Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gentle Giant-Montreal (October 27, 1972)

Centre Sportif de l'Universite de Montreal, Quebec, CAN
October 7th 1972


Lineage - unknown analog source

01. Prologue
02. Alucard
03. Funny Ways
04. Nothing At All
05. Plain Truth
06. Peel The Paint

Derek Shulman - vocals, saxes, bass guitar
Ray Shulman - vocals, bass guitar, violin
Phil Shulman - vocals, saxes, trumpet
Kerry Minnear - vocals, keyboards, cello, vibes
Gary Green - vocals, lead guitar
John Weathers - drums, percussion

Part 1-http://sharebee.com/a3f57607
Part 2-http://sharebee.com/0a6a14f7


Anonymous said...

Thank-you kindly for this Gentle Giant! I'm sure it's GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Well, considering the way they look I assume they got to be a bunch of hipsters playing that 60's rock and roll sound... am I wrong?
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