Saturday, June 6, 2009

King Crimson - London,Marquee-August 9,1971

King Crimson
August 9,1971

Great Audience Recording

I have only this 5 songs from the show and looking since years for
the complete show,perhaps someone can help.It`s a must have for
all KC fans because Mr.Wonderful is one of the best Improvs.from
Fripp/Collins at this time.

the band:

Robert Fripp: Guitar and Mellotron
Mel Collins: Sax, Flute and Mellotron
Boz Burrell: Bass and Lead Vocals
Ian Wallace: Drums and Backing Voclas
Pete Sinfield: Illuminations


02.The Letters
03.Improv:Mr.Wonderful/Drum solo
04.Ladies of the Road
05.Pictures of a City


austinnate said...

have you any MAR VISTA Philharmonic?
I haven't heard any but I have been told to look for it....

Hal Jalikeakick said...

unfortunately no,austinnate.


WOZZ said... link seems to be down :(

hulaboy said...

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ya, shame, tho, that the picture portraits the King Crimson line-up of 1973, the period of "Lark"
Cheers, Franz

misdemeanor said...

Thanks, this was new for me :)

marco said...

Hi Hal,
my KC's Marquee August 71 tape has 2 more songs (Formentera Lady/Sailor's Tale) but I think it even ain't the complete show. It's hard to think of a KC show without Schizoid Man...!!! The sound quality of my recording is slightly worse than yours probably due to a higher generation tape. Anyway I uploaded the show (in two parts) and here you are the links:

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Hope you enjoy.

If you read this comment when the files have already been removed, just e-mail me ( and I'll re-up again.