Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jethro Tull-Fillmore East (May 4,1971)

Jethro Tull
Fillmore East-New York, New York
May 4, 1971

01 Nothing Is Easy 8:25
02 Aqualung 7:34
03 With You There To Help Me / By Kind Permission Of 11:40
04 Hymn 43 3:46
05 intro to My God 0:43
06 My God 14:17
07 intro to Cross Eyed Mary 1:01
08 Cross-Eyed Mary (incl. drum solo) 9:22
09 crowd noise 2:33
10 Wind Up 4:18
11 Guitar Solo 5:12
12 Locomotive Breath 6:28
13 Wind Up (conclusion) 1:45

Ian Anderson - vocals, flute, guitar
Martin Barre - electric guitar
John Evan - keyboards
Clive Bunker - drums
Jeffrey Hammond - bass

Tull played 2 shows at the Fillmore on both May 4 and May 5.
The 2nd show on the 5th was Clive's last show with the band.
Two of the shows have been bootlegged previously as "The Fillmore East 1971" and "Clive's Last Show" and "Hymn 43".
Since I don't own either of those I can't say if this is one of them.
On my tape Ian does say "Welcome to the Fillmore East."
Later "It's nice to be back in Pittsburgh."
He's joking about Pittsburgh.
Maybe someone who has one of those could compare times (of course a difference in tape speed and tracking could make comparisons difficult).
The Ministry of Information lists Hymn 43 as only being played on May 4.
So this is most likely the 4th.
Of course the MOI has been wrong before.
given the passage of time, inaccurate record keeping, hazy memories, the vagaries of bootlegging, and the like, this could actually be any of those four shows.
Who cares? It's a great band performing at one of their creative peaks.

The band is clearly energized by the new music they are playing. All but two of the songs performed here are from Aqualung, an album that very few in the audience knew, though My God had been played live for the better part of the previous year. Pretty nervy of the band. But then Tull has always challenged their audience.

This line-up lasted only 5 months from January to May 1971. Clive would be replaced in June by Barrie Barlow. Everyone, except Jeffrey, gets an extended solo (you don't get that these days). The album Aqualung had been released just a few weeks earlier and the crowd's minimal reaction to the now-classic songs is thus explained.

Part 1-http://sharebee.com/28a43cfc
Part 2-http://sharebee.com/8b08e067


Anonymous said...

Hi Hal,
I tried to dorwnload the excellent Jethro Tull
show from Fillmore East-New York,
May 4, 1971.
Unfortunately part two didn't work.
Would you please upload it again – with Pt. two intact?¨


Tony from Switzerland

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to verify the date for Tull at the Music Hall in Boston
It must have been in the days following the fillmore shows.
Set list was similar -Mott the Hoople opened