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Mike Oldfield and Friends-BBC (June 25, 1973) (FLAC)

Mike Oldfield and Friends
Live from the Queen Elizabeth Concert Hall
London England
June 25, 1973

1. Show Introduction
2. Tubular Bells Part One
3. BBC Announcer
4. Tubular Bells Part Two
5. The Sailor's Hornpipe
6. BBC Announcer
Running Time: 56 minutes 31 seconds


Master of Cerimonies - Vivian Stanshall

Tubular Bells Part One:
Mike Oldfield - Lowery Organ, Bass, acoustic and electric Guitarand mandolin
David Bedford - Grand Piano, Accordian, Organ, Choir Master, String Arrangement
John Greaves - Farfisa Organ, Electric Piano, Tin Whistle
Fred Frith - Electric and Bass Guitars
Tim Hodginson - Organ, Electric Piano,Fender Rhodes
Mick Taylor - Electric Guitar
Steve Hillage - Electric Guitar
Pierre Morlen - Glockenspiel, Timpani, Tubular Bells, Gongs, Cymbals, Tam Tam
Steve Broughton - Drums
Geoff Leigh - Flute
John Field - Flute
Terry Oldfield - Flute
Tom Newman - Nasal Chorus
Girly Chorus (12 total Including; Sally Oldfield and Mundy Ellis)

Tubular Bells Part two and the Sailor's Hornpipe:
Ted Speight - Electric Guitar
Kevin Ayers - Bass
Vulpy - Viola
Nick Haley - Violin
Ashley Mason - Viola
Simon Ingram Hill - Cello and Organ
Janet Townley - Violin

Recorded from a 1/2 track, 7 ½ ips 10” pre FM reel to reel > Akaii GXC-570 D2 Cassette (w/ Dolby B).
It is extreamly low levels for the majority of the show but gets real loud in places.
From these low recording levels some hiss and rumble crept in.

Transfer of 1st generation cassette:
Nakamichi CR-3A w/ Dolby > Audigy 4 Pro @ 24/44.1 > minor editing with Nero >
converted to 16 bits w/ Audacity > Tracked w/ CD Wav > Flac (Level 8)

No noise reduction (other than Dolby B) or equilization.
The back cover art has the wrong track times for my recording but looked nice so I used it anyhow.
Courtesy of the artwork archives at BIG-O Magazine .
Mike Martin 9/2010

Part 1-!download|154tl2|1108597587|MO62573.part1.rar|155000|R~0CDA887C

Part 2-!download|280dt|3411916063|MO62573.part2.rar|155000|R~835317E62

Part 3-!download|80dt|3892385549|MO62573.part3.rar|10161|R~138F2F12AB3


Anonymous said...

I had this one many years ago, with a decent sound but not "pre-FM". This one is a huge upgrade.
OK, there is some hiss...

I don't agree about the sound being very low for the majority of the show. It's low on the quieter moments only (there are no more than 3 or 4 in the piece), but the majority of the recording is loud, and fortunately not compressed.

And I'd like to correct a repeated mistake in the line up, that you can find on every boots of this concert : Jeff Leigh, or John Leig is in fact GEOFF LEIGH (from Henry Cow).

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