Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tomorrow (Mono Mix 1968)+ BBC tracks

Tomorrow (Mono Mix 1968)+ BBC tracks

Thanks goes to ottoman79!

Near Mint vinyl PMC-7042. This is the mono mix currenlty unavailable on cd, and not the crappy phased mono (mock stereo) crap on the stereo cd either. By far the best version of this album! I normally don't post official albums,but considering this has never been released since 1968,I figure why not??

01-My White Bicycle
02-Colonel Brown
03-Real Life Permanent Dream
06-IncredibleJourneyOf T Chase
07-Auntie Mary's Dress Shop
08-Strawberry Fields Forever
09-Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
10-Now Your Time Has Come


12-Blow Up 1-31-68
13-Colonel Brown 9-21-67
14-Real Life Permanent Dream 9-21-67
15-Revolution 9-21-67
16-Three Jolly Little Dwarfs 9-21-67


Catholic Taste (Walt) said...

Just a wee word to say thanks for sharing this. Top notch!

Anonymous said...

pretty rare indeed.

aldo said...

Many thanks for this one!
i've been a fan ever since i first bought a Decal reissue just over 20years ago.
years later i got a much better repro that also included a brilliant reproduction of the poster for my white bycicle.
but that wasn't in mono either.
a detail: the album here ends with Hallucinations, but it's just a case of changing the track number...

Jim Thompson said...

It's a great one, completely fab!

Anonymous said...

...file not found.

Psychedelicpiper said...

Just discovered this. Any chance of an FLAC rip? The stereo imaging is annoying, so I'm really grateful for the original mono.

Anonymous said...

Can you please re up mate?

Anonymous said...

Yar plz reup

Anonymous said...

Please re-up (and flac would be awesome !!)

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could reup?