Thursday, October 1, 2009

Marc Bolan-BBC Sessions (1967-1972)

Marc Bolan

BBC Sessions (1967-1972)

01-Jagged Time Lapse (John's Children-Saturday Club June 6,1967)
02-The Perfumed Garden (John's Children-Saturday Club June 6,1967)
03-Daddy Rolling Stone (John's Children-Saturday Club June 6,1967)
04-Hot Rod Mama (John's Children-Saturday Club June 6,1967)
05-Highways (excerpts) (The Perfumed Garden-June 14,1967)
06-Highways (Top Gear-October 30,1967)
07-Child Star (Top Gear-October 30,1967)
08-Pictures Of Purple People (Top Gear-October 30,1967)
09-Juniper Suction (Song) (Voice Of Pop-September 21,1968)
10-Evenings Of Damask (Top Gear-October 14,1968)
11-Once Upon The Seas Of Abyssinia (Top Gear-May 5,1969)
12-Nijinsky Hind (Top Gear-May 5,1969)
13-Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart (Top Gear-November 17,1969)
14-A Day Laye (Top Gear-November 17,1969)
15-My Baby's Like A Cloudfall (Bob Harris-November5, 1970)
16-Beltane Walk (Radio 1 Club-March 9,1971)
17-Sailors Of The Highway (Bob Harris-August 3,1971)
18-Telegram Sam (Jimmy Young-November 29,1971)
19-The Slider (1972)
20-Teenage Dream (1972)

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Part 2-


khun ross said...

Thanks for this. Marc Bolan was the king of glam rock once he shed his accoustic guitar. He never got the credit he deserved.

Anonymous said...

Great boot but no artwork is bullshit!

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23rdDjin said...
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23rdDjin said...

"no artwork is bullshit!"


get off your ass and make your own artwork. some people just seem to have to always have something to bitch about...

thanks for the Bolan. i'd somehow missed this awhile back while perusing your "labels" list.

(i didn't "delete" my previous comment so much as "correct" it...)

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