Saturday, January 3, 2009

Atomic Rooster-1-8-72

Atomic Rooster
January 8,1972
Milan, Italy

1. Breakthrough
2. Death Walks Behind You
3. A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go Down
4. Black Snake / ??? >> Sleeping For Years >> ???
5. Tomorrow Night
6. Gershatzer
7. Devil's Answer

Pete French (vocalist),
Vincent Crane,
Ric Parnell,
Steve Bolton.

(Warning-Pretty rough recording. But still very listenable! Being as their's so few recordings of this band,why not post it?)


Part 1-
Part 2-


Anonymous said...

thanks. check out the news on Eddie Jobson's new band/project- UKZ

Anonymous said...

hey, what a discovery - THANK YOU!

Unknown said...

Oh wow.Im a Rooster fanatic, and cant process .rar files.Youd make my season if you could convert that to .exe...or a torrent...or anything easier to download!!!!Please!!!!

Unknown said...

.zip, not .exe!Sorry, I really never really got this stuff right.