Monday, January 19, 2009

Gong-The Farm Tapes 73-74

Gong - The Farm Tapes 73-74

I really dont know any details on this one.
Just a cassette I ended up with. No case, just a tape with
farm tapes 73-74 on it. Just spacey jams. Sounds like it was
during the mushroom expirimation period. A bit of tape hiss
but fairly good sound and great jams. Maybe a GAS Tape? Who knows?

Part 1-
Part 2-


pokerface said...
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pokerface said...

OK This is what ive worked out as the track titles

fohat digs holes in space
A Sprinkling of Clouds
Bombalay / Dynamite
Glisando Guitar
6-8 Tune
Radio Gnome

Zero the Hero & The witch`s Spell
Sold To The Highest Buddha
I Never Glid Before
Om Nama Shivaya
Outer Temple Inner Temple
Isle of Everywhere
You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever

My personal Comments are
Alot of side B doesnt sound correct to my ears
When Om Nama Shivaya gets played It doesnt sound anything like Allen Or Hillage singing
I personally think that alot of the B side is a Fake Gong Band Take a listen to You Never Blow Yr Trip . And try to picture the face to the voice as it doesnt sound right to me

Gianmaria Rizzardi said...

More info here:

(most of it is Brest, FR 1974-02-06)

The "fake Gong band" (blow yr trip) is Gong with Bruford drumming (which show?) and the voice is 100% the Oz Alien!