Friday, June 25, 2010

King Crimson-Weeley Festival, UK (August 28,1971) (FLAC)

King Crimson

Weeley Festival, Clacton, England
August 28, 1971
Great Outdoor Recording

Cassette (generation?) > wav > flac

1 - Picture of a city - 8'57
2 - The Letters - 5'49
3 - The Devil's Triangle - 9'38


Part 1-
Part 2-


Anonymous said...

Do I have the only missing link between Picture of a City and The Letters? Crowd shouting for a doctor begins that second track on this recording. On my cassette recording this begins at the end of Larks' Tongue [I think - some time since I listened to my very fragile copy] and crowd are shouting for a doctor which gets merged into the musical narrative of a Crimson crescendo that makes your hair stand on end! Someone on the lighting gantry obviously hears this and a light is shone where the shouting is and there are cheers. I think the shouting on this recording comes just after my recording as there is a stage announcement that an ambulance has been called. Far out! MF

Anonymous said...

Just remembered: the track on my recording was Cirkus, MF

SlipperyBob said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

'Little Blue Crystal' (aka anonymous 2)

I was there when this happened - about 10 feet away from the person who needed urgent medical attention. We were near the right hand light gantry, slightly further back. We were surrounded by an ocean of 'spaced out' psychedelic rock fans.

There were no mobile phones in those days. So, the sick person's friends started to shout "DOCTOR" to plead for help. After a short time, more and more people joined in with the "DOCTOR" chant to try to get help. Eventually we were heard by someone on the stage or the lighting gantry and the floodlight on the lighting gantry was turned round onto our position. This was totally surreal. Suddenly night was day.

Everyone cheered at the realisation that help would at last be on its way. The crowd had to disperse to make a pathway for the ambulance when it arrived. Presumably, it was already on site.

To make this all the more surreal, instead of having a flag to mark the position of this group, or another group nearby, the head of a manikin was impaled on a pole.

And of course King Crimson were absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

New link please