Monday, November 1, 2010

Henry Cow-Bourges, France (November 24, 1977) (FLAC)

Henry Cow
Bourges, France
November 24, 1977

CD 1
1. Introduction (tuning and announcements) 6:20 cut
2. Intro & Nirvana for Mice 8:46
3. Woodwind Piece 6:17
4. Jackieing 1:28
5. New Piece (Erk Gah?) 7:44
6. Improvisation 16:21

CD 2
1. Ruins 17:47
2. Bittern Storm Over Ulm 2:38
3. Viva Pere Ubu Medley 21:54

Fred Frith
Tim Hodgkinson
Chris Cutler
Lindsay Cooper
Georgie Born

The concert was performed as one continuous piece. There were two tape flips: the first during #5 and the other at the end of #6. There is also a cut between the Introduction and the beginning of the first piece, and at the end of the Improvisation and Ruins (possible tape flip).

Lineage: ?? > cassette > M-Audio Audiophile > Mac

Edited with Audacity (volume, edits), CD SpinDoctor (tracking), and GarageBand (track doubling and balance, end fade)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Part 5-


Stephen said...

This must have been near the time that I saw them, at a school in Scunthorpe. That was really good (even though a lot of the kids and parents left during the interval)(and even though we had to thumb it back home (15 miles) in the snow).

Looking forward to hearing this.

x0x said...

please re-up