Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band- Red Creek Inn-Rochester,NY (November 3, 1977) (FLAC)


November 3, 1977

Red Creek Inn, Rochester, New York


01. Crowd - Tuning - Introduction
02. Hair Pie Bake III ( Bass Solo )
03. Suction Prints
04. Low Yo Yo Stuff
05. Don Talks - Band Introductions >
06. > Band Intros Cont'd > Nowaday's A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man
07. Electricity
08. A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
09. China Pig / Hoboism
10. On Tomorrow
11. -Crowd-
12. -Crowd-Tuning-
13. Owed T' Alex ( cut/tape flip )
14. My Human Gets Me Blues
15. Veteran's Day Poppy > Outro
16. Orange Claw Hammer
17. Golden Birdies

Total Time Approx. 63 minutes

The Band . . . . . . .

Captain Beefheart Don Van Vliet vocals, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Eric Drew Feldman bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizer
Robert Williams drums, percussion
Jeff Moris Tepper guitar, slide-guitar
Denny Walley guitar, slide guitar

Also performing on the bill this night were Sunnyland Slim and
DeLyon (magician, mentalist as special guest).

( 2nd or 3rd gen cassette ) Aud Recording. Excellent sound.

Maxell XLII-S Tapes > Onkyo Deck > TDK DA-3826 > CD-R > PC > .wav > Audacity 1.3
( for speed correction ) > .wav > Traders Little Helper Flac level 8

transfer - mcchocchoc aka JBK Feb. 2011.

Another super show here. One of my favorites. I have two sets of both the Early and Late Shows for this night. According to a notebook I kept back in the mid-90's one set was
2nd gen the other 3rd gen. For whatever reason I did not mark the actual tapes. I compared the tapes and picked what I think is the better sounding version. They ran a bit fast, so I corrected the speed. After many sessions messing around with the recording I am now very
happy with the end result. It sounds great ! A very even mix of all players and Don. The bass sounds very nice here. ( Keeping in mind that I listen to music on stereos most all of the time. Then again, I am listening to this show now on my pc as I type all this and it sounds sweet. ) Easily among the best sounding of the 1977 tapes.

This was the first tour that Robert Williams was playing drums in the band. Denny Walley is still in the band and the version of " China Pig / Hoboism " here is amazing. Among the best live performances I have heard. The way Don throws his voice all around is just crazy. This is another show in which Don is in what seems to be a very good mood. Relaxed. Also very chatty. The banter throughout is really great and often funny. When an audience member asks where is ( what happened ) to Drumbo, Don offers up an interesting answer. Don also really enjoyed the chocolate pie at this club. Hahaha. Nice.

" On Tomorrow " get cut a bit short due to an electrical malfunction.
The ending of "Owed T' Alex" is cut short due to a tape flip.


Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-


Anonymous said...

This looks real good and not too many Beefheart shows from '77 going around.

THANKS for the FLAC files.

Duncanmusic said...

I am thrilled that you have posted this. Why? Because I was the soundman who mixed this show almost 35 years ago when a was the DJ/Soundman at the Red Creek. It was a exciting night for me as I had been a fan since I read of him in Hit Parader back when he recorded Diddy Wah (later released on the A&M EP) prior to Safe As Milk & Strictly Personal & Trout Mask Replica. I had also seen him on tour promoting 'Lick My Decals Off Baby' (with the original Magic Band, or most of them) along with opener, Ry Cooder (promoting HIS first Warner/Reprise self-titled LP).

Back to the night at the Creek...(and I would BEG you to post the other set, also!). My finest memory of the show is when The Captain was playing his Soprano Sax. At one point (maybe it's on the tape?) he stuffed the microphone (and stand) as far as he could up the horn's bell and BLEW as HARD as he could. I watched in horror as SMOKE came up out of the floor monitors and rushed from the booth to the stage (about 30 feet) and knelt down to confirm what I feared, that the monitors were COOKED! I was squating in front of the stage and looked up at Don Van Vliet, who had this enormous grin on his face as he was giving me his middle finger. A moment I actually do treasure.

The item about the Chocolate Pie is legitimate. My boss's mother, Barbara Springut's pies were legendary in town. As near as I recall, Jan,. Van Vliet, the Captain's wife was with him. A friend of mine (GAry Whipple) who was a DJ on the local underground FM station, WCMF. was interviewing him in a station wagon in the parking lot while they ate the pie and they almost ended up taking a stray dog with them that twas begging for pie. Another friend, Gloria LaRiva (who has bewcome know as the Vice-Presidential & Presidential Candidate for the IWW PArtty for many years) became friends with Don & JAn that night. One month later on the same tour, Gloria was in NYC and attended the Captain & Co's gig there, anmd Don & Jan took Gloria backstage, bought her dinner and (Lucky gal) Don scribbled a small pen and ink drawing for Gloria on a paper bag. Considering that his paintings are in the MOMA in New York and have gone for mega bucks, I sure hope she still has it!
I am fairly sure that I know who recordede the night and am still in contact with him. I'm going to ask him if he still has the master to that night...no promises, BUT, maybe there's an upgrade in our future? (He had an AMAZING collection of tapes he had made and traded....hmmmm)
Oh, one more thing. At the time, the legal capacity for the Red Creek Inn, was 125 persons. It was a full house that night. Anyone ine the 'band room' was no more than 35 feet from the stage.
Please post that second set. I've often wished over the years that I could relive that night. Thanks for making that a reality.

Duncanmusic said...

More to add...
Yes that is me giving the introduction to "The Magic Band' AS I WAS INSTRUCTED (Leaving out the Capt. Beefheart part).

BTW, I do NOT remember Sunnyland Slim EVER playing Red Creek. He certainly did NOT play that night. It would have been too much trouble to set up another musical act before each show (we had to clear the house after each set). The reason my friend Comedian/Magician Joe DeLion was chosen as the opener was because he was an easy set up (actually NO set up or tear down, all he needed was a mike) which allowed for a quick changeover.

If you were seated in the music room, you would look at the stage area (which was 10'x 20' at most) and there was passway walk through to the right of the stage that came almost directly from the entrance behind it. VERY small room.
Kind of reminds me of the size of the down stairs room at the Lone Star in NYC. I played there once myself and can attest to the similarities in size. You could also look for a Mike Mainieri/Steve GAdd video on Yoou Tube live from the Red Creek on 12/17/77, one month later for a sense of the size of the room. It was quite a year, believe me.

a-g said...

Great! Many thanks man.

Anonymous said...

very good indeed - Don sounds as though he is enjoying himself.
I think that the band had just returned from Paris where they were supported by Gong and Sunnyland Slim.

smithson1952 said...

hi thanks for this i love beefheart

zico said...

One of the all time true greats of music and life in general he was. And blessed were all those who had the privilege to see him live on stage. Thanks a zillion

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I was at that show and after it was over Feldman had a bottle of lancers wine and was drinking that and flirting with my girl. He invited her to the hotel but that was not going to happen. Weeks later my girl received a letter from him and I remember a plastic skeleton was enclosed in the envelope.
There was a photo of the Captain in the entrance on the wall which i took and still have.
great show

omar ail said...

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