Friday, June 26, 2009

National Health-2-14-76

National Health
School of Economics
London England

1. Tenemos Roads
2. Trident Asleep
3. Agrippa
4. The Lethargy Shuffle & The Mind-Your-Backs Tango [Boogaa]
5. Elephants
6. The Lethargy Shuffle (Part 2)

Dave Stewart (keyboards)
Alan Gowen (keyboards)
Phil Miller (guitar)
Steve Hillage (guitar)
Mont Campbell (bass,french horn)
Bill Bruford (drums)

Part 1-
Part 2-


Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff - much appreciated. Great sound quality too!

Anonymous said...

I had this one on a cassette transferred from "bootleg" lps (remember those?)
Don't forget that this show features Bill Bruford on drums--classic stuff!
(and decent enough sound quality for an aud. recording, as the first anonymous noted too!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much !
My best regards


Anonymous said...

Great concert. Got it some years ago. Thanks. Canterbury 4 ever.