Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ron Geesin With David Gilmour-June 15,2008

Ron Geesin With David Gilmour

'Ron's Psychedelic Supper' Volume Two

Cadogan Hall, Chelsea, London

June 15,2008


Caroline Dale,
Mun Floyd,
The Royal College Of Music Brass Ensemble,
The Canticum Chorus with Mark Forkgen

Yellow Cow Records - YCCD015B

Audience recording


01. Introduction (spoken)
02. Untitled Piece for Ten Brass
03. Ron Geesin (spoken)
04. I'm Not As Old As I Used To Be (Grand Piano)
05. Aphorisms & Poems (spoken)
06. Fight Or Flight ('Eastern' Banjo & Cello)
07. Conversation Piece With Banjo
08. Blue Blackbird (Bass Marimba & Choir)


01. Atom ‘art Mother (spoken)
02. Atom Heart Mother Suite;
Father’s Shout
Breast Milky
Mother Fore
Funky Dung
Mind Your Throats Please

Part 1-http://sharebee.com/cff5a86e
Part 2-http://sharebee.com/885a9706
Part 3-http://sharebee.com/55752096


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