Monday, June 6, 2011

Comicoperando-Playing the Music of Robert Wyatt (May 18, 2011) (FLAC)

(Playing the Music of Robert Wyatt)
Rote Fabrik
18 May 2011

Karen Mantler (voc, p, hammond b3, harmonica)
Dagmar Krause (voc)
Annie Whitehead (tb, voc)
Michel Delville (g, voc)
John Edwards (b)
Chris Cutler (dr)

101 Introduction
102 September The Ninth (Shleep) - vocals Krause
103 Little Red Robin Hood (Rock Bottom) - vocals Krause
104 Gloria Gloom (Matching Mole's Little Red Record) - vocals Krause
105 Life Is Sheep (Cuckooland) - vocals Mantler
106 Little Red Riding Hood (Rock Bottom) - vocals Krause & Mantler
107 Memories (Soft Machine) - vocals Krause
108 Dagmar Krause speaking
109 The United States Of Amnesia (Old Rottenhat) - vocals Mantler
110 Alliance (Old Rottenhat) - vocals Mantler
111 The British Road (Old Rottenhat) - vocals Mantler
112 Just As You Are (Comicopera) - vocals Krause & Delville
113 Sea Song (Rock Bottom) - vocals Krause
114 Beware (Cuckooland) - vocals Mantler & Krause
115 Alifib (Rock Bottom) - vocals Krause
116 Out of the Blue (Comicopera) - vocals Krause
117 encore clapping
201 Band presentation by Michel Delville
202 Soup Song (Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard) - vocals Krause & Mantler
203 encore clapping
204 Outroduction by Annie Whitehead

Total time: 83:44
It fits on 1 CD without tracks 101 / 117 / 203

recorded ny nadir_53

Part 1-!download|3tl2|726114644|C51811.part1.rar|156000|R~96F41B9C2BF4993D0A2A9A22DBD7CF30

Part 2-!download|766tl2|3475072842|C51811.part2.rar|156000|R~0BD36F23CAA245CEC9CFE349DEA19381

Part 3-!download|285tl|2742279478|C51811.part3.rar|109289|R~602F1675C2FA50D8E5A947A3D90EE7DC


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Thanks for this special post.

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interesting. very interesting

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is it possible to get non-flac on this recording?

Anonymous said...

these files seem to be password protected. Is that right? How can wwe open?b

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But then I tried a little layter, and the files unzipped. Very strange! tyhanks Hal, your site is great!

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After unzipping all four rar files I find them to be exactly the same. What am I missing here?

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