Wednesday, September 23, 2009

01. The Move--Open My Eyes (cuts in and cuts out)*
02. Fleetwood Mac--Yonder's Wall*
03. Ten Years After--Woke Up This Morning*
04. The Family - Bring It On Home
05 .Badfinger--Up on Cripple Creek*
06. Bee Gee's world 1968
07. Hollies Mighty Quinn BBC in Concert
08. Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera All Along The Watchtower
09. Bakerloo The Last Blues
10. Andy Fernbach Gotta Keep Movin'
12. John Mayall's Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton Tears in My Eyes
13. Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts Drop Down Mama
14. The Eclection - Charity
15. Principal Edwards Magic Theatre - Pinky A Mystery Cycle
16. The Pretty Things - Alexander
17. Colosseum - February's Valentine
18. Kaleidoscope -- Flight From Ashiya
19. Black Sabbath evil woman
20. Trees On The Shore

01. No Data
02. No Data
03. Bcst/1968-12-23 David Symonds
04. Rec/1968-03-11 Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Avenue Bcst/1969-04-27 Top Gear
05. No Data
06. Possibly Rec/1967-11-30
07. BCST/1969-11-14 BBC TV "line Up" (DVD rip)
08. Rec/1968-01-27 Saturday Club, BBC Radio 1
09. Bcst/1969-02-16 Top Gear
10. Bcst or Rec 1970-07-19
11. August, September, October, November 1968 (sessions in all 4 months)
12. Rec/1966-02-09 Bcst/1966-02-12
13. Recorded or Broadcast 1970-08-05
14. Bcst/ 1969-04-27 Top Gear
15. Bcst/ 1969-04-27 Top Gear
16. Bcst/ 1969-07-06 Top Gear
17. Bcst/ 1969-07-06 Top Gear
18. Bcst/ 1967-09-07 BBC transcription disc 'Top of the Pops' no.152,
19. Bcst/ 1970-04-26 Top Gear
20. Bcst/ 1971-02-08 Sound of the Seventies

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Part 2-


Anonymous said...

great jobb with vol1 and i guess vol will be just as good.
Thanks a million:D

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell the amount of blog sites this has got on to is amazing hope it enjoyed by all. Were up to Vol. 6 now and seven is a work in progress.

regards Sgt Weatherman

Anonymous said...

This is a great series! Thanks for sharing. Sgt. Weatherman, please continue.

Fantastic blog too, by the way. Please upload more '60's BBC material.


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