
for the encore (In A Glass House). Sadly, the encore was incomplete, suffering a rather
hurried fade-out on my version, so I tidied this up without removing any actual music - I
simply made the fade-out a little less jarring. I believe the recording sounds a little
smoother as a result, and no changes to the music itself have been made.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

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zico said...

One of the all time best bands they are. And that show was probably at the high point of their cariere.