Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Arthur Brown-Time Captives (FLAC)

Time Captives

Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England
April 24, 1973

CD 1:
1. Time Captives
2. Conception
3. We Want Your Brain
4. Come Alive
5. City Melody
6. Captian (Telephone)
7. Gypsy

CD 2:
1. City Melody - reprise
2. Superficial Roadblocks
3. Untitled
4. Spirit Of Joy
5. Irish Potatoes
6. Untitled

Not a great performance or sound quality. But it does have it's very interesting spots here and their. Plus Arthur Brown boots from this period is rare if not impossible to come by! Enjoy!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-


Anonymous said...

Thanks, yeah the quality is rough but at least it's the first Arthur Brown you posted in FLAC.

Wish the BBC 68 you uploaded was FLAC.

Anonymous said...

CD2, last track "Untitled" is not Arthur Brown but Amon Düül 2.

Thanks for posting - really pretty rare document in music history.

Psychedelic Bob

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